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  1. Former IBMer here, at least my Samsung galaxy tablet with all IBM stuff (encrypted Lotus Notes, Connections, chat, etc) worked perfectly on Harmony of the Seas.
  2. Yes, Bermuda shorts are admitted in the MDR for dinner, but: it's a very disgusting, low level, unnecessary, and a complete no-no way to dress.
  3. I totally understand the ones that want to board early, what I still don't get are the ones that disembark early morning when there are NOT flying that same morning.
  4. - Room service menu had plenty of options and all of them free. - Welcome back reception for C&A members with sparkling wine.
  5. Regarding the etiquette issues encounter by OP, I'd say Puerto Rican's are a charm if compared to brazilians and chinese, THOSE are rude. Even, I found Puerto Rican's friendly, and with good manners, they say "good morning, excuse me, thank you", they follow the rules, not as the others I'm mentioning above.
  6. Oh great, you got them all! I felt frustrated when I got home and learned I missed day 6 and 7 compasses. Fortunately you did the job correctly. Thank you!
  7. I'm also disappointed with my recent sailing on Freedom earlier this month (St. Kitts/St. Thomas itinerary), it was my first time out of San Juan, and my first on a Freedom Class. I felt the ship extremely crowded, I think the layout doesn't deliver to the quantity of passengers it actually carries... The waiting time for any elevator is insanely long and the Windjammer is chaotic, many people had to eat standing, because there were not enough tables with chairs. It was impossible to get into an ice-skating show, out of the 4 shows offered during the whole week, I couldn't make it to any of them, Studio B was already full 30 minutes before the shows. The ship is clearly showing her age all around: damaged elevators, carpeting in bad condition, our shower was not properly sealed on the gap between the rolling door and the floor, making huge damps of water, and the external frame was severely rusted (we called maintenance and they fixed it with silicone). I think they are letting the ship just die till it goes to dry dock in April. The only highlight was the MDR food. EXTREMELY well prepared, none of the dishes I tried disappointed me, all of them were top class. Regarding embarkation/departure, our check-in was quite fast, we boarded around 2pm. Departure was a whole different story, I have never went thru such a long wait/line after a cruise as this one, it was a terrible experience. There I really missed Oasis class. I think I won't sail on a Freedom Class ship ever again in my life.
  8. Here are some documents I retrieved during my recent cruise on Freedom (7-night San Juan, Curacao, Aruba, Basseterre, St. Thomas itinerary). My apologies for the missing 'day 6 Compass', but hope they can still be of your interest and useful for your cruise planning. FOS_CAS_Promos.pdf FOS_Compass_Day_1.pdf FOS_Compass_Day_2.pdf FOS_Compass_Day_3.pdf FOS_Compass_Day_4.pdf FOS_Compass_Day_5.pdf FOS_Security_info.pdf
  9. You can stay on the ship until 10:30-11:00 am, but the cabin attendant's supervisor will knock the door of your cabin around 9:30 to "check the mini-bar", and he will kindly ask you to leave ASAP.
  10. RB sugar-free addict here, and yes, they have it on almost every bar on board.
  11. Even with discount, those packages still expensive.🙄
  12. Definetly you'll see older people on off-season sailings, the same for the itinerary... Caribbean cruises are the choice of young people, while Baltic/Norwegian fjords are packed with white hairs....
  13. Reading the cruise documents for my upcoming sealing on Freedom, it says there is a RCI 'Meet and Greet' office at San Juan's Airport. What it really is for, and when is it open?
  14. Specialty restaurants are not "that" popular yet, but definitely it is becoming more common every day. I never seen a specialty restaurant at capacity, only Johnny Rockets at breakfast on the Allure
  15. So, if I bring a bottle of wine to the MDR, and glasses from any bar, I won't be charged?
  16. Definitely it's overpriced. Edge IS NOT a good looking ship, no cruise ship has overtaken the beauty of Solstice Class. For the me the ship aesthetics play a HUGE roll for selecting a cruise.
  17. Thank you all for the suggestion. I called C&A last Friday and they sent the documents to my email.
  18. I'm sailing on Freedom in three weeks, I already checked-in (with assigned cabin), and have my SetSail Pass, but can't retrieve my cruise documents from the RCI website. In the roll call other passengers got them weeks ago... Is this normal?
  19. True. Oasis class is a money making machine.
  20. Agree. I've never paid for an alcoholic package, I stick to the soda package.
  21. Well, I see that cruise fares are frozen, a 7-night eastern Caribbean on Harmony has a similar or lower fare as it was on Allure 5 years ago, but if we adjust to inflation, it turns to be cheaper.
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