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  1. For me losing the turndown would be yet more dumbing down of the product if it goes for good, which so far there is no evidence that it will. I can fully appreciate it being to reduce unnecessary crew contact during covid which is sensible (as long as it comes back after the crisis is over).
  2. Zap can I ask about your recent flight. Were you allowed to take your mask off while eating and drinking or was it a sip and replace policy?. Thanks.
  3. The tomato issue will get worse before it gets better. Apparently it is not just transport. The ever increasing cost of gas for heating greenhouses makes it prohibitive to grow winter tomatoes in cooler climates, there is just not enough profit in them.
  4. Yep and it made me gag. The only good thing was that my mum followed the cod liver oil up with a tablespoon of malt which was actually quite nice and thought to be very healthy as well.
  5. I would agree entirely. During the lockdowns in particular the support and humour on here was great. I have not met anyone on this forum in real life but I feel as if I know some pretty well and would love to share a drink and a chat with them one day on a ship.
  6. I find the videos engaging and a convenient way of giving the information so well done P&O for doing something to add to clarity. I do however agree with then OP that those without a smart phone appear to be largely ignored unless of course there is a printed pack for those guests? No one on here would know about it as by using this site we obviously have some access to online information so won’t have made a request for this. I must try the wine Olly mentions at some time in the future
  7. I don’t think I will be getting a Tesla (even if my husband would like one).
  8. In normal circumstances that range would be absolutely fine. My concern is being stuck during winter which is not unknown up here. Interesting point re Norway, thank you.
  9. I am interested in getting an electric car so it would be good to hear about real user experiences. A hybrid would be better but they are being banned longer term. My big concern would be being stuck in the snow and losing power and so also losing heating capacity. If you run out of petrol someone / anyone can come with a can. How do they charge your electric car if you run out? Lots of questions I need to research.
  10. I would be interested to hear what you think about the heating in your electric car? I had read that it is not particularly effective (and sucks the power) which could be an issue here in mid winter. How do you find it in very cold weather, below zero.
  11. I think these types of issues will affect a lot of people’s choice to move to electric.
  12. I would imagine some people booked last year when the National government continually stated that it would all be over by Christmas. Then the next mantra was it would all be over by Easter 21. You don’t have to look far on this site to find posts mocking those of us who were more sceptical and cautious quoting the “over by Christmas / Easter” I do however feel that cruise companies should be more transparent about these types of policies so that people could choose not to pay a final balance if they did not wish to or could not afford to take the financial risk.
  13. Fussy is your word, discerning might be how others would describe it 😀
  14. Do you happen to know how it was handled on aboard. Were they quarantine or disembarked?
  15. We have not booked but are looking at 2 cruises next month. Just doing due diligence first before booking. I have also asked Fred some questions direct via email about their covid polices, awaiting a reply meantime. I’m getting so fed up going down to Southampton, Liverpool would be a nice change with the shorter journey. We were in Liverpool in September as a port stop so knew there were road works etc so wondered how this impacted on boarding etc.
  16. Thank you so much. That is exactly the information I was looking for. It is very kind of you to go into so much detail.
  17. For those who have done so can you outline how long this all takes? We were thinking of using a hotel and parking opposite the port rather than CPS at the Arena. Do we collect luggage from the port so we could just walk across the road to get our car rather than waiting on a shuttle when we disembark? Thanks.
  18. Yes it’s quite simple to do with some small tweaks. You can use canned snails and just revive them by sautéing in butter before adding to everything else. This saves hours of prep. The biggest faff is making the stock as prescribed by HB but you can cut this short a little. Just use a more basic chicken stock which tastes just as good (well it does to my untrained palette). You do need the other basics though like a decent quality ham, oats and walnut oil which all adds to the flavour. I love cooking with oats. The winner of the porridge contest this year used pin head oatmeal and made arrinchini with it - very clever. I only use pin head for potatoes and fish cakes so something new.
  19. Have you tried Heston Blumental,s recipe for snail porridge, it is very, very tasty.
  20. How did you find out about the covid cases onboard 2 months ago, is it a reliable / official source? On our Celebrity cruise there was one case and the Captain came on to tell everyone and what they had done to contain it. Like you I would prefer to know what is happening.
  21. Don’t do it too quickly, the Queen Mary is one of the best ships out there for stability. My husband suffers and he has been fine each time we have been on the Mary as well. I really feel for him when he gets see sick and genuinely sympathise (as I walk out the cabin door to enjoy a large dinner and a glass of wine). I do check up on him after diner and before the show and a nightcap, I’m good that way 😇
  22. Actually for the scenario you are outlining it was and always has been like that but you already know that. Cruising however was not, nor does it have to be. How is the holiday, I hope your weather, hotel etc is good.
  23. I can see the app seat booking being the new chair hogging issue. People booking spaces and events they then don’t use, the app becomes the virtual towel, book and sun glasses to bag the seat. Im beginning to think P&O is no longer for me and I suspect some long term passengers will feel the same way while others will roll with it. Depends to an extent what happens post Covid restrictions.
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