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  1. Getting married on the Royal Princess in 20 days. Our coordinator from Royal Ocean Events, Sarah, has been amazing. We're doing a harborside ceremony out of San Pedro (LA) so that family that didn't want to sail could attend the ceremony. The most amazing thing is that Sarah doesn't say no, she says let me check. And sometimes it takes a while but a lot of the time the cruise line has been happy to accomodate our requests and changes. I'm sure it'd be easier for her to say no but she goes the extra mile and that's made this process so easy.
  2. Hello Everyone, Does anyone know about places near the pier that offer wheelchair/scooter rental? We've been told we can't bring my grandmother's scooter off the ship at a tender point, so we wanted to look at rental options. We really want her to get to see Cabo San Lucas! Thanks in advance!
  3. In 61 days! We are on the September 29th sailing of the Royal Princess. I've enjoyed all my interactions with my coordinator, Sarah, at Royal Ocean Events. We booked last summer and she's been very helpful this past year and quick with her responses. And I've asked for some not done before things, and after a few days she's responded to all of them that Princess was fine with it. I'll do a full review after the cruise, but if you're considering you'll want to check with them soon because they charge a fee if you do it within 60 days of the cruise if I remember correctly.
  4. If you've never had a manicure before I wouldn't suggest the gel. It lasts a long time, but it really needs to be professionally removed and it can make your nails a little weaker so if you're not planning to upkeep manicures off the ship it might not be a good one to start with. Doing the fire & ice with regular polish should be a good start, always nice to be pampered on a cruise!
  5. How interesting, yeah I got the round toe flat for work and it was too small. Shocked me because I've worn a 12 my whole life and never had that issue. Really glad I didn't get the sneakers now that I hear they're even smaller. I emailed them asking about an exchange to a larger size (the website shoed 12.5 but grayed out) and they offered me a coupon code since they couldn't exchange them since they were out of stock. It's been almost a year and they've never been in stock, so I'm starting to thing they never will be.
  6. I bought Rothys, which I was excited about because they had size 12... but they run small. I took them to a cobbler and they can't be stretched because of the recycled material doesn't have any give. They hold up well, but I wish they ran a little more true to size. I researched online and it looks like it's mostly the larger sizes that have this problem.
  7. I'm getting married on the Royal Princess on embarkation day, I plan on wearing it through at least dinner, then I'll have a back up white dress to change into if I'm over it. But according to my timeline I'll be putting it on around 11am-11:30am, so I want to spend most of the day in it.
  8. You can make a note on your reservation that it's a honeymoon cruise. Usually they will put a small gift inside. You should always select the location of your cabin. You want to make sure you're not under a dining room or a night club, and I recommend the middle or aft of the ship for less motion. Looks like Royal Caribbean has a few romance packages that are affordable, like the Champagne and Rose Petals Package. It could be a cute addition to your cruise and something extra special for your honeymoon. I know on our honeymoon we're doing the Deluxe Balcony Breakfast because we have an Aft Penthouse Suite, but I haven't found any similar packages on RCCL. Best of luck!
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