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  1. CruiseGal999

    NCL Air Shuttle

    oops ok thx
  2. CruiseGal999

    NCL Air Shuttle

    Does anyone have experience with flights on NCL Air Shuttle? My friend can get a FAB price on NCL Air Shuttle ... just wanted to know if anyone has experience ... good ... bad ... ugly. thx.
  3. CruiseGal999

    Carnival Breeze

    Does anyone have info/pictures of Carnival Breeze cabin 2377? I did look up youtube and it only showed Horizon cabin 2377. If it's like that one, I'd be pretty happy with it. But not sure about layout. Thanks!
  4. It's better to get insurance with an independent company and NOT the cruise line. And using an independent, there is a time frame that buying insurance is allowed. Typically it's 10 - 14 days after making the deposit on the cruise.
  5. CruiseGal999

    Norwegian Worst Customer Service /Corporate

    Yes, this boils down to you wanting NCL to do things against their policies because you both did not do due diligence. You want special treatment and arrangements. And yes, customer service reps. are not the best trained employees in any industry and it is well known that you can call 3 different reps and get 3 different answers.
  6. CruiseGal999

    Norwegian Worst Customer Service /Corporate

    Wow ... while that is very unfortunate, all of this is yours and your wife's doing. NOT getting insurance. NOT communicating honestly. NOT reading the contract and knowing the limits. ALL of this was avoidable. No drama was necessary.
  7. CruiseGal999

    Norwegian Worst Customer Service /Corporate

    Because NCL has denied them. Due to the pregnancy. They are 1 day over the NCL policy limit.
  8. CruiseGal999

    Norwegian Worst Customer Service /Corporate

    Insurance usually must be purchased either 10 - 14 days after the first payment (deposit) was made on the cruise. So it doesn't seem to be an option here.
  9. CruiseGal999

    Cruising solo

    Are you willing to sail solo? I have seen many people on CC say to NOT cancel your husband (or cabin mate) before hand. Just show up and he is a no show. You will only get a refund for the taxes and port fees, but not his portion of the cabin cost. I'm sure others will give you more Carnival specific advice.
  10. CruiseGal999

    Passports Needed?

    Thank you. It is RT NY - Canada - NY. She is US Citizen and has the correct birth certificate and DL ... so she's good to go. Like I said ... I'd only seen people asking about the caribbean cruises.
  11. CruiseGal999

    Family cruise (17) automatic tip?

    WHY would you ask for a reduction in gratuities when it's precisely those 'kids' making the steward's job SO much more difficult! SMH ....
  12. CruiseGal999

    Passports Needed?

    I know there are a lot of threads about Passports and requirements, etc. Mostly I see people asking about the Caribbean. But going from NY into Canada can you cruise without a passport? Yes, thus bringing all the requisite BC with raised seal, etc. I'm not asking for me ... I have my passport ... but need info. for a friend. Thanks.
  13. CruiseGal999

    What ships seat you with others at dinner?

    NCL has a great solo meet up group each evening. This is NOT a singles group ... as in meat market. And it is not the group sailing in the solo/studio cabins. This is a great group with an NCL coordinator who provides everyone gifts (bingo cards, spa certificates, etc.) and makes dinner reservations for the group and you bypass everyone in line for the dining room and get seated at your designated table(s).
  14. I have done this ... on a different cruise line. I packed all my things and the stewards moved it to the new cabin. The people moving to a new cabin usually have their cabins ready prior to new people boarding the ship This was my case ... by 11 a.m. my things were at my new cabin and all was ready for me. I would do it again without any hesitation.
  15. CruiseGal999

    Have Never Sailed NCL...please be gentle!!

    I just chose the sailaway/guarantee cabin for a TransAtlantic cruise and got upgraded to an excellent cabin. Deck 10 ... sandwiched between 2 decks that are all cabins. Mid-ship and it is for only 2 people ... so we don't have to deal with the bunks on the wall. I couldn't ask for better from a guarantee/sailaway price.