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  1. Wow, if Christmas wasn't already organised for us, I would be sooo tempted by that one. We've done two NZ cruises, one on the Noordam and one on Celebrity Solstice. Solstice is lovely, but HAL does offer better service, and we just prefer cruising with them. Love, love, love the piano bar on Noordam.
  2. It was just the transit experience, Joybook. I see you're in Sydney, so I don't imagine you get to have that transiting pleasure. As I say, Brisbane and Melbourne do it so well. Perhaps when the new airport is built all will be perfect. 🙂
  3. Hi fellow cat lover. Yes, I was shocked by Sydney's transit area. I have to say, the main airport area is fine, with plenty of places to sit, eat, drink, and, of course, shop. I guess that's why we were so shocked. I'm glad you're not transiting through there, so you should have a good experience. What you mention about St Martin's airport is staggering. As you say, in first world countries we expect so much. Yes, a good sleep on a long-haul flight is a great way to go. The most comfortable lie-flat, and consequent sleep, we've ever enjoyed on a long-haul was Perth to Paris in Air Asia X's "business" class (sadly, they no longer do that flight). The food was - well, it was there, the service left much to be desired, the cabin was a tad hot, but the bed and bedding were superb. I think we got at least 8 hours solid sleep, and hit the ground running when we got to Paris. Air Mauritius was also excellent that way, but Air France was simply a comfy seat that reclined to an extent. The food with them was wonderful, though. Swings and roundabouts. Sadly, I think our days of flying business may be behind us now and premium economy may be the best we can hope for. Anyway, I ramble. Have a lovely time, and enjoy Sydney airport. The views flying in and out are fantastic. Cheers, Beejay
  4. We had to transit through Sydney when flying Queenstown, NZ to Perth in June. It would have to be the most shambolic, dirtiest transit area for people changing from international to domestic that I've ever seen. People from various countries had to collect their luggage, walk a long way to the transit area, which was shabby in the extreme, then slowly snake their way, pulling and pushing their luggage and trying to keep a hold of their kids etc, to the few staff who were on duty. After checking in, it was then a case of go sit in the most basic of rooms (could never be described as a lounge) and wait, with no order regarding priority or flight time, for buses to then take you to the domestic terminal. The buses would then be heavily overloaded and certainly not a pleasant place even for a short drive with some of the enormous amounts of carry-on that some people have with them. I think the Sydney airport people need to check out Brisbane, for instance, to see how good it can be. We love Sydney, but were disgusted by the whole arrangement, and felt quite embarrassed that so many overseas visits have to go through that.
  5. Top suggestions. I would suggest that once you leave the ferry at Barrack Street Jetty, a great place to have lunch and enjoy a view from Rottnest to the Hills is C-Restaurant, a revolving restaurant serving French/Australian fare. It's just a short walk straight up Barrack Street from the Jetty to St George's Terrace and to the left. The food really is excellent, and the views are fantastic. Whatever you do, whether it's C-restaurant, a HOHO bus, or a visit to Rottnest, enjoy.
  6. It's certainly not on a par with HAL, but I guess neither are the prices so it's swings and roundabouts. I've never heard of having to have a card and getting it stamped, though - seems odd.
  7. Fantastic post, Stuart, so many thanks. We will be in Adelaide for a couple of days prior to a cruise, so I have copied out your post as a great guide to use for one of our days there. It's so long since I lived in Adelaide (I worked for the SAGR out of that lovely old railway station before it became a casino), and I lived in Glenelg, but your post gives us a whole itinerary. Cheers. 🙂
  8. That is an interesting comment regarding poor communication. I have to say CMV Australia have been brilliant. We are booked on a cruise on the Vasco da Gama, and every email I have sent has been responded to within a day and all queries answered. I've been super impressed with the service so far.
  9. I read that, and it occurred to me that they obviously don't have the NBN on the space station. I wonder who their IP is, and what deals they have. 😉
  10. I am hoping that somebody here who has sailed on the Vasco da Gama can offer some advice on this matter. We are booked on the Christmas cruise on the VdG, in an oceanview category 8 cabin on deck 5 (nice and quiet). I have today been contacted by CMV and offered an upgrade to a category 16 premium balcony for a very reasonable amount. While I love the idea of upgrading to the balcony, it will probably be below the buffet, so I am a bit concerned regarding lots of noise early in the morning. Another attractive bonus with the upgrade is having tea and coffee making facilities in our room - that's a real drawcard. Any comments would be most welcome.
  11. Thank you so much for your excellent review and photographs. We sailed on her sister vessel, Holland American Line's Ryndam, for a Norwegian cruise and just loved that ship, so we are very much looking forward to sailing on the VdG when she returns to Australia in summer. Your photographs have made me even more excited to be cruising on this vessel.
  12. We've only done a few cruises, but we love those little models that sit on our bookshelf. I'm so glad we bought the "Ryndam" when we did a Norwegian fjord cruise on her, and we really should make a point of sailing on her (and buying a model of her in her P&O livery) while she is still in Australia as the Aria, and then perhaps in her next incarnation - perhaps as a CMV vessel to join her old sister vessel, now the Vasco da Gama, a model of which we're looking forward to adding to our collection when we sail on her in a few months' time. Those models are like photographs in that they stir up such lovely memories.
  13. We bought a future cruise deposit in 2017. Circumstances since have ruled out the possibility of another cruise within the foreseeable future. Can anybody advise on how I go about requesting a refund of my deposit? Cheers, Bev
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