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  1. I really like the new itinerary of “Iconic Iceland, Greenland and Canada”! From $6,699 | 15 Days | 9 Guided Tours | 3 Countries
  2. We got the same email today for our December Hawaii cruise - PCR test up to 72 hours prior to flight departure time. This is a very doable and reasonable requirement. I am pleased and hope it stays that way for our cruise. Better safe then sorry.
  3. Interesting! My booking is a few months old, but my online order history does not show anything at all (while my newly received “Guest Invoice” does indicate the Always Included amenities).
  4. We have really enjoyed our past Viking cruises and have several more booked.
  5. I agree. This was the second time I booked directly with Celebrity. The first time was years ago and that experience was much better: they assigned a representative to service the booking and gave me direct access to him via phone and email for any questions we had. Sad to say, Celebrity used to be our favorite line but we are likely to focus on other lines in the future.
  6. I don’t think you are missing anything! I made a direct booking not too long ago and all I received was an email confirming the booking without much of any details. I got on the website and could not find any further details. This morning I went into the chat function and after confirming some information, the representative sent me a very detailed PDF which shows everything about the booking you would expect.
  7. We were in a deck 3 DV1 aft cabin on our last Viking cruise and we really enjoyed it. The only disadvantages I can think of is perhaps a slightly longer walk to get to some ship locations and just that we found the DV cabin to be a bit cramped for storage space. We would consider booking one of these again for shorter cruises.
  8. If 1700 or there abouts are booked on the TA, that is likely as many passengers Celebrity would want on a long cruise currently and could be a plausible explanation of why it is no longer for sale. I am booked on it and totally confident that it remains a planned sailing. Just over 2 weeks to go! Meanwhile thanks to folks currently on the Apex who are posting here and making the wait more tolerable.
  9. Yes, we called Celebrity in advance of our October 10th cruise and they allowed me to do that.
  10. Celebrity is about as predictable as the weather. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? We will be in suspense until the last minute.
  11. I am canceling the Apex transatlantic cruise because of the announcement limiting us to Celebrity’s shore excursion. I am not happy about it, but I understand it is Celebrity’s decision to make. Still, the late change of sailing date, the change of ports and now the very late added port restrictions has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. I expect to take just one more Celebrity cruise to use my FCC and will be moving on to other lines, but it will primarily be for reasons other then what has happened with this cruise. I just feel that the Celebrity experience I used to enjoy has changed and does not suit me anymore.
  12. Thanks to those making suggestions on the Hawaii shore excursions. We are booked on the December 4th sailing and we are very hopeful that this cruise will be a go. We intend to take Viking excursions at all the ports but we hope we will also be able to explore the ports independently. We have been to Ensenada before and enjoyed a terrific independent tour with this company: https://vallewinelife.com/ensenadawinetours
  13. Speaking from personal experience, that is not true of all TAs. I have had to contact Celebrity directly to handle my upcoming October sailing on several occasions because my TA (actually, pretty much the customer service branch of their entire company) has gone on hiatus since early in the pandemic.
  14. Sorry to say, but Seabourn just announced it has cancelled their 2021-2022 South America/Antartica season. https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/news/press-release/2021-press-releases/seabourn-announces-updated-restart-date-for-seabourn-quest.html The number of cruise lines still going to South America for 2021/2022 keeps shrinking.
  15. Early next month we are flying overseas from the US with an airside transit (connection) through London Heathrow. The UK requires testing within 3 days prior to our flight departure and states that PCR and Antigen tests meeting their required accuracy are accepted. Does anyone know if this would include the proctored BinaxNow?
  16. We have found that Viking has been an excellent match for us after a string of Celebrity sailings.
  17. My wife and I both get identical brochures. I have sent emails asking to eliminate the duplication, but to no avail.
  18. I just checked Celebrity and their website does show that South America cruises are cancelled through their March 2022 sailings. I also checked Holland America. They continue to show early 2022 sailings as available (as does Viking which I am booked on for late February 2022).
  19. At least according to NYT, this will only impact unvaccinated US travelers to the EU. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/08/30/world/covid-delta-variant-vaccine If the NYT interpretation is accurate, it seems like a good move to me.
  20. I am really enjoying this thread in anticipation of our SV cabin Apex Transatlantic coming up in October (fingers crossed). This will be our first time in an SV, but we were in an aft DV cabin on a Viking ship once and it was a special experience. We also have an SV cabin booked for 2023 on an S Class ship.
  21. Celebrity just cancelled their cruises to South America through early 2022. I am booked on Viking for late February 2022 and waiting for them to cancel. It seems inevitable but hope is still alive. Your user name seems familiar. Aren’t you booked on Viking? May be best to get air through the cruise line.
  22. Viking also still has their South America cruises scheduled for early 2022. I am booked on one of those sailing at the end of February and I await the inevitable falling of the axe. It is good to see that Celebrity proactively cancelled these cruises this many months ahead of the sailings.
  23. Murano, no question. We have dined several times in Tuscan with mixed results, but Murano is always worth the cost and amazing. I wish Murano was on the Edge class ships.
  24. Great question but I would guess no one would know for sure at this point. Also, it seems quite questionable whether these cruises will even end up sailing. We are booked on an early April 2022 “Best of Japan” cruise and we remain hopeful.
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