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  1. Thanks for this. I was told a 15 min wait is normal for daytime little longer for evening pick up.
  2. Thank you for your responses. I have never used Uber but will download the app.
  3. I will be staying near the convention center next month. Can anyone recommend a taxi company that accepts the Taxi Turistico rates? I am looking for a name and phone number. If I need to take a metered taxi ... any recommendations? I do not use uber and do not want to set up an uber account. TIA
  4. Cruise boards from Pan American Pier on Thursday January 16th. The San Sebastian Street Festival starts the day before. Will I have difficulty getting a taxi that morning? Would it help to call the day before? I would like to go to Old San Juan during the day the festival opens (Jan 15) and be back before 5 pm ...again, will it be difficult to get a taxi? I am staying near the convention center. TIA
  5. Going to San Juan in January - will be buying groceries, going to restaurants, and possibly buying clothes. What is taxed? What is the current sales tax?
  6. Thank you for your responses. I have booked the May 17-31, 2020 cruise.
  7. I am looking at two dates for the same cruise - NCL 14 day Scotland, England & Ireland cruise. May 3-17 or May 17-31... I am guessing that the weather might be better May 17-31st. How much impact would the school holidays make as far as seeing tourist sites? We would be in Scotland May 22-25, Ireland May 26, 28,29 and England May 27 & 30 As it is a 14 day cruise, I am not sure if there would be more kids on the ship during this time.
  8. Thank you for responding. Good to know ... gives peace of mind.
  9. I will fly into Stansted Airport on a Sunday travelling to a hotel on Belgrave Rd near Pimlico tube station. If I take the train to Tottenham Hale and then transfer to the Victoria line tube ... can I take that all the way to Pilmico or do I have to exit at Victoria Station? First time visiting London.
  10. Thank you all for your responses. Seville seems to be the magnet for most people, particularly for our May 8th visit. With your comments, I will look further into what Cadiz has to offer.
  11. Is it possible to DIY Cadiz to Seville without taking a tour?
  12. I am looking at this excursion in Cartagena. Very few details are given and I would appreciate any info someone can give me who has taken this tour. At $169 for 4 hours, I am also wondering if there is a private tour that would include the dancing horses?
  13. I am on that Epic TA as well. Have you checked into this tour? I would love to see the horse school and whatever else is in the tour. Looking to share with others if it is available.
  14. They change the stage set for a new play/musical during the dry dock. So we can look forward to a new production after the next one.
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