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  1. They are great to watch. Once you lock on to one with the binoculars, you can follow it for quite awhile. The tricky part is getting them in your view because they move so fast.
  2. September 1991 on the Atlantic. Almost 30 years ago - wow!
  3. Is it new that they don't require a collared shirt in Ocean Blue and Le Bistro? It states on the dailies that no shorts are allowed and shoes and shirts are required. It also says no tank tops and no baseball caps, but doesn't say anything about a collared shirt being required. Checked out my dailies from October 2019 and see the same wording, so I guess it is not new.
  4. Do they specify which restaurants the platinum vouchers can be used in?
  5. I had to put in a WN along with the flight number to get it to work with Southwest.
  6. Tours By Locals has 56 tours for Cinque Terra right now.
  7. Enjoy a good local lunch in the embarkation town/city/port. Always like to wait until the last minute to board to avoid the crowds. Walk around the ship to visit all public areas and then enjoy the sail away on the top deck.
  8. Yes. Pai Gow poker with a steep minimum. But at least they have it now.
  9. You can go to sport24live to see the schedule. Choose "At Sea" to get the entire programming schedule for your cruise. There is PGA tour golf listed on the schedule.
  10. Traveled on the Spirit exactly one year ago and loved it. The outdoor aft stairs went all the way up to the buffet! No one ever used them and they were the perfect escape to lose the crowds. There was a life guard on duty all times and I'm not sure the life guard ever saw more than 10 people the whole cruise. The ship visited the Canary Islands. Lots of fun on that itinerary. Haven't seen any NCL itineraries going there this year or next.
  11. You can visit sport24live web page for the schedule. Choose At Sea to see the NBA games on the schedule. There are none scheduled for the 25th. There are quite a few NBA games, but none on that date.
  12. I recently returned from Hawaii where I had rented a car at four different locations. They were all booked directly with Hertz and every single location was different on everything from picking up the car to returning the car. Hopefully this recap will assist others that are looking to rent a car when in Hawaii. I used Hertz exclusively because I am a Gold Plus Rewards Five Star member, which makes it much easier and faster to complete the rental at the time of pickup. Note that I booked a private tour for Oahu for the entire day, so I do not have any information for the Honolulu rental car experience. First stop was Kona. Kona was a tender port, and the Hertz rental car location was right off the port. This location is inside a Courtyard Marriott and is the easiest of all of the rental car locations to both get to and to find. The location is easily accessed on foot and is truly right across the street from the dock. I arrived at the rental car office at just after 7:00 am and would recommend getting there as early as you can. At 7:10 there were probably 25-30 people in line. I was lucky enough to be 4th in line. This location opens at 7:00 am M-Fri and 8:00 am on weekends. Good news here is that the employee showed up a half hour early and opened the doors for business. The second employee also arrived early and I'm sure things really started to move after that. Since I was 4th in line, I was finished before the second employee opened up. The advantage to the Gold Plus membership is everything is already confirmed, signed and ready to go, so my keys were in the folder and my car was already assigned. You are given a card key to open the gate to exit . The same card is used to access the same gate to return your car. The Hertz location closes early, but you can drop off your car at any time using the key drop box located right next to the rental car office inside the hotel lobby. You don't have to rush back before they close to return the car. This Hertz location has a huge parking lot full of cars and plenty of spaces to park in when dropping off the rental car. Overall, this is a great location to rent a car, but it is also a popular location because of how easy it is to find, so just be prepared to arrive early or to wait in line. The exact address of this location is: 75-5660 Palani Road, Suite 200, Island of Hawaii (Kailua-Kona), HI US 96740 Next stop was Hilo. Hilo requires a shuttle from port. The distance from the dock to the rental car location is too far for walking. Be sure to rent from the "city" location and not the airport location. A shuttle is provided to and from the city location. The shuttle picks up early, so try to be ready for pickup around 7:15-7:30. I'm sure the shuttle comes again after this, but why miss the first shuttle? The shuttle ride is a short 5-10 minute ride to the rental car office. There were 3-4 parties in the shuttle. I made sure to be the first one off the shuttle because I knew all of the paperwork would be ready to go. Sure enough, a quick stop at the counter and I had the keys and car location and was ready to go. Less than 60 seconds in the rental car office. This location provided two scheduled times for the return shuttle - 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm. You have to return the car by 4:30 or you'll miss the last shuttle and the office will be closed. This is another good reason to get the day started early with the first shuttle in the morning. This city location was great, not too crowded, and super fast pickup and return. The exact address of this location is: 80 Kuhio Street, Island of Hawaii (Hilo), HI US 96720 Next stop was Maui. This was the first place that I ran into problems. I had booked the wrong Hertz location. You have to make sure you book the correct harbor port. I incorrectly booked this one: 200 Nohea Kai Drive, Maui (Kaanapali-Lahaina), HI US 96761 This one was wrong. The correct port was located in Kahului Harbor which was this location: 170 West Kaahumanu Avenue Maui (Kahului) , Hawaii , United States , 96732 I was lucky enough to notice this using the GPS on my phone. I saw the wrong Hertz office was 45 minutes away. My phone showed a location that was less than a mile away and I immediately changed my booking. Next time I'll be more careful to make sure of the correct pickup location. This location was accessible by an easy walk from the dock. The car was ready for me upon arrival at the Hertz desk located in the lobby of the Maui Beach hotel. The rental car must be returned by 5:30 pm or it will be dropped off after close. This Hertz does provide a shuttle, but it really isn't necessary as it is very easy to walk back to dock. Final stop was Kauai. This Hertz office is located at the airport and is more of what you would expect when renting a car. A shuttle is provided at the port and it is about 10-15 minutes to the airport Hertz office. The shuttle picks up between 7:30 am - 7:45 am. This was the only location that provided true Gold Plus service with the car preassigned and waiting to be picked up with keys already in the car and no need to stop in the office at all. The car must be returned by 8:00 pm for the final shuttle. Since it is an airport location it is open later than that and you could always drop off the car later and take a taxi from the airport, but that would add some additional cost to the rental. Better to just catch that 8:00 pm shuttle. The exact address of this location is: Hertz - Kauai - 3250 Hoolimalima Place, Kauai (Lihue), HI US 96766 All of the rentals were booked in February for an October trip. The only change that had to be made was my mistake in Maui. The change went amazingly smooth, so no complaints there. I would highly recommend renting a car in all of these locations. There is so much to see and do! For those that are interested in pricing, here is what I paid at checkout: Kauai - $48.26, Maui - $40.23, Hilo -$38.99, Kona - $39.76. The only other expense related to the rental cars was gasoline, which varied in cost based on miles driven during the day as I had to return the rental car on full at each location.
  13. There is a great place to store your luggage while visiting Barcelona. You can store your bags using the BagBNB app. You have to make reservations in advance and then you just drop off your bags when you arrive. The location I picked is just a block away from the huge department store - El Corte located right across from Plaça de Catalunya . Perfect for exploring all of the tourist areas in Barcelona.
  14. This is straight from the Costa web page: The service charge, which is calculated on a daily basis according to the length of the cruise, the destination and the ship, is used to provide incentive to staff who perform hotel duties and to continually improve the quality of service offered onboard Costa Cruises ships. The service charge is an integral part of the cruise and therefore the amount cannot be altered. As a convenience, Costa Cruises will add a modest service charge per person, per day to the onboard account as a gratuity for cabin and dining services. Bartenders, servers, deck stewards and other staff may be tipped as service is received. A 15% gratuity is added to beverage purchases which are added to the onboard account.
  15. Here's what the eDocs say about the LATREW code: "Note: LATREW promo code, is automatically applied to Latitude members' reservations. This code gives Latitude members their specific tier level discounts/benefits onboard. This promo code does not provide any Latitude points." Not sure what LATVIP provides.
  16. I always book the inside sail away rate, which has always been the cheapest rate available on every cruise. With this sale, I can actually book an inside cabin with one perk (and I can choose the stateroom) for less than the sail away rate. That's a great deal for me.
  17. Ditto for me. No luck on getting the OBC and it has been over a month since it was requested. I looked at all of my past OBC requests and it never took more than 48 hours to show up. I may try guest services on the ship, but I'm not sure it is worth the fight for $100 OBC when I'm on vacation.
  18. I'm glad to know it is taking longer to show up. I've been waiting a couple of weeks with no response and in the past it would post within 24 hours. I was thinking I might just have to give up and lose out on the OBC, but there still might be a chance it shows up!
  19. I stayed at Barcelona Sants. Hotel is right at the central train station and you can take a train from the airport directly to the hotel. From the train station at the hotel you can access all areas of the city. There is a train that will drop you about 100 feet away from the port shuttle that takes you directly to the ship. Fast and easy.
  20. Some inclines. I don't recall any stairs. If there were any stairs, they would have been 2-3 steps at most.
  21. It was not strenuous at all. Very easy, with boardwalks for walking the entire route.
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