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  1. marama

    Bath Amenities

    Silversea are to be congratulated on the different toiletries they offer, and all are very nice. Unlike Seabourn who give you Molton Brown - or Molton Brown, no choice. Some like it, but I don't and so have to cart my own toilertries with me when we travel.
  2. Sounds like a deal - along with the coral island! :D
  3. Pattaya? Tiger zoo? No thanks!
  4. We in turn, would agree with you - we also have animals at home, so always lament the lack of 11/12 day cruises as we are so often stuck with only a 7 day option, which we do not like nearly as much. I would so like to be able to cruise for 14+ days as 7 days is far too short. If we ever do see an 11 day cruise however we snap it up - those extra few nights make such a difference. That said however, we are still in touch with a number of friends we have made on 7 day cruises so perhaps all is not lost.
  5. marama

    What did you do on Sicilian Splendors?

    You are most welcome. As you are an American, you may be interested to google The Ohio (ship) and the part that she played in WW2 to help Malta. Many Americans are unaware of this very important link that the USA has with Malta. Also, when in St John's Cathedral, do not miss the marble flooring which is exquisite. Outside the exit from the Cathedral you should also find a little train which takes you on a tour of Valletta. I am sure that you will have a wonderful cruise.
  6. marama

    Silversea cruise credit

    I think that the answer lies in just two letters - T - A. After our Silversea cruise earlier this year ( which we enjoyed) I sent our TA an email listing the good things and the less good things - observations rather than complaints. The next thing we knew was that we had received a very generous cruise credit from SS. They do seem to be alot more generous than many other lines when they receive complaints.
  7. marama

    What did you do on Sicilian Splendors?

    Valletta is very nice for wandering round on your own. Just get off the ship and walk 5/10 minutes to the Barrakka lift which takes you straight into town. However if Windstar are offering a tour of Mdina (the old capitol) its quite a spectacular walled city and well worth the trip. Its only about a 20=30 minute drive depending on traffic so you could even take a taxi yourselves. The white cabs are a bit expensive so try googling Wembley or Ecabs. There are a good selection of taxi services that can be booked online.
  8. Both times we were in Sanary they had a fab street market going on in the port area. So unless you want to do something specific (I am told the Bandol tour is good) just get off the ship and wander around the market. Its a nice town for doing that.
  9. marama

    TK grill, ultimate menu?

    We love the TK food. Starters are too large however. Lamb chops, sole, lobster - all fab. I will try the chicken next time which it seems is consistently a favourite with people.
  10. marama

    Encore alcohol

    Thank you for posting the 'complimentary' list, very useful. If I don't like what is on offer I usually describe what I would like and they normally come up with something suitable. Its disappointing that only one included champagne is offered, but then I suppose there is no incentive for Seabourn to encourage us to drink more. Silversea do at least offer a choice - Monopole or Pommery. Its a subjective thing I know, but I find both of those preferable to the NF, which usually has to be rendered drinkable by the addition of orange juice or cassis.
  11. marama

    Odyssey - Santorini Caution

    Very well said by you and Cariad1000. I also feel the same way when I see one poor horse toiling up a hill in the sun in Valletta ( and there are many hills here) with a carriage full of tourists. Many of these horses travel miles just to get to Valletta in the morning before they even start work - and then home again later on. Of course there are responsible owners but there are also many who beat their animals and don't give them water during the daytime because they fear complaints if the horse urinates. Look at their mouths, many are foaming. Please don't use them - but when you see them, do ask them when their horse last had a drink.
  12. marama

    Europa 2 -v- Seabourn Odyssey

    Thank you, that makes a difference. Iced tea will do fine for us!
  13. Thank you - looks as fabulous as ever - we can't wait for our next Seabourn Cruise! We actually love in-suite dining, especially if it has been a busy day and always find it good - a nice lazy evening. Its what we almost always do on day one of our cruises. `Looking forward to the delicious Seabourn chocolate pot!
  14. marama

    Europa 2 -v- Seabourn Odyssey

    English Voyager, I agree with you that the non-inclusive alcohol is not a big problem, but I was referring to the charges for soft drinks and water outside the room - even at mealtimes. It just looks cheap and as I said, downright cheeky when HL are charging so much. I am guessing that being a child-friendly line may have something to do with it.
  15. marama

    Europa 2 -v- Seabourn Odyssey

    Thank you for an interesting thread and some very helpful information from those who have contributed. We have also been put off by the high prices and reduced social interaction. Ditto the paying for drinks - but it is good to know that there is no signing each time. She sounds a beautiful ship and we may have to try her sometime if we can find the right itinerary/price, if only to satisfy our curiosity. For the moment however, we have a reluctance to pay quite a bit more for what appears to be less - in particular, having to pay for soft drinks and water with meals, which seems very cheeky of HL and also penny-pinching, given the very high per diem. It does not create a very good first impression - with us, at any rate.