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  1. I take 3 differnt types of insulin and boosters that "should" be refrigerated. Lantus, Victoza and Fiasp. However, my Pharmacist has stated repeatedly that they are stable for 4 weeks at room temperature. I still keep my many extra pens in the refrigerator. IMPORTANT: If you are not refrigerating in-use pens, keep them in a dark place because they are light-sensitive. Sailing the Breeze in February 2020.
  2. Indeed. If I was Cruise Ship Security, I would find this thread of particular interest.... just sayin'. Edited to add: I work in bar consultation, loss prevention specifically. There are a million ways to tamper with "sealed" bottles, and I've seen every one of them. Except the alcohol is exiting the bottle in the cases I see.
  3. Count me in as a late night eater. I work nights. So I tend to eat late as a rule. Never eat breakfast (asleep). And get hungry later too. As a result, I pick cruises that actually have late-night food availability, keeping for-fee room service as a backup. I have ZERO problem paying for decent hot food after-hours. There is NOTHING like a fresh-grilled hotdog (with fried onions) after a few late-night drinks/beers. Some of my peeves are/were: - burger grill closing at 6pm (why?) This happens on many lines. On my first cruise on RCL, the grill was open until 3am... and I was on first-name basis with the staff there by the 4th night. - Only cold sandwiches with stale chips on room service menu (until CCL came out with the new "Revenue Menu") - as some have mentioned, huge lineups for late-night pizza (with one employee to serve) - I have experienced this. - when the employees start closing up food stations earlier than advertised (to get a head start on their duties?) Two years ago, I sailed on MSC Seaside with 6000 other pax. They closed up EVERYTHING at 9:45pm, so for me, the cruise absolutely sucked. Nothing to eat late, not even popcorn at the Pool Movie. I would be ecstatic if Carnival kept the Deli open 24 hours.... but then room service revenue will drop, so I doubt that one's gonna fly. As I stated earlier, my cruise fare over 21 cruises, and 22 years, has remained pretty much the same, so I have no problem with upselling the late-night food. It just better be good.
  4. Ship - Bliss - Joy - Escape - Encore Deck - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 Stateroom # - 9700 (or 10700, 11700, 12700, 13700 same thing) Stateroom Category – OA Starboard or Port Side - neither - right in front, dead center Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Yes very quiet Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - no No Balcony Large forward facing window Any specific problems with this cabin? - Any other comments? - This cabin sells as a regular outside cabin, but it is ENORMOUS (350 sq. feet approx). The room is huge, the bathroom is huge, storage space is huge. Bathroom with double sinks, tub and shower combo. As the cabin is far forward on the ship, you will have to walk to get pretty much anywhere. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/norwegian-joy-731/member-3/154677/
  5. I paid $89.95 three days ago for my 7-day cruise on the Breeze in February, as soon as I saw FTTF was available again. Now, suddenly, it's $109.99.... I knew inflation and the cost of living were increasing, but this is ridiculous. Edited to add: This is my first FTTF. I will evaluate for myself if it's worth the upcharge. No need to comment or discuss my mental state. Everyone already knows I'm insane (and have more money than common sense, too)
  6. 45 minutes according to Navigation apps But you will be stuck behind slow-moving vehicles as it's a single lane for most of the way So an hour or so.
  7. I guess that's why opinions are subjective....
  8. Famous smoked meat is Schwartz's at 3895 St Laurent Blvd or Lester's Deli at 1057 Bernard Ave. Locals still argue which is better... I slightly prefer Lester's personally.... Schwartz's is a constant crowd and line-up, but it's closer to the port. Famous Bagels are found at Saint Viateur Bagel 263 Rue Saint Viateur O, Montréal, QC H2V 1Y1 and Fairmount Bagel 74 Avenue Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M2
  9. We rented a car from an agency in the train station last summer for a drive to Peggy's Cove. You enter through a small back door on the rear parking lot, follow a corridor, and take an elevator up to the concourse level.
  10. Montreal resident here. Should be a 30-40 minute ride from the cruise dock to Trudeau airport, barring constuction delays and highway closures. The worst I've EVER seen it is about 90 minutes during the height of rush hour. Bottom line: you will make your flight. Please leave the ship promptly as you do have to go through US customs if flying back Stateside.
  11. Never wore a suit (or a shirt and tie for that matter) on my last sailing on Seaside, and we ate in the dining room every night. Absolutely hated pretty much everything about it though. Worst cruise of all. You have to LOVE opera and Cirque du Soleil to like their main shows. And pray hard you never have to correct anything at Guest Services... their uncaring attitude is legendary.
  12. Perhaps you should take the time to read my posts.
  13. I've cruised 21 times previously, and have always used a cruise-knowedgeable Travel Agent. Unfortunately, this was my first time booking directly with Carnival, as I wanted to make full use of the EasyPay option, which is offered more reluctantly by TAs here in Canada than it is Stateside. Not sure if you can do it in the USA either.... (book directly with Carnival, use EasyPay, and transfer the booking to a TA afterwards) Here in Canada, it's more difficult to book a cruise without paying in the "old" manner (deposit right away and final payment 90-100 days prior to sailing). However, we do pay into an "insurance" fund designed to protect the consumer from Travel Provider insolvency. If I do go this route again in the future, I will be ridiculously vigilant regarding my bookings. However, using a TA is more likely next time. It's the EasyPay that complicated the matter - I would have waited until at least September to book if EasyPay was not offered. You have to book at least 6 months out from the final payment date to make full use of the EasyPay option
  14. I recently booked a Carnival cruise for next February on their website. I was doing the happy dance.... for five days, that is. Then I got one of their "cruise planner" emails which said my cruise was Feb 01, 2020... BUT I booked Feb 29th... I was certain of it. I checked my documents more closely, and (lo and behold) I was indeed confirmed for the Feb. 01st sailing. How that little gem got past me is a mystery. Probably the font size on my printout (miniscule), and the fact that all sailings of this ship in February are otherwise identical. Either I made a gross error in booking, or the website somehow defaulted back to the first of the month on me. That is the problem I needed fixed pronto - in a nutshell. I called Customer Service in a panic. They are having Cuba issues, so the wait to talk to a human ran about 3 hours. I waited the three hours (really, honest I did) and got the human. I explained the situation, and she was TEXTING the supervisor in the background. This took another 45 minutes. Result: DATE CHANGE DENIED. All penalties apply. And the price increased $200 to boot on the new booking. I tried explaining that this was my 10th Carnival cruise.... didn't work. So I asked to escalate.... 3 hour wait to talk to the supervisor???? WHAT??? And the kicker: the agent was due to clock out in 10 minutes, and she "said" she was told to wait on hold with me for the 3 hours. Poor thing. At this point, I realized I was being given the veritable bum's rush of total BS, and decided to end the call. No point to waiting since all penalties were to apply anyways. I called back yesterday, having cleared my schedule, and fully anticipation a 3-hour wait again, as well as being mentally prepared to fight the good fight, as they say. About 30 minutes later, a very nice lady came on the phone. I explained the situation, and she CALLED the supervisor. Yes, CALLED. My situation was resolved within another 20 minutes to 100 percent satisfaction on my end. I ended up saving $50 with this date change also. And she apologised profusely for my ordeal. Now, I ask you, what is the difference between the two agents? Same 1-800 number. Same time of day. Cuba issue had not gone away. Both reps were Stateside. One rep could handle the issue, and one rep could not. This is not the first time I have experienced Call Center stonewalling with other large, impersonal businesses. I have had similar results in the past, just by calling back and getting a different agent. My advice? If you think you are in the right, keep calling....
  15. At 13 seconds into this commercial, they show a big pile of lobster tails. I didn't see a single lobster anywhere on my last sailing on the NCL Bliss in March, free or for upcharge.
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