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  1. I have worked in both hotels many times and they are both quite nice, and located close to the Old Port and attractions. I don't think you will go wrong with either hotel.The Hotel William Gray is another recent addition, and is also very nice, boutique-style but European-Modern like the W. There is also a trendy resto-nightclub in the hotel called Maggie Oakes.
  2. Does anyone know for certain if I could use a debit card at a "Sail and Sign Kiosk" to pay my account balance on the last night of sailing? The website is not clear on this. "The Sail & Sign Kiosk is a self service terminal enabling guests on board to conveniently manage and access their onboard Sail & Sign accounts. On most ships, Kiosks are located near Guest Services and The Fun Shops. On the Carnival Legend, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Pride and Carnival Spirit, Kiosks are located near the Casino and Promenade Cafe. The terminal is accessed by using the touc
  3. Yes. I used it on my last Oasis cruise... the blend coices were incredible. It's a Coca Cola Machine though, and Carnival is now Pepsi.
  4. Our last cruise on Carnival Dream (albeit a few years back, and on the Freedom as well) featured a soda machine in the Arcade. You had to look for it or know it was there, as they did not advertise it. Dispensed 710ml plastic bottles, so 2x a can. It was $2.25 at the time. Will check on the Breeze next month. Carnival Sunshine did not have a machine.
  5. We have stayed as late as 9:45am Curious: Has anyone actually been asked or told to leave the ship?
  6. Interesting factoid: There is a genuine segment of the Berlin Wall on display in the indoor "courtyard" of the Intercontinental Montreal. They even let you touch it.
  7. I think Carnival just wants their $2000 back......
  8. If you want to encounter (the hidden) Quebec culture you might want to look for an excursion that takes you for a "Cabane à Sucre (Sugar Shack) Experience"... You will experience traditional live Québecois music and dancing, a very lively communal atmosphere (long tables) in a log cabin, and some of the most artery-clogging food you will EVER come across, mostly pork and maple-based, and are generally all-you-can-eat. Libations are also available, to loosen you up a bit. It's like an Irish Ceilidh, but in French. I know some tour operators offer these excursions from th
  9. Parking a car in Kennebunkport is INSANELY expensive.
  10. We rented a mid-sized SUV (Nissan Pathfinder) for $70CAD and drove to Peggy's Cove ourselves.
  11. Host Bonjour - I have to correct your original greeting..... The proper (albeit locally scandalous, depending on your particular "solitude") term is actually ...... "Bonjour-Hi!"
  12. Anything traffic-related in Montreal you can ask me. I spend hours every single day in the eternal construction gridlock Hell that is my fair city. One piece of GREAT advice: DO NOT rely on Google Maps or Waze to get around by yourself. Transport Quebec and the City tend to close roads on whatever whimsical notion strikes them that day, and don't bother with detour signs. The Apps are very slow to pick up on short-term road closures. Case in point: This summer, I spent more than an hour, trapped and literally just going around the block in Old Montreal due to an unforseen road c
  13. From the Port of Montreal website: " HYDRO-QUÉBEC INITIATIVE TO RAISE POWER LINES OVER ST. LAWRENCE RIVER WILL ALLOW LARGER CRUISE SHIPS TO REACH MONTREAL Montreal, November 15, 2013 - The Port of Montreal is pleased with an announcement by Hydro-Québec that it will raise two power lines above the St. Lawrence River, an initiative that will allow larger cruise ships to reach Montreal. Following a request from the Montreal Port Authority, Hydro-Québec will tighten power cables next year at Trois-Rivières and Boucherville, providing a clearance of 52 metres under t
  14. They don't use UV lights (Black Lights) anymore for White Party, probably for heath reasons. Those are just purple spotlights.
  15. I also made sure there was a fridge in my cabin on Sunshine, due to insulin. From the Carnival Website- "The Carnival Sunshine has non-stocked mini bar units in all suites and in staterooms on decks 3, 5, 10, 11 and 12"
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