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  1. Good afternoon all and many thanks to all of the contributors of the Daily . It is a very nice day here in SW Ontario today the humidity finally left us and there is a nice little breeze to keep the mosquitos away so I can go out and do some gardening . We have been a couple of times in Skagway and the first time in 2007 made the nice train ride up to the Canadian border into the mountains which was very exciting for me as a person growing up in the low lands . So today just a couple of pictures from our cruise in Sept of 2007 on the Zaandam . We first visited a very nice garden and were surprised everything was growing so well there in that climate . This looked very spooky near the top close to the border …… The Zaandam was only 7 years old at the time ( built in 2000) and it was only our second cruise we were quite impressed with the whole experience so we were hooked for life ! Back to my garden and the Olympics , have a great day everybody ! Tony 😄
  2. Good afternoon to all , it's great to read the Daily again and again Rich , Roy and all contributors , it is keeping that fire inside burning . Thank you for the absolute fabulous pictures today @StLouisCruisers and also @Mtn2Sea I have always wanted to see Petra in Jordan and after seeing all of your pictures I will have to find a way to get there soon ! Tony
  3. Hi Jacqui , I have been holding off but since we have made the final payment lets hope that our cruise will happen . Martha and I will be on the Eurodam cruise for 27 days from Oct 18th " Venice ???? until Nov 14 in FLL . We have also booked the Koningsdam Circle Hawaii cruise from Feb 2nd in San Diego for the 25 day Collectors cruise Many thanks for keeping this Future Cruise Listing going . Tony
  4. Awesome to follow you , the " icebreaker of the future cruising experience " . We wish you nothing but the Best on this " First HAL Cruise " since we left the Westerdam in Feb 2020 and the people who were on the World cruise who were finally able to leave the Amsterdam in Australia a couple of weeks after us . Have a wonderful cruise ! Tony
  5. Sorry people there were quite a few duplicates in my pictures . While I was uploading mine our friend Jacqui @kazu was doing the same . That happens I guess specially if you have been on the same tour together ......... Tony 😄😄
  6. Good morning to all of the Daily organizers and all the loyal followers . It is a very nice day here in SW Ontario and before I will go to do some harvesting in my gardens I would love to show some of the pictures from our day in Alicante when we were last there in April 2019 . On one of the Prinsendam’s last cruises for HAL we landed in Alicante and I had set up a double walking tour with a very good guide first we went to Castillo de Santa Barbara and afterwards we did some nice walking around the town itself . In our nice group there were also Jacqui and Jose @kazu Hope I don't duplicate with @StLouisCruisers and @Mtn2Sea A distinct view of the Castillo from sea level , for most of the way up we used the elevator however the last few and quite steep hundreds of meters we climbed ourselves. It was a beautiful clear and very warm day , and we had great views from up there ! We had to find shade wherever we could to listen to the many stories of our guide , also of the horrible years under Generalissimo Franco when many prisoners were imprisoned here Beautiful architecture in the downtown The Mercado Central All the food in the market made us hungry and thirsty One of my favourite pictures of the day “ Who is leading who ?” Just stay in the shade There also is a story about this image of face in the rock …….. 3.15 time to get out of the heat and go back Home to the Prinsendam and drink a nice cold beer , but a very nice day was had by all in Alicante , Spain ! Tony 😄
  7. Malaga is one of our favourite destinations while on a cruise we must have been there about 8 or 9 times now made a couple of fantastic tours to Granada to go to the Alhambra , and also a couple of tours through Malaga itself and saw the Alcazaba , the Cathedral and the Castle of Gibralfaro . After doing all of that we have done a few Tapas in Malaga tours , four times now to different non touristic locations where the Spaniards go for their most delicious tapas and our guide is a young lady , Laura , who grew up in Canada quite close to us , she met her Spanish husband at the university of Toronto and now lives in Malaga . So I have lots and lots of photos , touristic high lights and a lot of food porn . I will try to control myself and not duplicate too much of what Jacqui @kazu or Ann @VictOriann already have shown . Pablo and me spring of 2016 Our first Tapas in Malaga Tour ……... Tapas in Malaga with Ann and Pat @Vict0riann , Fall of 2016 . And again in December 2018 with Ann and Pat April 2019 with Jacqui and Jose @kazu Malaga Mercado Central Aren’t you hungry yet ???……. here a couple more Tapas from another great day in Malaga Looking forward to landing in Malaga again in November ………fingers crossed ! Tony 😄
  8. Yes now you saw what you missed out on that day Ann . Last I talked to our friends was about a month ago and they are doing fine and luckily they are quite a ways North from where all of the flooding is happening in the Netherlands , Germany and Belgium . I have never seen the flooding of the large rivers this bad in my life time !
  9. Hi Sharon , I had to look it up myself and believe I found it , let me see if this works ......... Calbas of Curacao Calabash tree, (Crescentia cujete), tree of the family Bignoniaceae that grows in parts of Africa, Central and South America, the West Indies, and extreme southern Florida. It is often grown as an ornamental; however, it is also used in traditional systems of medicine. The tree produces large spherical fruits, up to 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter, the hard shells of which are useful as bowls, cups, and other containers when hollowed out. The Calbas has, for Centuries been used for countless creations from Musical Instruments, Tasty sweets to Herbal Remedies. The Soursop with it’s distinctive taste gives this Liqueur a Lovely twist that makes…
  10. And a very nice Saturday to all on the Daily , after an all night rain the sun is out in SW Ontario and hopefully all the standing water we have collected will slowly disappear into the ground . We have been a few times to Bonaire which is part of the Lesser ( Leeward ) Antilles but now has a special status as a municipality within the Kingdom of the Netherlands . Population of about 21.000 and the capital city is Kralendijk. We have had the pleasure to go there a couple of times on one of the BHB’s and the last time was on Jan 19th 2018 while on the Koningsdam with our good friends Ann and Pat and good friends from the Netherlands . Don’t know about that one ……….. but I will give it to you ……... There are lots of wild donkeys on the island And a toast to a very nice day at the Librije Dinner that evening . We sure missed you Ann @VictOriann ! Appetizer from the menu “Oysters on the Beach ! “ And a very, very different "Dutch " Apple tart ….. The ABC Islands are a great escape from winter destination with almost steady temperatures of 28 degrees C with a nice breeze but no huge storms . Also Bonaire is one of the nicest destinations in the world to go diving in heavily protected waters ! Dear SIL and Grandson diving near the Salt pier How do they do that , I can't even float ......... was only able to do that in the Dead Sea ! Tony 😄
  11. Thank you for the Daily Rich , Roy and all contributors , I am a little late to the party but I saw that there is another beautiful Port on today’s draw where we have been to on the Prinsendam on Oct 17th , 2016 . Because I had seen that the industrial Port is quite a ways away from the town of Ravenna I had connected with a guide and arranged that she would pick us up in the Port with a couple of mini vans for a dozen of us . Also on our tour with us were Ann and Pat @VictOriann and their DD Cathy . I just saw a lot of very nice pictures of the mosaics already posted so I will try to find a few different ones which will give a good impression of Ravenna Look at this beautiful fence around the mausoleum where Dante is buried , I tried to look through the window in the door but Pat checked if the door was open ……….and voila there it was…… ohoh .... It is hard to stay away from my mosaic pictures because that is what Ravenna is so famous for ……… Time for our morning cup of coffee with the McCarthy's After a nice little lunch some more gorgeous churches a museum and mosaics in Ravenna. It was than time for our shuttle to take us to the outskirts of Ravenna to the Basilica of St Apollinare in Classe A wonderful tour was had with our very knowledgeable guide Silvia by all but it was now time to say Arrivederci and go back Home to the Prinsendam where I had asked Canaletto manager Rifki if he had space for 15 of us for a nice Italian dinner which of coarse for me included my favourite Zuppa di Pesce ! Rifki had specially built for us during the day two very large tables in the Canaletto by the window ! Tony😄😄 Translated : Ravenna , Friendly City of Women !
  12. We were on a very nice walking tour on our second day in Bordeaux that Jacqui @kazu had organized and I saw a lot of pictures from that tour already today so will only add a few that I don’t think I have seen yet from us. Leaving Bordeaux going through the nice estuary of the Garonne and the Gironde out to sea while having a special dinner what else can you ask for ? Je t'aime Bordeaux ! Tony 😄😄
  13. Hey Jacqui @kazu thanks for the pictures I saw some very familiar faces on them , from our Prinsendam cruise . We were also at that same winery that you showed which had been purchased a few years back by a Chinese company . BTW we just had a nice email exchange with Andrea last week and might be cruising with her again next year . Tony 😄😄
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