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  1. Thank you Rich and Roy and all of the "Dailyites " for my morning read . Love the new addition of the Port of the day that Rich has added and also hope to get to Madagascar one day , it's on my bucket list . Thank you also for the Anne Frank quote the amazing young girl from my native land who with her courage and her diary has moved the world as few others have ! Please take care everybody , hang in there for a little while more , keep your distance and wear your mask we are almost there .................... maybe this sign will help you adhere to that .............
  2. Yes you are correct @Live4cruises that was the same cruise where Captain Darin Bowland was daily on the TV talking with the cruise director JC , quite a pair of comedians , talked about all of the hurricanes , we were in SW Gale 3.5 meter swells ,that prevented us from going to the Shetlands m, had an extra day in Reykjavik and we had to go around the West side of Newfoundland to miss the next hurricane . Going through Prince Christian Sund we just had a beautiful amazing day to take the nicest pictures . Hope to meet you next time on the third cruise where ever it is in the world !
  3. Good day Rich and Roy , thank you for keeping the Daily going and a special thank you for adding a New Exciting Feature Port of the day that will call up a lot of fond memories to many of us , and we will see lots of nice pictures . I have not made it to Qaqortoq , Greenland but got close to it on the Eurodam by visiting Nanortalik , Greenland in 2012 another lovely Port to visit . Greenland one of those places I never expected to be able to put a foot on land . I will wait with my pictures until it is Nanortaliks turn . Have a great day everybody , Take Care and Stay
  4. We were in the Port of Greenock on the Prinsendam in May of 2019 and had a wonderful day going to Glasgow on our own with another couple . We walked to the train station (16 mins ) where it was possible to buy a combined ticked for the train and the Hoho bus in Glasgow which was a great deal . Train departed every16 mins to Glasgow central and from there it was a 3 min walk to the Hoho bus . Had a great tour of the city and stopped off at the very interesting Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel ( Free ) toured the "Old " University of Glasgow buildings and museum and of coarse went
  5. Thank you very much for keeping this very nice Future Cruise Listing up to date Jacqui a great place to see what all of our cruise friends are thinking of doing . After all of the Covid lock downs are over it will be so wonderful to meet with cruise friends and share the pleasure of cruising again . Tony 😀
  6. Hi Deb @DeeDee Groff, I sincerely hope that once we are all done with this virus and we can cruise again Martha and I can catch up with you somewhere on the high seas and talk about all of our experiences on the Westerdam.
  7. We keep looking at different cruises to book besides the two we already have made a deposit on but progress with Canadian vaccinations has really slowed down so we are getting a little despondent ! If you people down South have some left over send some up North will you , you are getting better and better at it must be the new regime ............. but than I think with Buddy Holly in mind " That'll Be the Day " ...... My buds and I were great Buddy Holly fans and today that song and that whole LP keeps coming into my head ! ........ and it is " Not Fade Away "
  8. Good for you Ann , our sun also has been up for a while before yours but at least you have the sun shining there today . Have a good one !
  9. @AllureOfVacationIf I look on the dates that my pics were taken on the iPad the embassies came on board the same day as when the Prime Minister landed onto the pier .
  10. How come you always get up so late Ann ..........?
  11. I sure spend some good time around the puzzle table specially late at night when there was nobody left in the crows nest . It was quite busy there specially on all of our "Extra " Sea days .
  12. You probably saw it happened on a few of mine also and I did not want to fool around with them otherwise I might have had to type my whole story all over again .
  13. I know we are right @kazu ! Our glass is always half full ! 😀
  14. So sorry for the upside down pictures , did not know how to correct that and was not going to fool around with them because of the length of the post .
  15. Where are we going now was the big question ????? Here we are leaving Taiwan it is Feb 5th our next Port we were suppose to visit was Keelung ....... Cancelled ..... everybody changing their plans for tours either on their own or with Holland America ....... as per the Captain we are now going to Ishigaki , Japan on a different day than originally scheduled ...........Cancelled ! Japan will not let us in .........word going around about the Cruise ship in Yokohama with the Covid virus on board ........ What will be the next place or who will accept us to dock and disembark ......
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