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  1. Hey that is not so far away from you Jaap @rotjeknor hope you are doing well ! We missed out on going on the MS Rotterdam to your city in April and sleeping for one night on the old SS Rotterdam , bummer !!! Greetings from Canada , Tony and Martha
  2. So sad to see these beautiful ships at anchor near Katwijk aan Zee , about 20 km's from Scheveningen near where I was born in The Hague . Thank you very much for this picture @HarR . Hope they are safe there and there will soon be a solution so we can cruise again ! Tony
  3. Thanks for starting this thread , getting sick and tired of all the bad news ones . My glass is always half full so we have booked like @DeeDee Groff the late September '20 cruise to Auckland , I have a deposit on the Premier Cruise of the Ryndam , whenever it is or wherever the itinerary , and am seriously looking at the Norway / Baltic cruise for next July on the Nieuw Statendam , After that is booked we will be looking for a cruise for Jan / Feb / Mar '22 to get away from the Canadian winter . ( Yes we woke up to snow on Sunday morning MAY 10th ! NOT nice ! ) Tony
  4. Dank U wel meneer Copper . Thank you Mister Copper for this ! Not bad for an " Amsterdammer " , it must be said that a lot of Amsterdammers and Rotterdammers are unbelievably jealous of all the things The Hague has , all the government buildings , the embassies the International Court of Justice , headquaters of Royal Dutch Shell , etc etc and on top of that almost all of the big important decisions are made in The Hague . Meneer Copper also forgot to tell the people that the people from The Hague speak the proper " Nederlands " Dutch . I will be waiting "Jan " John ............ Ton
  5. Thanks a lot for the Video's @rjbean4 very encouraging for the future , let's stay positive ! Tony
  6. Was looking forward with VictOrian to meet you @VMax1700 in Cork for lunch and hear all the stories from Patrick growing up in this area . Guess the weather is not nice today because it was sad that we were not able to get there .............
  7. Awesome to read a first hand experience without being political . We have cruised with Captain Albert and dined with him a couple of times , a wonderful person with lots and lots of stories . Hope to meet him again soon . Tony
  8. Lica Maersk is on the move , soon the door to the chamber will close and water will rush in . Once the water is level again the Koningsdam can move in .
  9. Today we " should " be on the Rotterdam at sea crossing the Atlantic Ocean , we just passed through the Sargasso Sea and are a couple of days away from Terceira in the Azores , also called Ilha Verde ( Green Island ) . By the way did you know that the Sargasso Sea is a region of the North Atlantic Ocean bounded by four currents forming an Ocean gyre . Unlike all other regions called seas , it has no land boundaries .
  10. Just checking position of the Koningsdam on Marine Traffic it shows that she is just North of Venezuela doing 19.6 Kn and her destination as Cristobal , Panama ? Does anybody know if she going through the Panama Canal maybe through the New locks ? It was starnge that she went half way down Brazil was at anchor for a few days and than turned around . @Copper10-8 do you have any idea or info on that ?
  11. The Keukenhof Gardens have also been closed for the rest of this year as are a lot of other things . But they have set up a "virtual vist " where you can admire all of the tulips , daffodils and hyacinths on line . That might bring a ray of sunshine in your life !
  12. Today April 6th we should be boarding the Rotterdam in Ft Lauderdale ( I know she is waiting for us there now ! ) and go across the Atlantic Ocean to Rotterdam in the Netherlands . We had a lot of great tours lined up for this cruise . Once we hit the Azores we would be meeting Rui a wonderful person and our guide for the fourth time , we than would be going to Cobh , Ireland where our guide Denis would be waiting for us to go together with our friends Ann and Pat to see some historical places and look up some family history to where Patrick grew up . After Cobh and after visiting another Irish and an English port I was really looking forward to go on land in Le Havre , France and visit Monet's gardens and museum after which we would tour Richard the Lionhearts Chateau and Joan of Arc's city of Rouen . After Le Havre it would have been very nice to revisit the gorgeous town of Brugge again and than enter the North Sea to steam up to Rotterdam . After disembarkation we would walk past the New York Hotel the former headquarters of Holland - Amerika and board the SS Rotterdam where we would stay for a night and make a tour on this gorgeous ship with a lot of history. This has been on my bucketlist for a long ,long time ever since I was a teenager and witnessed "our " queen Juliana in 1958 bless the SS Rotterdam and send her into the New Waterway between Rotterdam and Hook of Holland where she was built.............................. So yes this was to be another cruise where we were really looking forward to and besides the sights the nice days at sea meet up again with good friends and a fantastic crew on the Rotterdam she still is the "Flagship " of the fleet . Last and not least we were looking forward to hear the fantastic presentations that Captain Albert gives who was scheduled to be with us to go to his and my native land......................................... I will think about this for the next three weeks !!! Tony
  13. Right now it showed Zaandam at 21.2 and Rotterdam at 21.8 Kts. !!!!
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