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  1. Have you considered taking a Princess Cruisetour (both a land and sea adventure)? My DH and I had a wonderful time in 2018. Here is a link to the blog I wrote. It might give you a really good option if you want to try Princess and Alaska. Princess does a great job in Alaska! Our 8 days in the interior were incredible. Have fun researching and planning!
  2. Thank you, Geoff! I thoroughly enjoyed the blog and took lots of notes! Much appreciated!
  3. Hello Geoffa, I'm off this subject a bit here, but I am trying to find some comprehensive blogs/information on the Princess land and sea Australia/New Zealand trip, and I ran across a posting on CC that you were booked for 2019. Did you by any chance write a review or blog that you could direct me to? Or do you know of any? Friends and I have booked a 20 day land/sea tour on the Royal for fall 2022. Thank you in advance for any info you would kindly toss my way!
  4. The only information I can find on these cabins are from 2016 and well before. Does anyone have any advice/information on these four bow mini suites that is more current--especially after 2018 after the Royal was refurbished?
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