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  1. Yes, we second that advice. Fast, reasonable price, door to door very good service.
  2. We love the November / December TAs. That being said, we have had crossings that were as flat as a mill pond, but also crossings with 112 MPH wind across the decks and 38 foot seas!! The vast majority of crossings are toward the calmer side of this weather and seas spectrum. If you are very concerned and susceptable to motion sickness, the most stable location on the ship is low and in the middle of the ship. The grills being high and at the bow and stern end up being by far the roughest location. Maybe consider saving your money and ride down low with the rest of us in "steerage" and feel less motion???
  3. I can't ever remember the terminology (credit / deposit, etc.) so I'll just give an example; We give Cunard $300 each, while on board, then much later when we book the next TA we each get $150 OBC in a balcony --- most of the time??? If we book close to sailing and / or some cheap fare we are not given any OBC. The same goes for some OBC given by Cunard -- maybe yes, maybe no. I have no clue on when or how this happens.We always do get the shareholder OBC of $100 per cabin though?? If anyone out there understands this please let me in on it....................
  4. Yes, Every voyage we always put down 2-4 $300 deposits for the OBC which they generate. In the US, I thought it was $150 OBC for 7 days or less and $250 for 8 days or more?? ....good for 4 years and you can get the money back if you don't use it. I seem to remember that with a few discounted fares we were not able to make use of the deposit. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  5. We always have booked using a US travel agent, but would like to know advantages if any to using the on board booking office.
  6. We have always been given the seating time we want simply by speaking with the maitre 'd when boarding. It should not be a problem.
  7. Yes, i think it's about $150 for rent the whole kit for men's formal wear once you are on board.
  8. Stay put -- Deck 5 mid ship is great --- in rough weather you will be VERY glad you did.
  9. Please refresh me as to the time of the evening performances in the Royal Court theater -- specifically on a transatlantic voyage.
  10. I love the Old Pretender beer while on the QM2 but never seem to find it while in London??? Any specific locations for sale in London would be most appreciated???l (A exhaustive Google search has provided nothing?) Thanks
  11. The Hotel Edison on 47th between Broadway and 8th (just a 100 yards West of the TKTS booth in Times Sq.) keeps luggage for a $1 each piece. TECHNICALLY it's for people who are guests arriving or leaving the hotel, but they really don't care. Enter the hotel - on the left is the check in counter, on the right the bellman counter, just drop your bags there and get your claim check. No problems
  12. Transfers to NYC airports: .....not specific to this case but in general, I see folks more concerned, IMO than necessary about ship to airport transport in New York. One of the easiest and most direct ways --- walk out, get in a cab --- always lots of them waiting when you arrive (either yellow or green) tell 'em which airport, relax and pay the meter plus tip when you arrive. About $40 to LaGuardia (half hour to full hour depends on traffic), $50 or so to JFK (just a bit longer than LaGuardia), and maybe $100 to Newark (I'm guessing about Newark 'cause I never go in or out of there). If you have a late flight and want a quick look at Manhattan, take the cab in ($40 or so) site see, etc. and then about $40 to LaGuardia, $55 to JFK, and $80 to Newark. All prices are per taxi, NOT per person. All easy to do.......... Yes, NYC cabbies may have just learned to drive, and are many times lost, but 99.9% of the time they are just honest hard working folks trying to make a living. Don't worry, they all know how to get to the airports and Times Sq.
  13. It's simple ---- avoid at all costs the new Cunard web site. It's a pile of rubish.
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