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  1. Ugh. That 3rd storm at 70% is making me nervous. I dont mind cruising during hurricane season ( we always do). However we for the first time have a land based Jamaica trip planned Sept 27- oct 5th. 😒
  2. 2017 when Maria hit san Juan our cruise was cancelled. We were offered a refund( no additional offers) and the only cruise that matched the exact dates we had already scheduled off was the Dream out of NOLA they transferred the money (the card originally booked with was paid off anyway). We did have to pay and additional amount on both rooms since it was higher priced due to booking 1 week out from sailing. I didnt agree with that business practice. But it is what it is.
  3. I'm with ya. I work out 5-6 days a week at home. I enjoy it. So it's a must for me as well. I don't do it to try and work off what I ate on the cruise. I do it cause it's my life style choice.
  4. Did the spa pass in February on the bliss. The loungers are not hot, they are warm and soothing. I'm not a napper at all in daily life. Can't nap to save my life. Those loungers have power over my mind and eyes. Lol. Fall asleep everytime. The thermal suites are awesome. I will say that Bliss spa area was the noiest I had experienced over all. Lots of people trying to talk over the jets in the mineral pool. But I did enjoy it and 249.00 is what I paid for 7 days. I'd definitely do it again for 14. Btw try the snow room after the steam room, its great!.
  5. Usually there is a morning or evening stretch class that is free. Other classes are for fee.
  6. 12😆 , 11 til I actually leave for vacation. So ready💃🙄
  7. Thanks! We have dinner reservations at the Italian restaurant. And I have a spa pass for the week and most always get the over priced spa massage. Lol.
  8. No need to be sorry. I'm likely doing something wrong.. however just logged on on my phone clicked on a few random cruises and yes some do show a lesser amount on the screen after choosing that sailing. However not all .. some stayed the same. Example here. Logged on on my phone screen shot showing past guest offer . Then a picture not logged in on my iPad same sailing same price. Am I still doing something wrong? Am I crazy? Sorry for the confusion but I want to take advantage but the cruises I'm really interested in do not show the savings after logged in. Thanks for any insight.
  9. I'm not sure I'm seeing the savings either. I'm not saying people aren't saving money. I don't currently have a cruise booked but have the offer listed. When I log in the prices are the same as if im not logged in. Yes im going through past guest offerings see 175 options. I go all the way through the mock booking til payment is required and the total amount due never changes....
  10. How was the Italian restaurant? What did you order? How was spa? Did they run any "specials" port days, sea days?
  11. I kinda have the same fear. I will go to the steakhouse once on board and make sure all are correct.
  12. Update, I emailed and already received conformation for 3 reservations. That was super fast! Thanks for the email suggestions.
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