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  1. Coochuck

    MSC Seaside Yacht Club - my honest review

    Great review. We will be on the Seaside next month in the Yacht Club. Last year we really enjoyed the Yacht Club Experience on the Divina so much that while on there we booked the Seaside. It sure does spoil you!!
  2. Coochuck

    Yacht club formal nights

    Was on the Divina last year in the Yacht Club and took along a Sports Jacket. Will be going on the Seaside in November and will not take along a Jacket....so silly to wear a jacket in the Caribbean...I'm on vacation and will dress for comfort.:D:D
  3. Coochuck

    MSC Kept me on hold for over an hour!

    I have to agree. MSC is turning a lot of people off with bad phone service. I want to make final payment on a Yacht Club Suite....waited on phone for over a 1/2 hour...then hung up. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER.
  4. Coochuck

    MSC vs Celebrity

    With 53 cruises under our belts, I"d have to say...I like them all. Going on Celebrity Equinox in a few weeks, then going on MSC Seaside with a Yacht Club Suite in November. I do understand the loyalty thing, as you get more Perks. We are Diamond Plus on Royal, and that means Free Drinks at nightly event for a few hours, free internet time, free Specialty Restaurant, laundry, upgrades...and others. On Celebrity we are Elite, and their Perks are similar but a bit different than Royal. MSC does the status match, and we are Black Card on there. We sailed on MSC last year on the Devina, once again in the Yacht Club and were really WOWed! The MSC Loyalty Program, in my opinion needs to be upgraded. I do love each line....your on vacation...enjoy...but LOYALTY PERKS are a nice thing to have.
  5. We just viewed the movie....I give it a THUMBS DOWN!! Being a guy...maybe it's just a Chick Flick.
  6. Coochuck

    Most convenient US port to sail out of

    Have cruised out of most of the US Ports and we live in New Jersey. I have to say our favorite and most easy in and our is Port Canaveral. Also a nice view cruising up the causeway to the ocean.
  7. Coochuck

    Status Match from other Cruise Lines

    We have done most of our cruises on RCCL and Celebrity....end of the month we will be sailing on the Equinox which will be our 53rd cruise that we have taken. Last year we tried MSC, and upgraded to their Yacht Club....we were really WOWED! Loved it so much that we are doing the Yacht Club again on their new MSC Seaside in November. When we got dropped off our Butler came to a tent set up outside and carried our baggage on board, and got us all checked in via a private waiting area. Our food was fantastic....unlimited top shelf drinks. With that being said, we still love RCCL and Celebrity...but in my opinion...give MSC a try. The status match to Black Card was OK...but their loyalty program does not come close to matching Celebrity or RCCL.
  8. Coochuck

    Miami Cruise Port To Ft. Lauderdale Airport

    Upon leaving the ship where do you go to pick up an Uber or Lyft ride?
  9. Coochuck

    Presidents Day Kid Count

    YES! We took our Granddaughter this past Presidents Day on the Anthem. For us we were glad she had so many other children to play with.
  10. Coochuck

    MSC Yacht Club * VS* NCL Haven ????

    Have been on over 50 cruises so far....majority on RCCL. Never tried the Haven, but was turned off by NCL the way were nickel and dimes on there. After trying the Yacht Club on the Divina, we were vastly impressed and are booked again on the new Seaside in November.....THEY REALLY WOWED US!!!
  11. Coochuck

    The Tipping Point for Royal

    After over 50 cruises, with most of them being on RCCL...I"m also leaning towards tipping over. We tried the MSC Yacht Club and were really WOWed by the service food, drinks, and service in general. We are going on a Transatlantic next month, which is the last RCCL we have booked. We have 2 Celebrity, and 1 MSC booked moving forward. I have to agree with the original poster that the food in the MDR has gone WAY downhill. We did to the Coastal Kitchen a few months ago on the Anthem, and I do have to say the food and service in there were oceans above the MDR
  12. Coochuck

    Dress Code for Chops Grill Embarkation Day Lunch

    On embarkation day anything goes, for lunch or dinner. Bags do not always arrive prior to your scheduled dinner, or you may not have time to unpack. We always go to a specialty dinner the first 2 nights to take advantage of the Diamond Plus BOGO's.
  13. I have to say in the past I was a Royal Caribbean loyal passenger but have branched out in the past few years.. I do think their entertainment is tops. We have tried most of the major Cruise Lines and would rank them as: 1. MSC (Yacht Club) 2. Celebrity, 3. Royal Caribbean, 4. Princess 5. NCL That's my ranking for what it's worth. I realize each individual has different experiences.
  14. Does anyone know if there is shuttle service to the port from any of the Rental Car Companies at the Airport?
  15. Coochuck


    Does WIFI calling work with Surf...or do you need Surf and Stream? Thanks