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  1. Great reading your posts. We are driving to Port Canaveral from the Philadelphia Area next Thursday evening and boarding the Mardi Gras on 9/25. Really looking forward to seeing all the new bells and whistles the ship has to offer. Again thanks for such fantastic reporting on the ship. One question...since we are driving...is it best to drop off our bags then go and park the car?
  2. Should I be concerned, or will I be ok? Just did online check in for our Mardi Gras 9/25 Cruise and noticed it when doc's printed out. Thanks
  3. Will the bartender's make frozen drinks on the pool deck with the classic package, or do you have to upgrade?
  4. As long as you have a drink in your hand...no mask required....DRINK MORE...BE HAPPY WITH NO MASK!!
  5. Just got notice from Royal that our March 2022 Australia / New Zealand cruise has been canceled.
  6. That's what yesterday's emails stated. Got one this morning at 11:30 saying, no test required for vaccinated US Passengers.
  7. Note the last line....their policy applies 'during cruise', not prior to boarding. As long as Celebrity does not apply the Royal notice of testing Florida Departures 3 days prior to sailing....it's all a moot point, however if testing is required at the point of entry to the ship...the above quote does not apply. Lets just hope for smooth seas going forward.
  8. So many people think it's a great idea to get tested at the Pier with a Rapid Test. OK...So I fly in from wherever. Paid for flights, stayed at a hotel room for the night prior to the cruise. I walk up to check in and test POSITIVE. So, I'm out the air fare, hotel. I might have to book a last minute flight home. Do they quarantine me a hotel, medical facility(additional cost)? And to make matters worse, I can't cruise! Not a very good alternative. This Strain of Covid is highly transmissible. We are booked on the Equinox for the 8/8 sailing. Weighing my alternatives.
  9. In order to use Facetime,Wifi Calling, or Whatsapp, I would assume you need the stream package. How did that work out for you?
  10. Are copies or digital photo's acceptable, or do we need to original vaccination card?
  11. We just booked a Concierge Class Aft Facing Cabin this past weekend. We went to do our online check in, and the earliest time we could board the ship was 2 PM. I called the Captain's Club Desk to attempt to have this moved up to an early time, due to the fact that we would miss our lunch. I was informed that due to COVID, the Lunch had been moved, and we would get a notice delivered to our room informing us of when it would be scheduled. I agree with you, one of the main perks of the Concierge Room is the Embarkation day lunch, as it's hassle free and always good. Guess we are a victim of Covid. The cruise lines are doing their best, and we all have to be flexible. This is not a game changer for us. Just happy to be in a ship again.
  12. We are also de boarding the Equinox on 8/8...we booked our return flight for a few minutes before noon.
  13. Thanks ....that's the confirmation I was looking for. Now I can book return flight home😀
  14. Just booked the Equinox for 8/8/21 out of Port Everglades. Want to make flight reservation for our flight home after the cruise is over. Will fly out of FLL. Just wondering if 11:30 AM or Noonish is too early now a days. We were always OK with those times Post Covid ERA. Has anyone de boarded since the few ships have started up again? Thanks
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