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  1. I would avoid using a cell phone for offshore for the reasons mentioned above...I use an I-Pad with the built in GPS chip and have never had any problems, especially if you try to connect through the ship's Wi-Fi service...Horribly slow and cludgy...Still looking for as good, inexpensive GPS program to go with the I-Pad, though...Most of the commercially availble programs for the I-Pad are quite expensive...Any recommendations would be welcome!
  2. Hi: We will be sailing on the Zaandam from Ft Lauderdale in April...Neither my spouse or I drink alcohol...(But we feel good in the morning!)...Anyway, we are debating whether or not to purchase the "soda card" that provides unlimited soft drinks, juices, bottled water etc., for $220 each (total $440) or just purchasing what we want to drink as we go along...Could anyone here give us some advice? What does Holland America charge for a soft drink or small bottle of orange juice or bottled water? Thanks a lot! Steve in Kansas
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