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  1. Same thing happened to me. The problem turned out to be that the latitude number associated to my husband on my Alaska cruise was wrong. So check that out. ( I pulled up my old confirmation for Cuba and it showed the latitude number associated with each passenger. You can compare this to the confirmation for your new reservation). NCL was able to easily fix this for me and we got both credits applied.
  2. I read (probably in this thread) about someone who waited to do the upgrade and they told none where available for their sailing. The responses stated that they should have upgraded sooner as there are limited number of upgrade per sailing. Not sure if this is true, but wanted to pass this along to those who are thinking of waiting to upgrade.
  3. You would probably want to book with NCL now as it may be sold out by the time you board.
  4. There are only 25 cruises listed on the 'inside offer' page. Not sure how the prices of those compare if you booked without the offer. Prior to the 20% off sale, they would have monthly different offers to just a subset of areas. Maybe they are going back to that 🥺
  5. Lesson Learned: Don't wait to book, you can always re-book if price goes down. This is for a cruise I was not sure we were going on, but others in my family are. I didn't expect the latitude offer to go away on Feb 1st since it has been there for several months. I was debating what to book, and now today it is $600 more a person than it was a week ago. Well, I was assuming the 20% off sale has been there for awhile since it was there when I booked my Alaska cruise several months ago, but has it been coming and going? If so, maybe there is hope it will come back.
  6. Thanks, looking forward to being in the aft cabin! I booked my B2 since had 4 in room. I don't think the B3 had options for 4. But repricing my B2 to today's rates increased it like $1200. Thankfully, they were able to get back my previous booking price. Crazy that the cruise prices have increased so much since I originally booked.
  7. Thought I'd supply a happy update. They were able to upgrade without the repricing. It took 2 more phone calls to get it done. The first one today she said it was not a problem and said she did the upgrade without repricing my original reservation, but when I checked confirmation email that was not the case. Called back and they fixed it to reflect my original booking prices. So I was able to upgrade a B2 balcony to a B1 (aft) for 10,000 points on the Jewel. This is an Alaska cruise and the cost savings is $1,200. Pretty good for just using the 10,000 sign up bonus!
  8. The cruise I am looking at increased in price with this sale compared to the previous one :( Should have booked yesterday!
  9. So called to upgrade my reservation from my existing B2 reservation to an Aft B1. They said I can do this for 10,000 but she said the system wanted to reprice my B2 for the going rate (which is a lot more). She thought that was unusual so suggested I call back when the support staff was there. Anyone have experience with upgrading an existing reservation? Do they reprice it in order to get the upgrade?
  10. What level did you go from exactly and which ship?
  11. I'm new to this, but if you like AFT cabins, that is where the upgrades matter. They told me you can go from an O1 to a B1 (B1 is aft). You can always cash your points in for $300, but seems like using it to upgrade is the way to make more use of your points.
  12. I'm not sure but I had a hold one 1 and the other one was still opened. Having 4 in a room did seem to put a wrinkle in it since only certain categories are open to 4. e.g. I cannot book a B3 for 4 people. Maybe I'll call back tomorrow and see what happens if I had a B2 with 2 people in it.
  13. My experience today. I just signed up for the credit card so do not have points yet. But after reading @my3sonsnj post, I thought I call to see what I have to book to get into a 4 person Aft Balcony on the Jewel. Very nice rep tried every which way for the 2 category upgrade to work from an other balcony category (B2 and BC are the only other 4 person balcony categories) but said it would not work. He said I'd have to go for the 30,000 upgrade to go from an O1 to a B1. This was for 2020 cruise. He thought maybe it was due to the big price difference between the B2 and B1? I have read t
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