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  1. Yes, I had the same understanding, so I cancelled thru our TA on March 12. We have not received emails about our FCC yet. Based on Fouremco's experience, those emails should be coming any day.
  2. We cancelled our April cruise under the Cruise with Confidence program and I see that it no longer appears in my upcoming cruises, but I'm wondering, where I should see our future cruise credit? We booked thru a TA. Does this mean only the TA can see the FCC and we have to book our replacement cruise thru that same TA?
  3. I had hoped they would reduce the minimums for move up bids, but they haven't. Guess its because people with reservations on Celebrity are largely electing to keep their vacation plans in tact.
  4. Do the minimum bids change from day to day? We decided not to "move up" because the minimum bid on the email was higher than we were willing to go, but if it came down more in line with what we're thinking, we'd be interested.
  5. Did you purchase trip insurance? Your situation may qualify, especially if your doctor doesn't recommend that you take that risk.
  6. Ship: The Summit Length of Cruise: 7 Days Cruise Sail Date: April 25 Date email offer received: March 2 Captain’s Club Tier Classic Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: Aqua Bid? Yes/No: No Sky Suite: from $450pp Celebrity Suite: from $600pp Royal Suite : from $750pp
  7. I have a European adapter from a land trip to Europe. Can the US and European sockets be used at the same time? Seems like a good way to get both phones, tablet, and camera all charging over night.
  8. Love that you can now drop off your luggage upon boarding - awesome idea Celebrity! We did the concierge lunch in the MDR once, won't due it again. It was awfully fancy for lunch - more like dinner and it took a couple of hours. People had long been in their rooms before even finished lunch, so we skip it now and head to the Aqua Spa Cafe. The food is very good and just more quiet and relaxed.
  9. A natural remedy if you're a bit queasy is peppermint tea or peppermint essential oil or peppermint candy. It does need to be peppermint - other mints will not do the trick.
  10. Yes. I booked as soon as the ad came out. I just entered my hubby's info today.
  11. That's awesome! We booked our latest cruise under the Black Friday sale and chose the 4 perks offer. It seemed like a great savings and now I know it was an even bigger savings!
  12. Thank you, this is the information I was looking for. I appreciate it much!
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