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  1. New to this thread, so many apologies if this has been answered before. Does anyone know where Sapphire is going from May - November 2022 ? Princess are currently showing the ship completing the trans pacific cruises in April & then nothing until Nov 17th LA to Hawaii, Mexico & back to LA. We are booked on the Auckland to San Francisco cruise from 8th - 29th April 2022, but aren't feeling too confident that it's actually going to happen, unless there's a marked improvement in the situation in NZ.
  2. 1) Fly in hundreds of crew from all over the world. 2) Assign them to crew quarters, minimum two people in very cramped cabin accommodation, including shared bathroom facilities. 3) Send them off to their designated roles including food preparation for thousands of guests, entertainment and other customer service face to face roles. Surely the weakest link above is (2), which subject doesn't seem to get much discussion. Possibly because it would be hugely time consuming and expensive and to fix !
  3. Does anyone have any news re Serenade of the Seas for fall 2021 and whether she is heading down under via a re-positioning transpacific cruise ? (Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere). Many thx..
  4. a) Significantly enhanced on board medical facilities, free of cost to all passengers. b) Lower prices. Peoples fear tends to dilute when they see what they believe is a genuine good deal. (Remember British Airways seven day sale after 9/11 ? One long haul destination on sale a day, at ridiculously low prices). (I have no idea about the commercial viability of (a) !).
  5. Interesting debate. We've often wondered about taking an 'around Britain' cruise, but have been put off by the fact that the itineraries seem largely to visit only Scottish & Irish ports, plus maybe Liverpool & Southampton. There are some wonderfully scenic areas up the north coast of Cornwall (e.g. St. Ives, Padstow, Boscastle, Bude), Devon (e.g. Clovelly, Woollacombe, Lynton & Lynmouth) & across to West Somerset (e.g. Minehead, Porlock & Exmoor) & I wonder why these places don't feature ? I'm not sure which if any Ports would be large enough, but one would think tendering could be an option. The only other thing I can think of is whether the tidal flows are unduly difficult ?
  6. My apologies @mayleeman, I hadn't seen your prior post. Yes, the crew accommodation & working conditions are subjects that haven't really seen the light of day yet. But they are surely fundamental issues that will need to be addressed, if we are all to feel safe again.
  7. Haven't seen much discussion about crew conditions onboard. Even if every new (passenger focussed) 'hygeine' measure is implemented, the vast majority of the crew will still be living/sleeping in extremely cramped conditions, sharing bathrooms and eating facilities etc.. I hadn't really thought much about this until Covid arrived on the scene, but it does make me feel very uneasy about getting on board until those issues are addressed. Given the cost and time implications of doing so, I'm really not sure how, when or if that can realistically happen.
  8. I've read a fair bit about the measures that are likely to be taken by Princess (& other Cruise lines) to improve ship cleanliness, food service, hand washing, etc. etc., but this quote from the news article referred to above, attributed to the CDC, is one which makes me feel more uneasy still: "There are also crew members who, in addition to being low-paid, sleep in communal quarters. They have bunk beds. They share bathrooms. They often eat together at mess halls". Whilst it only states what I imagine we all already know, it begs the question how on earth can these issues be resolved, without massively redesigning the crew quarters, with all the inherent cost and time implications.
  9. An excellent summary of the whole situation. Well said and well written. As for those who constantly carp, nothing the Government does will ever be recognised as positive. If they announced tomorrow that a cure had miraculously been found, the response of the perennial whiners would be to ask them to apologise for not finding it sooner.
  10. Debateable, but likely not. Unless it was a choice between him & Albert Steptoe, in which case he'd be a shoe-in.
  11. Respectfully, whilst you make some valid points, the word 'underfunded' is entirely subjective. As for the problem of other treatements/surgeries being cancelled, having 'cleared the decks' for everything Covid related, that is a problem in most Countries right now. It certainly is here in Canada & I believe also in the US.
  12. Yes, of course there have been problems, and hard lessons are and will continue to be learned. I just take the view that the constant Government bashing achieves very little. Those who have political agenda's based on proir lost battles will of course continue to do so, but I incline to the view, that most of those in power are doing their utmost to manage their way through this crises in the best way possible.
  13. Well, as he's the PM's senior Adviser, I assume he's there to learn & to report on what goes on back to Boris when he returns to the Office tomorrow Harry. Even Nick Clegg's former adviser James Sorene say's it's a non-issue & that he used to attend SAGE meetings during the swine flu epidemic.
  14. Lol, that's a pretty fair assessment ! We overlook the Rocky mountains, which is one of the joyful consolations of being largely 'confined to barracks'. Unfortunately, Calgary and Alberta are suffering in the extreme right now from the consequences of the oil crash, coupled with the impact of Covid. The 2020 Stampede has just been cancelled for the first time for 100 years or so and Banff is pretty well a ghost town (albeit hopefully has the cushion of some hugely successful years over recent times to fall back on). Vancouver has fared better, but will greatly be impacted by the loss of the cruise market unfortunately. Hopefully circumstances will allow you to visit this wonderful area again before too long.
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