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  1. nomie

    Ocean Blue Menu

    Thank you so much. What did you have? Was it worth it?
  2. nomie

    Ocean Blue Menu

    I did a search for Breakaway Ocean Blue menu and prices but can't find anything. Anyone have it?
  3. nomie

    Orient parasailing....nude questions

    When at Club Orient if you walk to the left towards Padro's there is a sign saying clothes must be worn beyond this point. Not exact wording. It is only at Cub orient that clothing optional is allowed.
  4. nomie

    Edge dates?

    Never mind I found it. But I don't see any inside cabins?
  5. nomie

    Edge dates?

    I don't know what I am doing wrong but I can't find where to look on the Celebrity site to find information on the Edge. It only goes up to Sept 2018
  6. nomie

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Thanks,I would love to try Princess solo. I have sailed Princess 5 times but never alone.
  7. nomie

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    How is Princess for cruising solo?
  8. nomie

    solo vs single cruise

    Are you going on the Carnival Dream Halloween cruise? I am:D I never did a single cruise before.
  9. I don't think the Serenade has studio cabins?
  10. Thanks for the video. I have seen your video's before and love them. I will be on the Serenade in two weeks. Can't wait!
  11. nomie

    The World in extended drydock?

    Bb. B bbbb bb b. Mm,my,m mom. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. [quote name='Kreader']Hi, Just wanted to let people know I just booked today a back to back cruise on the Carnival Dream-Oct.4th 11 nights,Oct 15th 10 nights. I am a past passenger with Carnival so I got some great rates with good obc's. I paid $1035.97 including port and taxes for an inside cabin(category 4B),with additional $100 obc from Carnival and $25 from my travel agency for the Oct.4th 11 night cruise. I paid $950.13 including port and taxes for the same inside cabin,with again $100.00 obc from Carnival and $25 from my travel agency,for the Oct.25 10 night cruises. I think these were pretty good deals! For past passengers of Carnival these are called journeys cruises,and you need to include your Carnival membership number to get these good rates. Thanks to whoever earlier this week posted about these cruises! Bye for now,Kendra[/QUOTE] See you Oct 15 Kendra:D
  13. [quote name='RandoCalrissian']Carnival's 10/11 day cruises dropped about $200 today for guaranteed insides. The three cheapest in today's drop list are the Dream starting October 4th, 2015 from New Orleans to SJU; Sunshine starting November 28th, 2015 from Orlando to SJU; and Sunshine back again to Orlando on December 9th. These are all about $100/day all-in (fare+tax+tip). Other 10/11 days dropped also, but not to this level.[/QUOTE] I could not find this either.
  14. [quote name='1jazzylady']Carnival dream out of San Juan in October inside can be had for $958. Take in consideration airfare for San Juan and New Orleans.[/QUOTE] Strange but the air fair I got from Boston to San Juan is very good and the coming back from New Orleans to Boston was very high. I think because the return is on a Sunday. If I stay in Nola another two days I save $200.00 Rather spend that money on a hotel then air.
  15. [quote name='42CruiseCrazy']Headings don't show up with Tapatalk mobile app. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[/QUOTE] Sorry,I didn't know that.