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  1. In previous cruises entertainment would swap out mid cruise ( comedians, magicians, etc) can anyone verify if this is still happening. I figure it would be difficult for a comedian to have enough material for the length of the cruise
  2. I just checked in for our cruise aboard the Vista on the 24th. I completed the set up along with reviewing the covid risks but i dont see the health questionnaire listed. I know it was scheduled to be done 3 days prior to boarding but its not showing up on my to dos any longer. Does anyone know if something changed?
  3. A few have shown port check in times on the vista for this weekend was as early as 1030 am. Since that is the first cruise with no passengers disembarking wondering if the check in times or delayed on future cruises is anyone going on the 10th that can share what checkin time availability is Thanks
  4. I usually never purchsse travel insurance once i book i know im going, thinking for the upcoming trip i should reconsider. It looks like carnival travel protection is much more than some sites i checked online that have more coverage. Is anyone familiar with travel insurance does it cover cruise travel? I dont see it listed anywhere Any insight would be greatly appreciated
  5. We are booked for July 24 Vista and can't wait. Yes are are vax so no worries there. Not sure if the CD has been announced yet. Does anyone know. Thanks in advance
  6. When booking your new cruise option do you get additional credit if the cruise is less than what you originally paid? Witn no cruises out of NY this year all cruises from Miami are significantly less i dont want to lose out the 600 doesnt cover the 1200 price difference
  7. How many elegant nights are there on 7 day breeze?
  8. Thanks I had the cruise booked with a standard casino offer when I got the invite for the ultra cruise. I called to make the change which they said it was done I just want to make sure I get all the perks. Sounds like it isn't what it used to be like though? Other than the crowded casino anything else differ?
  9. Does anyone know if anything should be on cruise documents when booked on an ultra cruise?
  10. Does anyone have a the menus and fun times for the liberty 3 night weekend cruise. Looking to escape for a quick getaway but can't find anything online. Thanks in advance
  11. Going on the first cruise out of NY on the sunrise next week. It's a 4 night and thinking about packing. Can anyone tell me will there be an elegant night on short cruise? Thanks in advance
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