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  1. We did go out on the balcony every day to film some of the wave action. But, as you know, we couldn't really utilize it until we stopped in Bermuda. It was a relaxing crossing.
  2. Yes we visited Kauai on both trips. First one we had an overnight in Maui. In 2002, we flew to Honolulu a few days early and stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I swear, we were still jet lagged when the ship sailed on Monday. Sailing both ways was heaven. And, when we arrived in LA, it was "only" a 4.5 hour flight back to Chicago rather than 9 hours from Hawaii.
  3. We did the TA from Southampton in 2018 to celebrate our 50th anniversary. It was called "Boston, Broadway and Bermuda." Our cabin was a 1-A - 7264. A very large balcony and it was across from the Hideaway where there was a coffee service starting at 6 AM. We also had an electric kettle in the room with tea bags. First time for that. Had a great time and would do it again.
  4. DH & I had our second shots today. We are hopeful for a cruise in February, 2022 if only to the Caribbean. We were already to leave on a short cruise in 2020 when Hubby became acutely ill (not Covid) and instead of getting on a plane, I was calling the cruise line from the ER to cancel. He recovered and I also became ill a few days later. We spent the whole week in the house. Thankfully we had insurance and it covered everything. Southwest gave us airfare credit to 9/24. Only lost the hotel room for the one day pre-cruise.
  5. We did Hawaii 2x on Celebrity. First was in 2002 on Summit for 11 days, Honolulu to Vancouver. Second time was RT LA to Hawaii and back. Loved both of them. I have sailed 4X with Princess and their food and entertainment were subpar compared to X. Their mini suite is a big nothing. Agree with previous posters on the seating in the main theater not being sufficient for the guests. Celebrity's theater will seat 1/2 the passengers.
  6. Actual cruise was 11/18 on a TA from Southampton to "Boston, Broadway & Bermuda" as it was called, ending in Ft. Lauderdale. Almost made it on 2/7/20 onboard Symphony of the Seas but ended up in the ER w/hubby ill from what turned out to be a food-borne bacteria enteritis. He was so dehydrated his cardiac enzymes were elevated so earning a full cardiac workup. Just as well as that was on a Friday and on Sunday I was back in the ER with the same symptoms. We would have spent the entire cruise in our room. Probably wouldn't have been allowed on the plane as he was febrile.
  7. We used Rick Steves book and found it helpful. We booked all our tours independently. Used Romecabs for Italy, ephesesdeluxe for Turkey and privategreecetours for Athens. All were excellent and very reasonable. It was our first time in Europe and thought we saw everything we had expected. Our cruise was 12 days and I would not do it less than that. Our itinerary was Barcelona, Cannes, Florence, & Rome before a sea day. Everyone was pooped!
  8. Our last completed cruise was a 15-day TA called "Boston, Broadway & Bermuda" in November, 2018. We were ready to leave for a 7 day Caribbean cruise on February 6, 2020 when DH ended up in the ER d/t a food-borne illness. I had 2 packed suitcases in the bedroom but he was so ill, I'm sure they wouldn't have let him on the plane. Luckily our cruise insurance covered everything we had already paid. Our flight on Southwest gave us credit until 9/2022. The only loss was the hotel room because we had not cancelled before midnight the day before. Looking at a World Cruise for 2022 with
  9. Yes, I was talking about weight gain in a humorous manner. Hubby and I were on a 15-day TA 2 yrs ago and never gained weight. We are late risers so eat a hearty breakfast and usually nothing until dinner. Alcohol is not an issue as we are very light drinkers. I'm not allergic to the gym and utilize it on a daily basis.
  10. My biggest fear on a World Cruise is getting on as a passenger and getting off as cargo!
  11. One time, in 16 cruises, did I not wear lace up sneakers on the plane. My feet swelled up so badly I had to wear flip flops for the day before and for 2 days after we boarded because I couldn't even get my feet into sandals. And it was only a 2 hour flight!.
  12. Around the ship, I don't carry anything besides my cruise card. However, last year I had cataract surgery and no longer need to wear glasses. Now I can see like an eagle but can't read my watch! So on the next cruise, whenever that will be, I will need to bring some "cheaters" with me to read the menu. I have a purse hook which is perfect for an evening bag that has a chain. I keep it on my left wrist when I am playing blackjack! For dinner I can set it on the floor next to my feet.
  13. I'm glad I found this thread. We are seriously looking at the World cruise for Jan '22. For a balcony cabin, it would be mucho $$$ but we are in our 70's and love to cruise. It would also hit every destination we haven't already seen. Our kids tell us to spend the money and not save it for them. The Covid situation would have to be resolved, of course. Can't travel without a vaccine. So just watching and waiting.
  14. Which category cabin was this and which deck were you on?
  15. Yes, we were on it for a Caribbean cruise in 2012 and saw it at that time. We were on the Island Princess in 2013 for Alaska and don't remember if they offered it at that time.
  16. I agree with the port cabin. We had one for the Panama Canal and couldn't sit out there during the transit as it was so hot. (in February!) If you are doing a westbound transit get a starboard balcony.
  17. We loved this show on the Grand.
  18. Or how many will still be alive and able to cruise.
  19. By creating special dining rooms for suite guests. More than one person on this site has mentioned that the quality of the food is better. I have nothing against people who buy the suites. They can spend their money where they want. Just addressing the point that "regular" guests are aware of the class separation of the suite guests.
  20. I'm coming late to this thread. We have been cruising for 27 years and like many who started in the 90's remember when the primary lure of cruises was the class-less system. It didn't matter what category of room you were in, everyone had the run of the ship. It is understandable for people to resent the creating of a suite "class" when it results in poorer quality of food in the MDR and less space for everyone to enjoy the ship. I'm thinking of how the Edge class ships now restrict the front view of the ship for suite passengers only. I remember when the specialty restaurants f
  21. We would do it in a New York minute on an S class ship
  22. Considering our first cruise was 27 years ago, some of these things didn't exist then. But I would say # 2 & 6 were our bloopers. Even in 2013, I took a cruise with my 90 y/o Mom and I booked ship's excursions for her comfort. For our Med and Baltic cruises, we did all private excursions and have never looked back. For our next Caribbean 7 day cruise, we won't even get off the ship.
  23. We forgot our passports when we took our adult children and spouses on their first cruise. No excuse, it was our 10th cruise. Our TA went to our house w/a locksmith to open the door, retrieved the passports off hubby's dresser and FedEx'd them to our hotel. Thank goodness we went a day early. Lots of anxiety but we made it onboard and had a great week with our family.
  24. Thanks for the information. Now to book and hope we cruise.
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