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  1. !cocruising!

    Favorite foods on Princess?

    Fish and chips! with that in mind I had it on NCL one time - OMG worst EVER! have to say Princess food Beats it all!
  2. !cocruising!

    What to do on days at sea?

    [quote name='funnysocks']I am going on my first cruise (Emerald Princess) to the Eastern Caribbean in March. There will be a total of 3 days at sea. What kind of activities are there to do during the day? I know that some people are content reading the day away and swimming/lounging by the pool but I like to have stuff to do. I usually go to islands for a week and I'm worried that I might be bored? Are there crafts or fun games people play together? Matinee shows?[/quote] [COLOR=seagreen]I remember my 1st cruise. once we got into the cabin I fell on to the cabin all exhausted and thought - Oh golly, what am I going to do for the next 7 days? Then my eyes fell on the Patter (news letter) read thru some of that and then I thought Oh golly how am I going to find time to participate in all THAT fun. I had to prioritize and go with the flow. You are going to love Cruising and will be booking another one as soon as you land and get that laptop in your hand! :)[/COLOR]
  3. !cocruising!

    Flushing toilets?

    It happened when my cousin and her husband on their 1st day onboard.
  4. If they are diabetic, allergic to chocolate or does not like it, believe me there there are 100 x more people that loves them. They can always pass it on to somebody they care about. Or give it to family when they see them....