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  1. Ok that’s great. How long ago did you book your flights? There have been many posts popping up saying that there may be a new policy. I don’t have to use air2sea because I am not at risk of missing my cruise but their one way fares were far better than you could buy from other sources. Also just out of curiosity because I can’t book it’s too early, are the fares the same on a dummy booking as they would be if you put your res # in for a teal booking?
  2. Ok that’s perfect. I had done it in 2015 and 2018 but info was coming up saying they had changed the policy with regard to embarkation and debarkation ports only. I can’t book for another month and a half anyway for the Allure TA. I appreciate your response.
  3. So if I am sailing a TA from Barcelona but would like to spend a few days in London or Paris prior to the cruise I am not able to book a flight? This seems fundamentally wrong because I might change my mind and book another cruise before Barcelona. Anybody have any issues T booking time? Also how long before the cruise are the best fares likely to be. I know you can only book 11 months in advance!
  4. I am similar diamond Rcl 99 points and just received Gold status. Not what I was hoping for but that’s ok took two weeks for a reply. .
  5. Is there a website to search debarkation ports for cruises? For example to end your cruise in Barcelona, how does one search this enquire. thanks
  6. Could somebody do me a huge favour. I am boarding on Monday in San Diego and would like to know if they will have Champions League soccer at any venue specifically Manchester City vs Tottenham on Tuesday April 9 at 12 noon. I really appreciate your help in advance. thanks
  7. Why do you refuse to put the towels on the floor. Not sure I understand your logic.
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