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  1. So if RCL are the shuttle service , how will that work? Will they just gather people and direct them to another location?
  2. I would suggest that that is a rubbish comment. If anyone honestly believes that Vancouver or Victoria have no merit as a stop then you haven't travelled much.
  3. I am booked for April and RCL charged me Canadian 47 per person which is about 37 USD from LAX to port. I booked Air2 Sea so maybe this is the only way to get the shuttle.
  4. I think what I was trying to say was that we sacrificed our economy by doing the right thing. Just because a politician attempts to retain (ownership) of their economy by threatening another country doesnt sound right to me. We had no intention of harming any other country, state city. We only wanted the best for our citizens and by the way we are 88% Ist Vacc and 79 2nd and we are still struggling to control it with very strong control mandates. You tell me who is doing the right thing.
  5. Why are some people assuming that this has anything to do with what Alaska wants? The cruise lines (most) are not owned and operated by US corporations. They alone will decide if a port is beneficial to an itinerary. The only reason that our ports are not in this years itinerary is because we are serious about getting this virus under control. Nothing less nothing more. That is why I inferred that it reeks of arrogance that Alaskan politicians think they are the ones dictating what the cruiselines can will or should do. In fact Alaska is better off than BC this year.
  6. Apparently a couple of politicians from Alaska are asking to make this permanent. They are proposing it next week. This was on BC Global news today. Both our Premier and the head of cruise activity in Victoria were interviewed.
  7. Is it me or does anyone find the proposal full of arrogance? It is not as if the Americans own the cruiselines are are able to dictate their stops. Vancouver and Victoria are extremely appealing as port stops and the cruiselines know this. The trip up the coast outside of Canadian waters would not be that appealing.
  8. Thats ok but the unvaccinated will be STUCK taking cruises from Florida only and maybe refused access to ports that you visit. Every vaccinated cruiser worldwide will be able to travel the world. What is the better option to the majority? I know what I have selected.
  9. Too many US citizens are either not vaccinated or do not have passports. What about the rest of the world travelling public do you not understand. These are the only two situations where problems are created. I say if you want to travel, get on board with International protocol.
  10. Just repriced a cruise with a balcony discount. No OBC abut the price that was discounted included the OBC value. It seems like you have to get the right rep.
  11. I am trying to understand this. If you book on board you get an OBC. If you book direct you sometimes get an OBC. In my case I lost my OBC when a cruise was cancelled by RCCL and I rebooked but the ONC was not transferred to the new booking. Is it the same with booking online? You lose your OBC if RCCL cancels your cruise?
  12. Emeraldcity thanks for that. Helps me a lot. I like to have my own control over resos but with this pandemic it is better to err on the side of caution.
  13. I just booked Air2sea and I am totally confused as to how this actually works. I see so much conflicting info that it becomes very confusing. This is the first time I have used them. I will give you my details. booked Van to LAX on a refundable with fees. Presumably that means if I cancel. The fare direct with the airline was cheaper than the price from Air2sea because they book fares that are refundable. Presumably if the cruise is cancelled. Now I assume we pay at final payment date. What happens if the cruise is cancelled, is it an auto refund? What happens if the airline cancels the flight and they have to switch you to another? Are you price protected? I also see people saying if the price drops you can cancel and rebook. Its all over the map. Maybe I am not understanding its intentions. Please give me more concise info to help my lack of understanding. Thanks.
  14. So what would happen if the credits are applied to a cruise which is getting close to the expiry date and they cancel if you have used the fcc for that cruise? Presumably they would refund all cash paid and you lose the bonus?
  15. Ok good to know. Seems to me then that you apply the fcc to the earliest cruise to buy down your payment. If only for accounting purposes to keep everything clean. One of the biggest issues is just keeping track of things IMHO. One other thing is that on the cruise that you had a deposit on is cancelled you convert to an fcc which can not be applied until you book another cruise. You book one with another deposit and then that gets cancelled. Theoretically you now have two cash deposits on a second cruise. What happens then? Are both deposits refundable or just the last one.
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