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  1. We have been on the edge twice both times with the infinite balcony, we kept the interior door open plus the Captain only closed our window twice so for us we liked it.
  2. After the announcement today regarding cruises still on hold until September, we are looking into the lift and shift from this December until December 2021. We currently have 4 perks with a good on board spend, I know that these benefits will move with us, but the room rate for December 2021 is lower, do we get the lower rate?. Plus are final payment is due September 2020, we don’t want to lay out $$$ and the cruise in December get cancelled and then have to go through getting FCC OR money back.
  3. Made no calls about my cancelled cruise, cruise was April 12. 125% credit arrived by email just waiting for tax and port fees back to credit card.this was yesterday.
  4. Our FCC came today for the 12th April Edge cruise. Now just waiting for the port taxes etc to go back on our credit card.
  5. We have no intention of canceling, so should be ok, we won’t apply the FCC until later this year so fingers crossed all goes well in the cruise world, but thank you for the information we used it to make the decision to apply the FCC later in the year not as soon as we get it.
  6. I hope we get confirmation on the correct process as I want to put my FCC on another booking I have for December
  7. We booked this cruise yesterday balcony deck 8 with $100 room credit for $1400.
  8. We booked on board in December with the non refundable deposit, no problem with that, when I check pricing to see if the cruise has gone down do all factors have to match up we have 4 perks with $650 on board credit,what has to match or just the price. It's the Apex on 5 Dec.
  9. I have a non refundable but it was booked on board with 4 perks, how do I do a price check, is it just on the cabin, the 4 perks where ""free"' . , also if for example Aqua class is less than I paid for conceirge can I move up a class.
  10. Just got off the Reflection we had classic drinks package and had any coffee that was $9and under including the baileys one, never had problem.
  11. It should change to $ once you board. We are the same, if you purchase anything from your credit before you sail, it will be in sterling, if you do not purchase anything once onboard it will go to $. So look at your tours and convert to see if it is beneficial to use as sterling or $.
  12. We Have recently booked the Edge for December 1st. The only available dining time was the early seating, we would like to be able to eat in all 4 of the themed dining rooms. Is it best I email Celebrity to see if we just change each night or wait until we board, we do hav e conceige if that helps in anyway at all.
  13. If you have the drinks package and have to wait until the rooms are ready to go get your seapass card, how can you order your drinks when you board
  14. Am I correct in thinking that if your drink package was a perk on a U.K. booking there is no additional charges per day.
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