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  1. We have decided to do the Stay a night and park your car once again. For reasons too long to go into, we will be staying the night post cruise.

    The last time we did this, we stayed at a hotel, Days Inn in Glen Burie (Please excuse any spelling).It was the cheapest one and for one night it was sufficient. For us, the only problem is that it really is in the middle of no where.

    So this time, we looked up a few of these places, and this same motel is still the cheapest but we are looking for maybe a motel that is near something that we can do for the day. I know several people have recommended the Best Western. Is that near things that we can do for the day? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.




    My husband and I are staying at La Quinta - also in Glen Burnie. It's about a 20 minute drive to the port and about 25 minutes to the Inner Harbour. Lots to do at Inner Harbour.

  2. Parking is right at the cruise terminal.


    You drive in, stop by the luggage bins, off load your luggage, then drive to pay for parking. $15 per night. There are two lines, credit and cash. A tip, the cash line is typically shorter and moves faster. Exactly change helps if you do the cash line.


    RC parking is to the right of the cruise terminal when facing the front (back to I-95). They will direct you. You can drop off others at the terminal then go park.


    Great Info. Thanks

  3. LIVE with a twist - Cruise Critic Members on the Harmony TA want to have a LIVE thread with a twist.


    Technically, any CC member subscribed to the thread who is ONBOARD the Harmony TA can contribute pictures or answer questions about Harmony of the Seas. Anyone who is interested can ask questions, and those onboard the cruise will attempt to answer them.


    The emphases will be on pictures of places and people on the ship, and info about Harmony. One request we have is that you do not reply to a photo posting by quoting a photo, as it lengths the thread with pictures already seen.


    Among those posting pictures will be Anna-Carin (peaceofcake), Emmy (Emmy), Internetwhiz (Karen), and Cj (OzPinoyCruiser), and many others. Join the fun! We sail on Sunday, October 23.




    Great Idea

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