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  1. uneamie

    First time cruiser on Breakaway questions

    On our recent 14 day cruise we never waited to be seated...not even a minute, with reservations. Like I said, our time was 6:30, a popular time. I was so glad I made those reservations before our cruise.
  2. uneamie

    First time cruiser on Breakaway questions

    While it may be busy during those times we saw no less quality of service at 6:30. If one has a reservation I would not necessarily limit myself to earlier times.
  3. uneamie

    First time cruiser on Breakaway questions

    Just off the Breakaway. I made reservations for all the restaurants including the freebies for every night of our cruise for 6:30 right after I made final payment. We found it to be the best time and we were soooo glad we made the ressies. We walked right in while there was a line waiting to be seated most nights. Does not hurt to do this cause if you change your mind all you have to do is cancel it. They hold it for 15 minutes then let open it up for someone else. It saved us a lot of waiting.
  4. uneamie

    Breakaway disembark time?

    We disembarked today at around 8:15 and carried our own bags. It was a no hassle breeze. We were out past customs by 8:30. Never had it go so quickly as it did today.
  5. We cant board till 4 to 6 tomorrow..possibly later due to yet another storm. This poor ship. I hope we are able to hang out in the port if our ride gets us there too early. Have to check out of the Hilton Gardens at 12 so they are letting us hang there till our ride service is ready.
  6. uneamie

    NCL Breakaway Ropes and Slide

    This is a real bummer...
  7. uneamie

    Current TV Stations on Breakaway

    I tend to doubt that anyone would book and pay for a cruise only to sit in their room and watch TV all day and night. If anyone did it would likely be a disabled person who can't get around unless someone takes them or someone who is sick. I personally think it's nice to come back to your cabin at night and be able to choose a good movie or TV show to fall asleep with....or a sea day afternoon for an hour or two. That hardly takes away from people spending money on the ship. Actually, we rarely spend money on the ship other than excursions and occasional casino plays anyway.
  8. I suggest putting the small footrest/seat that's in the cabin out on your balcony for extra table room.
  9. uneamie

    Breakaway Water Slides?

    Thanks for letting us know. I hope they can repair them. Sorry they were down for your cruise....although for some it's not a big deal.
  10. Leaving on the next cruise out on the 19th. I do hope they are working on those water slides. It's the main attraction for my younger brother. He will be so disappointed. That tiny pool is no substitute that's for sure.
  11. uneamie

    Breakaway Water Slides?

    Someone who is on the ship said that they were closed down to do repairs and safety checks. Not sure if that is due to damage or they are just being cautious. The rope course was closed as well. Perhaps it's open now...but I'd like to hear from someone on board to verify.
  12. Perhaps someone that is still onboard can let us know if the Water Slides have been fixed from the damage it incurred due to the storm? Due to cruise on her next week. Hoping things have been fixed by them.
  13. uneamie

    Park and Cruise Hilton Gardens?

    Hmm..I will give it a try. I think our van is picking us up across the street so we will see if it works. Thank you