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  1. Because if it was free, you would not be able to use stockholder credit on it,
  2. Since many folks book months out, when would one be told they made it into the 5% no vax pod? Why should they reserve that for kids? Kids aren't revenue machines.
  3. As you should. There are other vaccines people get for personal reasons and no one should be required to disclose medical information
  4. Being moved due to capacity is why it is usually recommended to do the "no show".
  5. Correct. The OBC offer is for the people on the original booking so if they cancel, they get to keep their OBC and would need to use it by the posted dates
  6. I bet the final rule on this has more to do with the politics in each port. The non Carnival excursion operators will put pressure on local officials to allow open excursions
  7. Go the the MCO website https://www.orlandoairports.net/parking-transportation/ Check closer to your sailing date
  8. As noted for Assigned Times, just linking your staterooms is enough. Your sail and sign cards will all have the same table number. If doing. ATD, no need, just show up together
  9. Firefly is correct. It automatically converts to FCC. If you don't rebook by the stated date, you just lose the OBC but the FCC sits there until you rebook. It does not auto refund.
  10. No, targeted fares are based on cruise history, ports of call, your zip code, month, distance from home port, how far you live from home port, casino offers, magic pixie dust (sorry, that's DCL) but mostly, what marketing has targeted. The best cruise fares come from casino related activities. And, yes, I know people pay for those fares thru gambling.
  11. Those are deals targeted for you. There is no guarantee others will have the same deals
  12. Carnival used to list solo specials themselves not third party sites
  13. To avoid the solo supplement, bring another person. There used to be a list of sailings that offered an actual solo deal but that has been done for years.
  14. OBC is always separate from casino winnings. OBC gets burned for any charges and casino winnings can never be applied to charges without cashing out first.
  15. Your card locks at the slot machine if you load in money and hit "Cash Out" without spinning the reels at least once. My card has locked when I have upload new cash to the machine, get the "Machine Not Ready" error, it diverts to the player bank and instead of trying again, I say "bag it" and move to a new machine. If I stay at the machine until the upload takes or I play out of my player's bank, the card does not lock.
  16. You don't "move" a cruise. You cancel (or they do) and you (the cruise line does not auto rebook you) rebook. Carnival will move your paid funds to the rebooked cruise.
  17. Re-enter your credit card information and check the entered expired date. That is what resolved it for me
  18. It is a FB post from the crew employment agency in Bali
  19. Those believers are why we have personal liberty and freedom.
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