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  1. Will be sailing on the Allure of the Seas in January and wondering if they sell Powerade or Gatorade on the ship? If not, can we bring our own? Due to my condition and dehydrating easily, my doctor suggested I drink at least one bottle per day. Thanks
  2. Thanks to the cruising community. I appreciate all your responses and advice provided. As some asked to keep you posted, I will be going on my cruise even with the change in itinerary. I'm sure I will have a great time because being on any cruise is way better than not being on a cruise at all. 😀
  3. Thanks but I definitely don't want to leave from Cape Liberty on Anthem in the middle of winter. I'll pass on this one. I'm from Canada and trying to get away for winter 🙂
  4. This will mostly be a rant because our itinerary changed on our upcoming AOTS Jan 19, 2020 cruise. Here's why I feel ticked off this time around and I have to take on some of the blame... long story but stay with me on this one. So my saga started back in January 2019. We were about to sail on the OOTS when one of our friends got ill and they had to cancel the cruise. So we decided at the time to push our cruise out by a year, after paying $200 to move the booking due to non-refundable deposits... I knew about the fee if we needed to change and am ok with it. We changed the cruise to Feb 2, 2020 and still on the OOTS then a few months back I get a lovely email from RCCL advising the have charted the OOTS and I would need to either change ships, change sail date or cancel and get a refund. After looking at their website, I found the itinerary for the AOTS worked for us. So I call up RCCL to make the change and they were accommodating on doing the changes without any hassle. They even gave us like $100 OBC or something like that for our inconvenience. In locking up the new sail date and ship, I then needed to make changes with work to move my vacation days as well as start looking for a new hotel since the date and port was different. It was a bit of inconvenience, but hey, I was lucky enough to find something suitable for the 4 of us and no big deal. Here's where my ticked off part starts coming into play. A few months ago, I saw messages that the AOTS were having propulsion issues and the ship was going at a slower pace and they needed to modify like 25 cruises because of it... and I only found out after I had made the changes. The good news was that ours was not going to be affected... Hurray right!! But last night I get the dreaded email saying that due to ongoing propulsion issues we need to modify your itinerary. It says, instead of going to St. Thomas for a day, we'll be stopping in San Juan instead for 6 hours (7am to 1pm). Our option was again to keep this cruise, cancel and get a refund but not for our flights (so no good to us) or change cruises again. I thought, ok, let's take a look to see if anything comes up that would still work with our flight schedule because I really don't want to go to San Juan especially with all that's happening there right now. So I call RCCL and asked them to move my cruise. they said sure, we can do that for you but I will need to pay for the difference in price. I'm like really?? It's like double the price of what I have now and no way I'm going to pay double. I asked for some OBC or discount at least if I keep this cruise and again they said no.... Am I being unreasonable in asking for something? I normally don't ask and I know in our cruise contract it does say that they can change the itinerary for any reason but I feel this issues was in their control and it could have been remedied. They have a broken ship and they choose to not fix it and affect all their next cruises until they bring her into dry dock. I mean if we were our to sea and something happens to the ship and we miss a port it's one thing, or unrest in a port like in San Juan I'd have no issues with changing our ports of call, but this I feel should fall on them. What do you guys think? Am I crazy in asking for something in return? I would like to get your thoughts on it. Thanks
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