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  1. NOVEMBER 20th Sunrise- Grand Turk gone. Now we're going to Bimini.
  2. Sunrise November 20th has not been canceled, can still be booked online. Same goes for December 9th. Don't know what that rep was seeing. I was just on the phone and asked and there are no Sunrise cancelations except the 7- day cruises.
  3. Do you have any official link for me? That this is acceptable for Carnival?
  4. My apologies if this has been asked before. In today's announcements and updated policies Carnival keeps mentioning 2 doses of the vaccine for being fully vaccinated. What happens to those who only received 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson as only 1 shot is required? Please help!!
  5. Oh no!! I'm finding ones for cruises, but all 5t. That's too short, we'll be tripping non stop. LOL
  6. Silly question. Can someone please post an Amazon link for a non surge power strip that has a long cord? 10ft, etc
  7. Keep it that way, LOL It's actually a package you can order online with lots of cruise essentials including back pack, lanyard, water bottles, pins, etc. But you order and never receive the entire package. Plus their way of promoting is very shady, posting as cruisers on roll calls.
  8. Good morning everyone. Not sure if this is allowed, but a word of caution. There is a lady selling Sail Pak products all over the internet. She joins most Carnival roll call pages and then acts like a satisfied customer on order to reel in business. Once ordered you will never receive the full package and she blocks you if you ask any questions. Buyer beware!!
  9. I need to make a final payment and my agent is telling me that GoCCL is down. He could call Carnival to arrange this, I know. Just wanted to check whether there are ta's on here also having trouble accessing the system.
  10. Hi cruise folks! I was just checking my reservation with the RU2 drink package and for the 1st time I noticed the following: This offer doesn't include the shots in the souvenir glasses you can buy at dinner. No gangway drinks, either. Is this also the case if you purchase the $51 per day package???
  11. NEW rule is that the deposit on a paused sailing becomes FCC. If you have paid MORE than the deposit, then that money can go towards a fresh deposit on a rebooked cruise. Then anyone can transfer over your FCC, cancelation obc and the rest of your money. You said yourself you were fully paid, so that's probably why you didn't need a fresh deposit. That's been explained to us by PVPs, a travel agent, the Casino dept plus the Diamond desk.
  12. We're pretty frustrated at this point. Understandably cruises are canceled, but when we try to apply the FCCs to new bookings, Carnival requires fresh deposits. On these boards and the book of Faces, people are saying that they got everything transferred over without a new deposit. Well, we've been unlucky. PVP couldn't do it, calling 3 different agents couldn't do it, even the Diamond Desk couldn't do it. It's not about the money, it's the fact that we have 5 canceled bookings with loads of money in Carnival's hands. Don't want to donate more $$$ until the ships start sailing? Requesting a refund is also a can of worms....
  13. All changes should have been completed by August 23rd. Call Carnival and ask them what the new dates/itineraries are.
  14. We are booked on the Miracle to Hawaii and that cruise is not showing anymore. Personally I don't believe the capacity stuff people have been posting (if indeed the ships will sail at a certain capacity, when will that percentage be disclosed and why isn't this one rule for all ships?) Anyway.... anyone heard anything about Hawaii??
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