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  1. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5097/
  2. Yes, I just had that happen. I rebooked with a new fare and excursions, specialty dining all gone. Called princess and was told if just the fare was changed and not considered a new booking all would have been okay. Lost an excursion that no longer is available, but saving $500 rather made up for it. I know it is difficult but only calling Princess excursions can give you additional info. What I did not do when I refared was to tell TA about those items to see if there would have been anything he could have done when talking to Princess.
  3. I reserved and paid for all my specialty restaurants. I then received a free dining certificate from my travel agent. Any suggestions on how I might exchange that for my paid reservation.
  4. Has anyone had any experience with these cabins?
  5. Recent Baltic trip - there was entertainment on board that night. Looked like to me there were more people on board than off the ship.
  6. I am on the October 2020 TA on the Enchanted
  7. Hi! What are the dates on all your trips. Are all family trips. Sure would like to see you guys again. Send me an email. -mk
  8. Hi I am the original person posting this question. My apologies for not responding sooner - difficulty using CC on my phone and away from my computer for a few days. I thank all who responded. So all is as I hoped it would be. I was able to add on just the two things I needed (PBP and Internet) for the $25 for just me. It was a bit of a bumpy road as princess had my account a bit messed up and it was generating wrong information. But TA got it straightened out. This was a great deal for me. -mk
  9. Thanks that is the info I am looking for Having a problem with TA not sure he is comprehending what I am saying
  10. If you are on a single rate and want to add on, NOT refare , will you be charged the $25 for example for one or two persons .
  11. Might I suggest you get out of retirement and go to work for Princess!! Cleared the browser memory and also cleared cookies. Not sure why. So I got into Personalizer but now having to reenter passwords everywhere - least of my problems. I found this info as I was sitting on hold for the fourth person from Princess to answer my call for who knows how long. Can I get a little more free advice???? Had I not messed with Cookies would the need to do the password bit still happen from just clearing browser memory. Thanks a bunch - it is definitely "wine time"! -MK
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