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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm surprised they are all sailing at 100% capacity. I guess we will have to wait and see about vaccines and testing.
  2. When does Princess start sailing out of Florida? Is there any current news about what Princess will be doing about vaccines and testing relevant to DeSantis' ban on these? I believe Princess has rules about testing in other states that expire 31 Dec 2021. We don't sail until March 2022 so I am wondering what they can require to sail out of Florida at that time. Thanks for any info you might have ! 😊
  3. Thanks very much for the info -a good place to start. I will check for more info directly with Tricare
  4. @NavyVeteran I read with interest your info on TFL for a cruise but I am still confused. Can you help ? 😋. We are going on a 15 day Panama Canal cruise in 2022 -hopefully ! My husband is Retired USAF and we are in our 60s. I have Medicare, but not my husband yet. I know that doesn’t cover anything outside the US anyway. We have TFL. I was thinking of getting the PVP for the CFAR. What would TFL cover while on the cruise ? I am worried about having enough medical insurance while on the cruise, getting sick and being in a foreign hospital, and evacuation back to the US if necessary. Would PVP + TFL be enough or do I need to purchase additional medical coverage? If I did purchase additional medical coverage would TFL be primary or secondary? Can you even purchase additional coverage that would be secondary to TFL ? Thank you very much for your help. We have never been on such a long cruise or purchased medical insurance before.
  5. @klfrodo Can you tell me what policy that is “ For $70 total, I could have purchased a 3rd party policy that would have been primary, covered $100K medical, $250K in evacuation, and $100K in repatriation of remains. “ or tell me who to contact. I think that is what we need for our next cruise. Thank you very much !!
  6. We are booked on the Ruby for next March 2022 for a cruise I booked in Dec 2021. I originally signed up for TD, early seating. We are a party of two, and I signed up to share a table with 6 or 8, which is what we usually do. After DMW was introduced, my Princess rep told me that since we had signed up for TD before DMW was started, our TD would be honored. Was anyone on the current cruises told the same thing? Was the TD honored and what is it like? Thanks for any info !! 😊
  7. Thanks everyone ! All good ideas I didn't know you could spend it on !
  8. For the first time ever, on our next cruise we will have a large OBC. Besides excursions and specialty dining, what else do you spend it on? We also have Princess Plus for this cruise, so don't need to pay for drinks. Can you spend it in the shops ? Thanks !!
  9. Do you have to pay extra for drinks in Vines if you have Princess Plus? Thanks !
  10. Can you get the stockholder credit AND the Military credit on the same cruise? I thought no. Thanks !
  11. Wow ! Thanks for all the great info. I think a ship's excursion is probably the way to go.
  12. Has anyone been on a private excursion in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua or can you tell me about any ship excursions you went on - good or bad ? I don't see anything about this port. Thanks !
  13. Can you get both the Military credit and the stock credit on one cruise? Thanks !
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