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  1. We just returned from Anthem of the Seas ( transatlantic ), so I can answer any questions you may have!

    We are now looking forward to the Dec. 27th sailing with our whole family...


    Hi. Do you remember (or even better have a picture of) the outlet(s) in the cabins? I need to bring some chargers with me....

    Normally ships only have one outlet by the desk but I think the Anthem has two?


  2. Does the tour afford opportunities to stop along the route for photos?




    We were on a ship that stopped in Bonaire in spring of 2013 and booked an excursion with Brian through Bonaire Vista Tours and were very satisfied with him. I don't think I have the email address I used to communicate with him, only the business email from his website:



    The van was comfortable, smaller type van, but bigger than a mini van. He even had a stepstool in case anyone needed it to get in and out of the vehicle.


    we stopped at least a few times for photo opportunities and for Brian to tell us about the island. I remember stopping at the salt 'farms?" and his talk was interesting. Also at a memorial, top of a hill to take pictures, White Slave Huts with coral beach instead of sand beach. Think there were more but that's all I remember offhand.


    Bonaire Vista Tours was one of the first times that I took an excursion not offered by the cruise line and I was very pleased with my experience. So much so, that I have since mostly gone on private excursions I've found through Cruise Critic and Trip Advisor. In fact, I just returned from New England and Canada cruise and must go on Trip Advisor and submit my positive comments about the private tours I took.

  3. Good news. It would help others if you could come back here with some feedback on how things went.


    Will do. However, we are not going to be there until Oct. 20-21. I'll still post somewhere my experiences with all the research and ports - cabs/HOHO/bus/car rentals etc.


    without the help of this site as well as trip advisor and the internet, I'd be lost!

  4. OK...I just rented a car from Enterprise. I was told to call the office about 15 minutes before I wanted to be picked up from the pier and someone would come and get us. All done! Finally, decisions made! I looked online with help from google maps and from the Enterprise office it's about a 20 minute walk to Hotel Frontenac.

    now I only have to hope that our GPS doesn't get us lost!

    Again, thanks for all comments, suggestions and ideas. Another port I can check off as decisions made. (for now)

  5. Thank you for so much information. Much to digest.


    We have been to Europe and I love walking along the cobbled and narrow streets and seeing the older architecture.


    yes, my 'name' on CC is "BarbaraNJ" but my name is really Marilyn. I'd like to change the CC name but don't know how.


    I agree - too much to do in one day - going outside of Quebec City as well as the old town but, if we take the ship's excursion we can see the falls and Sainte Anne's and be back to town by 1 PM. Yes, too short at the falls etc., but at least it's something. it still gives us time for a few hours in the City especially since we have an overnight in QuebecCity. I made mistake of not booking a night in Quebec for our disembarkation day but the airfare is already paid for etc. so 'it is what it is' and perhaps some day we can come back.


    But, I will find out if my husband wants to rent a car and go from there...

  6. I do not understand your explanation of what you decided, but we visited the falls by bus a couple of months ago and people who went on ship's trip did not see much of them and were not happy. Car sounds a very good option considering you are Canadian - we did not want to drive on the 'wrong ' side of the road.


    Another option I had picked up before our cruise was this from Viator (we have never used them so do not know anything about them - sound decent though):-




    We had a really good day at the falls by bus and spent ages there, my port review is pending publication, but I could copy and paste it here if you are interested as I put a lot of detail in it.


    Hi. Sorry for any confusion.

    I'm not Canadian. I am American who lives in New Jersey. Not sure renting a car is an option for us but something to consider anyway.


    Originally I booked excursion on the departure day from the ship's excursions to go to the Falls, drive around the area a little and then get taken to the airport.


    Then, for our one full day in Quebec City, I looked into going to Sainte Anne de Beaupre via taxi and learned it was very expensive, so scrapped that idea. So, wanting to go to the church, I looked into tours and booked one via the ship that went to the falls in addition to the church (over an hour in the church which I liked). Since the one excursion goes to falls and church, I decided to scrap the day of leaving tour to the falls and airport as listed above.


    The taxi fare to airport is not too bad so that's how we will get to the airport from the ship.


    Besides a car rental, I don't know of any other method of getting to the church other than ship's excursion or the one with viator, which doesn't give much time in the church. (Thank's for that link, however. I need to go back and see what else they offer)


    What kind of bus did you take to the falls? And, I wonder how far (taxi?) it is to the church from the falls. My understanding is that there is no bus that goes to the church.


    Another problem I have is that I want to walk around the Old Town (upper town?) on that one full day we have in Quebec City and if we spend too much time at the falls on our own and then to the church, we won't be able to do that. However, just realized that there's no rush to get back to the ship because it's an overnight in Quebec City. Just depends on how tired these old legs get.

  7. Check out Tom's Port Guide for Quebec City: http://www.tomsportguides.com/QuebecCity-06-30-2014.pdf


    He says you can take the 800 bus to Montmorency Falls. I am not sure how you would get to the Basilica from there. Ask this question on Trip Advisor.


    Other than that you could rent a car.


    I just put this into a google search and got lots of hits: "taxi quebec city to beaupre"


    Thank you so much Maryann! I found a site that gives the estimate taxi fare - ouch! Over $80 for a taxi, each way. So, we are rearranging our cruise ship excursions instead.


    while I was at it, I put in the pier and the airport and taxi fare (approximate) is $22 approximately (plus tip). So, I was going to take the ship's excursion to Falls (which is included the day before's excursion to the Church) and ride to the airport. So, I won't need the ship's excursion and my husband and I will be able to see the church. Perhaps not all of it - but enough.


    So - thank you so much for the suggestion to google it! (Why didn't I try that? DUH)

  8. We'd like to visit the basilica of Sainte Anne de Beaupre. Does anyone know about how much it would cost to get a taxi from the pier? And, if it's easy to get a cab back to the pier or to the Old Town from the church? I went to google maps and it's about a half hour from the pier. However, directions from the church's website indicated a taxi to a bus.


    Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.



  9. My husband and I were in Bonaire on March 3, on the Emerald Princess and we were fortunate in that I chose to book with Barbel and Brian, a really nice couple. Their van was very clean, new, AC and they even had a small wooden stool for those who might need assistance in getting into the van.

    I was very impressed with Brian and Barbel, enjoyed the tour, loved how enthusiastic Brian was and would highly recommend this trip.

    The communication via email went smoothly and I felt confident in choosing this tour. This was the first time I booked a tour on my own and hope all tours in the future are as good as this was.

    Thanks Barbel and Brian!

  10. AryMay

    We are looking forward to our trip to warm and (hopefully) sunny FL and cruise on the Emerald Princess to Southern Caribbean end of February. Love your pictures (so crisp and clear and great color) and look forward to seeing more and reading your posts. I live in cold NJ and another Vortex (brrrrr) coming our way. I think I'll save one of the beach pictures to look at when I feel cold ;)

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