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  1. We have the option of a ship excursion in October. However it states one and half hours driving each way and comes including lunch. The overall time is 8 hours. Will there be enough time left to see enough of the main sights? Would love to see this city but not at a frantic pace.
  2. What are your experiences of doing this day trip. It’s an 8 hour excursion with an estimated 1 1/2 hour journey each way and also includes a lunch stop. Does this leave enough time to see the main sights on foot? We have looked at trains as an alternative but the journey time is similar with the added responsibility of getting back to the ship on your own.
  3. We thought that a strange pre dinner cocktail snack .. more like an after dinner bite. We weren’t to keen on some of the featured cocktails and weren’t able to swap them for a normal G&T or glass of wine at the special price. It will be better on the coming cruise as we have drinks included.
  4. The update we had been hoping for.🥳🥳. Will make a call later today to confirm but presumably normal travel cover is back in place with our insurers. Great news. Can start looking forward to our sailing. Seems it was worth the gamble. A great cruise .. and a great price!
  5. It’s just a pity that FCDO advice isn’t in line with these cruises that go outside domestic waters. Patiently waiting for an update or exemption for the Iberian cruises. UK fully vaccinated passengers .. tested prior to boarding.. visiting country on the Amber list. Leaving and returning to UK port … high level of health and safety protocols whilst onboard and excursions ashore limited to ship only tours. Surely this must be the safest way to travel and stay abroad. Flights and hotels are permitted and can be covered by insurance. Yet whilst the FCDO advice remains unchanged most insurance companies will not cover you for international travel on a cruise ship. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Cruise has already sold out for grill suites. 👍🏻
  7. The cruise has been well advertised and appeared in a lot of daily newspapers and magazines. I got a link direct from cruise critic. Still not getting too excited … until FCDO advice changes on international cruising we think it’s a non starter. We had to pay in full without the 30 day offered by direct with Cunard. If it sails it will be a great deal. Keep you posted.
  8. However I do think this is a bit of a loop hole. As I can fly and stay in the Canaries no problem and my insurance will cover me. it’s the form of travel that’s the issue. In my opinion a safer way to travel and stay. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Ok .. will make a phone call on Monday. 👍🏻
  10. Just no one mention any of this to the FCDO .. 😆
  11. Both these insurers are the same as all the others I have contacted. No travel cover for the time you are on an international cruise whilst the foreign office advises against international cruising. Cruises come under their own umbrella and have nothing to do with the traffic light system in place for travel abroad. Hopefully this will be updated soon. Cruise lines seem to still being hit hard. Aviation appears to be treated more fairly. Got to be safer on a cruise ship with vaccinated passengers from one country than in a hotel with people from other countries.
  12. This is a new way of making a booking for us and we have used the only TA allowed to sell cabins on this particular cruise. Been reassured by Cunard we will not notice any difference once onboard.
  13. Yes.. would have preferred to book direct also. This is advertised as a special event cruise and chartered through the sole travel agent. Prices were excellent compared with normal sailings so worth the gamble in our opinion. The following cruise on the Nov 1 has sold out of balcony and above grades. Now keeping everything crossed that we get the go ahead.
  14. There has been no change since the general easing of restrictions on the gov.uk web site with regards to international cruise travel. Cruises are still being advertised and full payments taken. This like taking a gamble or playing Russian roulette right now. It has taken so much of the enjoyment away from booking a holiday. Placing our cash into the Cruise lines banks. Presumably all cruises leaving the UK will have to cancel once summer seacations end. No one can be insured for travel against foreign office advice … they changed it just for domestic cruises. Where does this leave us … up the creek without a paddle! 🥴
  15. Here in the UK we have just booked a cruise for Oct 18th being sold solely through a UK travel agent .. it’s not showing on the Cunard web site. This was marketed exactly three months ahead of sailing so payment was for the full amount .. no deposit. There is every chance the cruise will be cancelled as our foreign office have not yet given the go ahead for international cruise travel. They offer a full refund in this event but my guess is the travel company are profiting for the weeks they hold the payment. 12 weeks prior to cruise and then how ever many weeks it will take to get the refund back. It’s all a gamble these days. 🙁
  16. I’ve spoken to Holiday Extras (recommended insurers) who confirm that you are not insured if you travel with the foreign office advice unchanged. I do not know of any insurers that would insure you under those circumstances. Just happy that we are covered for the coming weeks should anything unforeseen happen. (Holiday extras offers the same but not Covid cancellation cover). We have had to cancel in the past due to family bereavement. Let’s hope the guide lines are adjusted soon. Changes were made very quickly when seacations came on sale allowing domestic cruises.
  17. We are cruising to the Canaries .. looking at local web cams right now and it’s all very relaxed with only a very small minority wearing masks. We would be very disappointed if these excursion restrictions remain in place. Particularly if they don’t allow any free time.
  18. We booked the 18th October cruise with TA. However it’s all a gamble right now as the FCDO have not changed the travel advice with regard to international cruise travel. Until that happens no one would be insured aboard the ship. I checked this morning and we do have insurance for cancellation due to unforeseen reasons prior to the travel date but if the advice isn’t altered by October we assume the cruise will have to be cancelled. 😕. it is amazing that companies can do a major advertising campaign whilst the foreign office advice remains unchanged.
  19. We have sailed on all the Cunard current ships but QE is our favourite. We renewed our vows when Capt Wells was onboard before he retired. All our close family were with us including two grandchildren. They look so small on the photos .. now grown up in their late teens. This cruise will be to celebrate husbands 70th. He’s having quite a year! Like everyone else so much was put on hold that it’s wonderful to finally have some holiday time.
  20. Booked while it was available. No P2 cabins left .. booked a P1 for slightly more than the advertised price. Same cabin just on a couple decks higher. There was limited availability yesterday .. be quick to persuade DH. Never booked this way before with a sole agent but it was sorted very easily .. now the anticipation and excitement begins. Anyone got experience of this type of charter cruise. Will we notice any differences once onboard.
  21. I guess right now the seacations are still selling well and until most of the cabins in your grade have sold out there is still the option to allocate cabin numbers. There is always a chance you might get an upgrade. No news might be good news. 🤞🏻
  22. Not having a vaccination will leave you at risk of getting ill. Should you get infected on the way to the port you may get ill onboard and pass on the virus to others not vaccinated. Depending on the percentage of ill passengers will determine where the ship can put into port. It may even cause the ship to return to port. Please if you don’t want to get the vaccine don’t board a ship and put everyone at risk of their long awaited cruise being disrupted. At home you may come into contact with very few people .. why put thousands at risk on a ship.
  23. Because unvaccinated passengers are more likely to get infected whilst onboard or travelling. This will cause lots of restrictions being put into place and possible quarantine measures for any other passenger, vaccinated or not, who may have come into close contact. The ship like others recently could even have to return to port and disembark all passengers.
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