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  1. I am sure the packaging will be reduced at some point and then we can all complain about the cheap packaging. I love the boxes and have upcycled them in various ways after throwing the useless parts in the recycle bin.
  2. They show movies in the Princess Theater sometimes. Usually sea days. No charge for On Demand movies. If there is something you like on MUTS it will show up in the queue in your cabin the next day. I love catching up on the movies I never make time for when I am home.
  3. I was on the same cruise and had a similar experience. I never did get my free drink. I found it mildly irritating to have to sign in every time to the app. It did work better than when we were on board in September. FWIW Crossing my fingers that it keeps improving for my February sailings.
  4. If you are in a full suite there will be an arrangement waiting for you. Unless that has changed since the last time I sailed in a suite.
  5. I found a collapsible vase at the Dollar Tree that I brought with me on one trip. But, good ol' Stewart can probably come up with something better.
  6. It worked for me. $1 deposit on each of three cruises.
  7. I have seen people stick one of metallic balloons on the cabin door. I used window clings to decorate our cabin for Christmas, perhaps you can find birthday stuff, too. You can use magnets inside the cabin as the walls are metal. What fun! I think a group birthday picture would be a wonderful gift. I did this for our birthday girls on the last cruise and passed it around so everyone could sign the back.
  8. I would fight for the aft suite unless you are super sensitive to the sea conditions. Princess may think the midship location is an upgrade but nothing beats the wraparound view of that aft location. Personally, I like the extra balcony space. We did a Antarctica from E732 which is the opposite suite.
  9. The turnaround time for Passport renewal is super fast right now. If you are anywhere near Palos Verdes, I suggest making an appointment at one of their libraries. They do the pictures right there, they are kind and friendly, very efficient and there are places to sit while you wait. The money from the pictures goes directly to the library. Once you make the appointment they confirm and update via text or email. I have had a passport my entire life and in over 50 years this was by far the best experience ever.
  10. I recently ate at the CG on the Royal for the first time. I usually don't see the point of paying extra for food on board when there is so much but we had a lot of OBC. It was wonderful and I will gladly spend the money to eat there again. No complaints from our group. My only bit of advice would be to inquire about the special salts that they bring around before you take your second bite. I am crazy for smoked sea salt and it really complimented my filet. I truly hope you have a wonderful experience.
  11. There's a Ralphs supermarket right down Sepulveda/PCH at the corner of Mariposa in El Segundo that has a decent wine selection. If you are in a taxi or rideshare you could stop there before you get on the freeway. Anything you purchase at LAX is going to be comparable cost wise to what you purchase on the ship.
  12. Yes.We recently traveled as a party of 10 on the Royal and were able to be seated at the same table.
  13. Now that I have licked the REAL butter off of my fingers I can construct my own reasonable reply.... I think there are a couple of ways to build a little more enthusiasm for your cruise. If it is a port intensive itinerary think about all the money you can spend on excursions. Start researching all the cool things there are to do in each port. Go on the personalizer and put all those excursions on your wish list. If it has more sea days, wait until after final payment check what's available and see if you can trade up, for a small fee, to a better cabin or book the Sanctuary for you and your
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