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  1. HoneyJan.....Thanks! They both really sound fabulous! Looking forward to next year with the hope that things will be closer to normal....I have to say I never realized how much I loved my "old normal"!
  2. Thanks for all the replies....I am seeing that there probably is no bad choice here. There is still a lot of availability on the bottom decks for both ships, but I am looking into making a reservation for next year using my FCC, since my daughter's schedule for her next school year just came out, and she has the *one* week she can make the cruise with us. This year's cruise was supposed to be a celebration of her finishing 1st yr med school. Next year she has 6 weeks off, but she will need almost 4 weeks to prepare for her Boards before heading to Europe. Then no more real vacations for a very long time after that 😐. This will be our first Uniworld cruise, so we are really looking forward to it.
  3. LOL, Roz, I just checked my inbox and sure enough, I have that same video! I'll go check it out now!
  4. We are looking to rebook our cancelled "Castles Along the Rhine" cruise for 2021. On June 6, both River Q and SS Antoinette seem to be doing that exact itinerary. We are planning on being "bottom dwellers", the pricing for the cheapest cabins are running $3899 for RQ and $4099 for SS Antoinette. Looks like SS Antoinette is newer, but I've also read that Uniworld does try to keep up on refurbishing their older ships. I had gotten recommendations for River Empress, which would have been our ship for our cancelled cruise (we would have been on board right now 😔...) so I have a pretty good idea what I'd like for the similar River Queen. Any recommendations for La Countesse deck for SS Antoinette would be appreciated. So....if you had to pick between the two ships, which would you pick, with the knowledge that SS Antoinette is a couple of hundred bucks more?
  5. Pat--when DD was a tot we loved doing Alaska cruises, and we've done a Disney cruise (and The Big Red Boat before that). But as she got older we started doing more DIY travel. Last year was her gap year bf starting grad school, and we did DIY trips through Scotland, Alaska, NZ, week before Christmas in London, a volunteer trip to Myanmar, and a couple more trips to Budapest-Vienna-CK-Prague and a return trip to Scotland. We've also done land trips to Italy, Ireland, Advent markets of Austria. But after 1st yr grad school I thought a river cruise would be a bit more relaxing for her, I promised her my $100 onboard credit for a nice massage! My sister is a big river cruise fan. She's done a river barge cruise (she send me a photo of her turning the lock mechanism thing?) She's on a Tauck Bucharest to Budapest cruise right now but she hasn't done Uniworld yet. I've asked for cabin suggestions for our ocean cruises on CC in the past and have always gotten great advice. I think she favors Tauck but I got a great pricing on Uniworld :-).
  6. Thanks Fran... We're really looking forward to it. We're flying in to Amsterdam Tuesday evening (cruise departs Friday afternoon). When we get in to Basel, we're planning on doing a walking tour of the city, and then heading out to Lucerne for four nights. Then we head back from Zurich.
  7. Thanks Fran... We did end up booking yesterday, chose cabin 105. Aquarium class, I'll have to remember that one! We're very much looking forward to our adventure. I'm sure we'll doing laundry so the proximity is nice!
  8. Thanks, Suite Traveler. I truly appreciate the knowledge the experienced cruisers are sharing with me. Looking to book today then :-).
  9. Thanks....please pardon my ignorance, but why not one of the last cabins in the back? Engine noise? Do the other cabins serve as a sort of noise buffer?
  10. DD and I are looking at Uniworld River Empress, June 2020, Amsterdam to Basel. This will be our first river cruise, and we're going for the cheapest cabin category (bottom deck, classic room with small window). Looks like we have the deck wide open right now for selection. Would appreciate any cabin recommendations as well as any other tips and advice. Thank you in advance.
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