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  1. I find Premium Economy pretty acceptable. As has been mentioned, they are not the lay-flat seats that are so nice in BC. The benefit of flying from the west coast to the Baltics is that on a direct flight you will fly over the Arctic, cutting and hour or more off the flight time. Sometimes if you do your homework and find the flights you want, Oceania will just rubber stamp it. Fingers crossed! The fewer connections the better. (I learned my lesson coming home from Rio de Janerio!) Mia
  2. Hi Nancy, Yep! We will be on the Marina together. Looking forward to the cruise. And it seems that for some people, once is not enough! I will need to hear your stories once we are onboard. Mia
  3. Hi Mura, How do I email the concierge before the cruise regarding setting up a meet & greet? Thanks, Mia
  4. Thanks for your replies. I'm caught (but not really!) between wanting some exciting seas or a quiet, smooth transit! I guess the latter may be more enjoyable, as I would hate to miss any part of the cruise. Though some of the cruisers have some very interesting war stories!!! Only 5 more months to go! Mia
  5. Thanks, with your heads-up I looked for the video and found this: It was amazing to see what people would subject themselves to. The narrator's sense and pursuit of adventure! Mia
  6. Thanks Mura, we are looking forward to this cruise. Have had to put it off several times but it looks pretty serious right now! Mia 🤗🤗
  7. I'm sorry. I guess I was a little obtuse and didn't mention it was a Cape Horn cruise, with Cape Horn on the itinerary enroute from Lima to Buenos Aires. My question was: what were people's experiences in rounding the the tip of South America. Were the chances pretty good that we might see Cape Horn in passing? Or was the weather so stormy that the ships sailed with the Magellenic or some other route? Mia
  8. We're reading up on our Cape Horn adventure! So excited, and didn't realized the complex history with Magellan, Drake, etc. What is Oceania's usual route? Will there be an opportunity to see Cape Horn? I expect that even under the best of circumstances, we won't be able to land on the island. Mia
  9. My experience also is that the chefs change and even if the menu is the same, there are subtle differences. Mia
  10. I know that OLife is presented as a package but, so far as I am aware, the air portion is calculated separately from the "OLife perks". Check with your travel agent on how much the cruise would be with airfare but without OLife. Or find out how much of a travel credit you will get if you take OLife but without the airfare included. Hope this helps, Mia
  11. Yes, I am looking at the tours available through O Life. I have looked at the excursions described for my South America cruise and am looking for feedback from people who have taken tours through O Life. Basically, how would you rate them. I have taken a Viking Ocean cruise in the past and while there are many positives, I prefer Oceania overall. One of the points that detracted from our Viking experience was that we felt that the included excursions were not as detailed or informative nor the tour leaders as experienced and knowledgable as we would expect. The excursions might be "free", but we paid for them through our cruise fares and in our time, which might be better spent. The one tour that we paid extra for, was very good. Mia
  12. I am interested in people's opinions/experience of the "free" tours available on Oceania versus the included tours provided on Viking Ocean. I have taken one Viking Ocean cruise and my experience with their included tours has been disappointing. Often they were not much more than a drive-around with stops for photos. Are the Oceania selections similar or are they more interesting with more structure and depth? Are the buses pretty full - I'm imagining 60-80 people on each bus. Thanks, Mia
  13. Seared Foie Gras??? Caviar??? Where? Pray tell... Mia
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