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  1. You have to be careful of taking unproven remedies. As in the sad case of the couple who poisoned themselves with chloroquine phosphate, with the man dying! I think we would all like a magical pill but we need to have the science to prove it. Otherwise it is witch-doctoring.
  2. We met a couple when we were doing our "social distancing" walk the other day. Coincidentally, they were booked on an Oceania cruise that was cancelled as well. Oceania was not going to reimburse them for payments they made for tours booked with O. Someone suggested that they contact their credit card company, who agreed with them that it wasn't right for them to have to pay for something that would not be provided and they got their money back. Has anyone talked to their credit card company? Mia
  3. I can't help but feel that O has been pretty conniving in the way they handled the offers of FCC and then cancelled the cruise approximately 7 days later. We might not be able to prognosticate what was going to happen with COVID19 and how it was going to affect the cruise industry, but you can bet your buttons they have experts up the kazoo who do!! To give an early offer to their clients to encourage them to "jump ship" before they would have to give a more meaningful settlement is rather nasty. Especially as now they are holding your money. Especially as now, if you want to book anything, you have to put down a down payment, irregardless of the fact that they are holding money that belongs to you that would more than cover the down payment. Especially as now, if the cruise you happen to book cost less than the FCC, you will lose the balance of your money as they will not hold it as a "credit" for a future 2nd cruise. Especially as, I read a post on the "insignia Around the World cruise, Jan8, 2020" Page 55, post#1352, someone commented on Mar4 that they had received an offer of 25% discount on a future cruise and a full refund. I scanned for more details, but couldn't find any. (ie)they were given an offer before we were. No, I do not want Oceania to go bankrupt! But I feel that these large corporations have a larger safety net than we realize. (Financial meltdowns 2008 anyone?) And it is naive to feel that our few dollars bear the obligation of their financial survival. But in the end, I do not want to have a fight that would taint my feelings about my experience onboard and the wonderful crew. Mia
  4. The 1st time we cruised with Oceania it was a transatlantic from Rome to Rio. It was also the 1st time we sailed in a veranda stateroom. I will admit to being somewhat of a cruising novice, but we used that balcony constantly. One of the pleasures of doing a transoceanic voyage is to have time for yourself. There was a lot of pleasure reading a book on our veranda (sometimes not even very actively) and watching the ocean and the spray from the ship (we were on 8th level so did not get wet - I don't think we would have gotten wet in the 7th either). Of course we might have been exceptionally fortunate. We crossed late Nov/early Dec. and the weather was glorious. I told my girlfriend who loves to cruise, but experiences mal de mer, that the Mediterranean was rougher than the Atlantic. Of course I was hooked on cruising. And Oceania. Mia
  5. I know there are several people on our roll call who have landed in Lima already. I hope that Oceania has contacted them about the cruise being cancelled. Did you get an official Oceania update about the cruise? Mia
  6. John & Elda, I don't have you on my cancellation list. Are you in Lima? Mia
  7. I'm afraid that is the scenario for the whole cruise industry. I imagine the market will shrink - perhaps remarkably. I am wondering if there will be a coronavirus associated recession, which will impact salaries and pensions. Those people who are living on the edge will have a tougher time! Mia
  8. There is absolutely no risk as if the vouchers are unused, Viking will automatically do a cash refund. Mia
  9. Just read a post on our roll call from someone onboard the cruise ending Mar 15. The captain has said that Marina will be headed north through the Panama Canal - with only the crew! Think of all the people in Lima awaiting their cruise, or enroute! I would prefer to get a refund but don't know if it's too late. The times are just too interesting! Mia
  10. I can't believe how the world has changed in a few short days! On Friday, Oceania offered us cruise credits if we cancelled our cruise which was starting March 15. We debated this over the weekend, and after pressure from our family (especially our daughter who is a doctor working out of a hospital), we decided to cancel. The situation has rapidly worsened and from reluctantly cancelling, and we have gone to "So glad we did"! Even my grandson has been told - no kisses only elbow bumps! We have 2 weeks of spring break coming up and I'm hoping the scenario will improve. I'm personally not hopeful - but then I'm not a card player. Mia
  11. Dear garycarla, I am sorry if my post was not journalistically rigorous but I was originally booked on a cruise leaving Mar 15 for South America - Lima to Buenos Aires. I was emailing our tour provider in Buenos Aires to inform him that 8 out of our group of 9 had cancelled and he replied immediately saying that EZE was closed for 30 days and there would be no planes coming from Europe, US, China, Japan and Iran. It follows that if the planes can't arrive, they will not be able to depart. I wanted to let people know as soon as possible as many are probably on their way or imminently so. The majority of our roll call is from the US, as are you, so I imagine they would be affected. Mia
  12. I just received an email from Patrick of Buenos Aires Touring that the airport in Buenos Aires will be closed for 30 days. Please make your plans accordingly. Hopefully there is a back-up plan from Oceania! Mia
  13. Thanks, it's nice to get some helpful advice. I'm afraid as I get older, I like to know what to expect. And also when you've been on a tour (local or otherwise), the tour agencies like to get you to the airport early. Sometimes much too early but you don't have a choice! Mia
  14. Thanks for the helpful information. We're looking forward to our cruise and to Buenos Aires, though will admit that new airport layouts make me nervous. (Let's face it, it's done differently everywhere in the world and if you come expecting to check in for an international flight 3 hrs + early, and no one is there...)
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