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  1. Me bad. It is for a total capacity of 6500 passengers, which no cruise does at the moment. Yellow Ship Criteria Ship is at or above CDC’s investigation threshold: Restricted Voyages: Cases reported in 0.10% or more of passengers (e.g., if 6500* passengers on board, CDC’s investigation threshold is met if there are 7 or more cases among passengers occurring during the previous 7 days), or This percentage includes passenger cases occurring within 5 days of disembarkation that CDC was notified of by state or local health departments. One or more cases reported in crew. Simulated Voyages: Cases reported in 1.5% or more of passengers, or Cases reported in 1.0% or more of crew. Ships with Crew Only (i.e., not yet submitted requests for simulated voyages or applications for restricted voyages, pending CDC approval, or sailing at a later date). Cases reported in 1.0% or more of crew.
  2. 7.5 people is over the treshold for a return to port.
  3. Vairao (south of Tahiti island) is considered by Windstar. A couple of site to visit, including the famous Teahupoo area, location of the Summer 2024 Olympic surf competition. https://actu.fr/polynesie-francaise/taiarapu-ouest_98748/le-wind-spirit-premiere-escale-a-vairao-et-plus-si-affinites_43361767.html?fbclid=IwAR24cZ5DyDpyDC-TqzPihr9smPjWgQIHuklVGntKlsceJnVY2NrMKUbqOZs
  4. So far, this is complicated for canadians. If our flight needs a connection in the US, do we need a USA test and then a second CND test prior to boarding for canada? or is the test valid for both? Cheers
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