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  1. They no longer had that on my Reflection sailing Jan 3-10, wasn't even on the menu -- waitress said it was a supply issue. I loved the ginger white pear iced tea when they had it. They will serve hot tea as iced tea using the same glass containers for the ice and tea. I really liked the raspberry herbal tea over ice.
  2. mac_tic replied while I was typing...but here is my response: You put in your room key into the machine and use a little touch screen on the machine. If I recall correctly, you press the Personal Banker button, log in with your pin (which is MMDD) of your birthday. There is then a Promo $ button you press, then you select between cash amounts that you want to transfer to the machine, like $5, $10, $20. Once you do that, the machine show those credits that you can play with.
  3. And if you order it in the cruise planner, you get an extra 10% promo chips or slot credit.
  4. It's a good thing that you looked over your confirmation email and didn't get a surprise much later. Also, it was a wise thing that you did to get a screenshot of your final booking page. Booking a cruise with 4 perks and not getting them would be very aggravating but at least they let you cancel the cruise without penalty. I always feel a bit uneasy after booking with perks either directly with the cruise line or with a TA for the fear of not getting what was promised. I was short-changed for a couple of cruises with a particular TA and got it cleared up after a couple of visits to the guest relations desk. Something that I don't like to do on a vacation is to quibble about a few dollars.
  5. In the cruise planner, look at the order history. Should be there whether you bought it via the planner or got it as a perk.
  6. I, for one, am not particularly pleased with the old ways since we are elite and don't choose the bev package as a perk. The cost of the perks were lowered significantly with the introduction of the $14pp pd surcharge such that I would have purchased them with the cruise (without choosing the bev package) because they were a pretty good deal. Now that we are back at the old pricing scheme, the perks are much too expensive to be worth it (at least for me).
  7. Hi. I really like your map and would like to be able to take it along when we are in Bonaire next week; however, I won't have data. What I'd like to do is get the data in a KML file so I could import it into Maps.Me. Would you do this? Also, I see that Fusion tables are going away in early Dec 2019 so this map will probably stop working soon. I'd image that you've gotten some emails about this.
  8. I'm pretty sure that the port fees and taxes will be refunded. While it was on NCL and not X, our adult son's port fees/taxes were refunded when he was a no show in the same cabin as us. Had to ask for them after the cruise though.
  9. Just looking at the cruise you picked out...$210 for 2 perks is much cheaper than what I've seen on similar cruises. It seems that they reduced the cost considerably for those who don't choose the BP. So the cost of the BP was inflating the cost of the 2 perks. Most of the time, I price the additional perk cost against the OBC and prepaid tips, in this case $150 + $101.50 = $251.50 > $210 for the 2 perks. So for this cruise I would purchase the perks.
  10. The TA is probably offering group booking pricing which would be lower than what is showing on the Celebrity website. With the group booking, comes the perks and whatever the TA may throw in as OBC. I love taking advantage of those because you can get really good deals. I'd say go with the the better value (however you measure it).
  11. Doesn't triple Zenith mean you hit 9000 points? I don't understand how a free cruise every 3000 points isn't a very nice thank you.
  12. Too bad the tour was a bust, looked like beautiful weather though. We've taken the Island Explorer free bus (still needed to pay Acadia entrance fee) and enjoyed Acadia at our own pace. Only thing, they don't go up Cadillac Mountain. Would definitely recommend it for next time.
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