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  1. Celebrity is not for everyone. Disappointments are easier dealt with on your own. A good vacation for us is a not the same for friends. We stick with a priority list and do the research. jls
  2. Better to know there's a large group rather than "shoe horned in" or pushed aside by surprise. jls
  3. A small charge for dinner in the MDR. A little more for dinner w/a reservation. $$$ is good for the bottom line. Surcharge could upgrade the MDR w/better food, service, less crowding jls
  4. It was a Baltic cruise. Is there a reason the OP & DW should not use the balcony at 1:30a? Is there a Celebrity rule against use in the middle of the night? In the ex given by the OP, it's clear that catching a balcony smoker in the middle of the night was difficult. When we visit guest services with a complaint we don't want compensation. We want to learn what guest services can do. On the Dec "Bayley group cruise" aboard Constellation, smokers were using both sides of the promenade. Large ash trays were on both sides. Security on the no smoking side would be quick to correct the problem. The smoking on the non smoking side of the promenade continued. As a special note to smokers: HAL and Costa will give you plenty of opportunity to smoke. jls
  5. Dining room open for lunch on boarding day. Fettucini Alfredo in a lace cheese basket the first evening. Cold fruit soups. Dessert soufflés. Wine baked apples in buffet. Beverage service in buffet, water, coffee, juice, lemonade, tea International café has dark chocolate desserts, (ganache?), all free IC has great salads (free) Many public rooms and lounges (Vista Lounge, Wheelhouse, Crooners, Explorers, Wine Bar, and more). jls
  6. There's more to the '96 Subaru SVX story. Don't give up. jls
  7. Yes, it's a problem. We aren't "Elite". It doesn't matter until we find blocked entry. jls
  8. Yes, overhype. The ships are well maintained, attractive, w/good food & service. My major complaint is the shortage of open lounges w/bar service. When we see "Private Function" we read no entry, no trespassing, no welcome. At minimum, we'd like to know when the public rooms are open to us. jls
  9. Begin improvements by updating your website. Make it easier to use. Information re the site is on this message board. Information re my negatives is outlined in a msg responding to Celebrity on the Dec 9 Constellation thread. Pertinent to this thread, the bathrooms fine on our M-Class cruises. "Modern luxury" no, but that's advertising. jls
  10. Cabin bathrooms on Millie and Constellation were spotless and in working order. Cabin maintenance has not been a problem. Other problems exist. We have no current Celebrity bookings. jls
  11. If the pants fit, where them. Anything goes in Florida. People born here will wear sweaters, boots and coats in December. Transplants and tourist will walk alongside the natives but wear short sleeves, open tops, short shorts, capris, and sundresses. Flip flops, sandals, sketchers, and new balance are big for footwear. Flip flops most of all. jls
  12. I'm torn between taking the Century for a free shore excursion, or avoiding the Century. Either way, we'll be wise and check with Celebrity to know before we go. Isn't the Trans-Pac cruise mentioned earlier on Millie? Is another Pres cruise on Century? Thanks for the info. jls
  13. I saw a thread about the one going on now on the Equinox in the Med. Thx, interesting that there will be another in 2014 going trans-Pacific. jls
  14. M-Class has T-Pool and Promenade but is short re public rooms. Back of buffet is open with smoking allowed. We prefer the Persian Garden, Buffet, and Specialty restaurants on S-Class. Eclipse is our favorite of Celebrity ships. Book a hump veranda or Aqua Class. jls
  15. What is it? Are all passengers on the ship included? Do all Celebrity ships have one? Which ships? What dates? Are all/most/some activities by special invitation? Are more public rooms reserved for "Private Function"? jls
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