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  1. Both of you enjoy the Alchemists there! The guys we had in May on the Miracle were supposed to be going to the Magic next. Jakob and I can’t remember the other guys name. Both were awesome with my random “make me something with...” requests. Especially awesome with whiskey.
  2. I wish I could like this a whole bunch of times 🤣 Spirit class are my favorites, love the overall layout and ease of getting around. Plus, I’ve never felt like there were too many people in a space.
  3. The only things I can think of that we didn’t have with the suite was the priority line at guest services and room ready upon boarding.
  4. Watching the water go by (normally from our aft facing balcony) and no internet/facebook/email. I love just having the down time without expectations to be here there and everywhere constantly.
  5. At least 2 from NYC! We are booked on the 5/25 9 night and then she heads to Europe. I love and adore Spirit class ships, perfect size (to me), amazing Serenity area and just all around easy to get around. Plus Vista Suites, which are perfect for my family of 3.
  6. I wonder if this is specific to the Alaska sailings, since it’s specifically mentioning a “view”?
  7. I've never had my bags scanned when exiting the ship.
  8. We haven’t cruises out of LA in the last 2 years, but they had it setup that you could tour the Queen Mary after you checked in and were waiting to board at no charge. It’s about a 2 minute walk from the cruise check in to the Queen Mary ramp.
  9. Sea days they normally open at 10am, close from 5-6, dinner 6-7 in the buffet and back in camp space 7-10, with night owls from 10-1. Some nights will have 2 hour parties during night owls. They do not feed the kids lunch on sea days & you are expected the pick kids up to feed them at some point. Port days they open 15 minutes before schedule docking time. They will remain open until either 5 or scheduled time to leave port, whichever is later. Dinner at 6 and follows same schedule as sea days from there. Short cruises they might be open the first night, long cruises they open the next morning.
  10. Not on the ship, while in port as mentioned by the second poster.
  11. There is zero reason your kids need their cards physically on them. And there is no way my child is wearing something with her name printed on it for anyone to read and walk up to her like they know her. Nope nope nope. My my daughter is 9 and has yet to have a reason that she needs her card with her as she isn’t allowed charging privileges or run of the ship without us. If need be to make it faster when getting on/off the ship on port, make one adult responsible for a specific child’s card, other adult responsible to other child’s. Then there isn’t any shuffling required.
  12. Try doing it on your phone, if you haven’t. I just looked on the computer and it has an “add to cart” button. My phone browser had the older style.
  13. I made Steakhouse and Chefs Table reservations for the Legend next May last night. No payment was required and I received confirmations today.
  14. We almost always eat at the steakhouse on the second night of a cruise to take advantage of the 50% off a bottle of wine promo. We would go the first night but kids camp isn’t normally open and we prefer to enjoy the steakhouse without our daughter.
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