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  1. Which deck? There are a few layout differences based on the specific deck. 7298 has a separate bedroom with a door! That is a big deal to me when traveling with my daughter. My understanding is that at least one of the decks doesn’t have the same layout. The Vista Suites on the Spirit Class ships are my absolute favorites!
  2. The space is the biggest “perk” to me & why I pay for a suite. I spend a decent amount of time in my room and on the balcony. I want a comfortable space for the 3 of us to not be constantly on top of each other. Other than that, the Priority boarding was the next important thing to me. We normally aim to get to the port after the ship has been boarding for a bit. My goal to to never stop moving from the time we get out of the taxi until we hit the deck of the ship. Priority generally has a shorter line to get to security and then dedicated check in. My daughter is 10 now, but sta
  3. Vista Suites on that class of ship are amazing! Wrap around balcony, most have a separate bedroom from the living room and just a nice overall layout. I wouldn’t hope for an upgrade offer as there are only 10 on the ship and some are better than others.
  4. I was refunded everything no problem when my second cruise was cancelled. My PVP took care of it all. It did take a little longer for the piece that was moved as “credit/coupon” but I got it all refunded.
  5. Received the remainder of my refund this week. My PVP found some issue with why the FCC portion hadn’t been refunded with the rest and got it corrected. It took 1-2 weeks to receive the refund after he found the problem.
  6. I don’t know anything about the Puerto Rico cruises but please take a looks at Southwests current policy on Travel Funds expiration dates. Travel funds created within the dates specified are good until Sept 2022. https://www.southwest.com/Coronavirus/?clk=CORONAVIRUS_TA&cbid=4430033
  7. My cruise was cancelled mid-April because it was a NYC sailing. I filled out the online form immediately and also heard from my PVP a week or so later. He verified that it showed a refund requested. There is a thread running around here somewhere that people were posting cancelled dates & when they actually received a refund. Maybe check it out to see if anyone has updated from around your cancel date.
  8. I was on the 5/25 Legend that cancelled, rebooked the 5/25 Sunrise which later got cancelled. I have received 2/3 of my refund and the last 1/3 is in process. They had to do something extra to refund the piece that was considered the “cancellation” penalty in their system that was moved from Legend to Sunrise. (Yes, I know there wasn’t an actual cancellation penalty. Just something funky in Carnivals system. It shows as “credits/coupons” in my payment summary.)
  9. Update for reference purposes... The refund posted today, with a transaction date of 4/23 for the amount listed as “payment” on my booking confirmation. I am only missing the amount that was applied as FCC from my original Legend booking. Slowly but surely they are chugging along with the refunds. I’m sure this has been a logistical nightmare.
  10. I was scheduled in the 5/25 Sunrise out of NYC. I received the cancellation notice 4/13. That day I went online and cancelled my steakhouse reservation & Half Moon Cay Cabana. I also used the online form to request a full refund. So far, I have received my dining & excursion refund. They had a transaction date of 4/14 with a posting date of 5/14 & 5/15. Those are the most straight forward of my refunds. I anticipate my cruise fare & taxes taking a bit longer as the cruise was paid for with funds from the cancelled Legend 5/25 sailing plus an additional credi
  11. I hope not. I really want to do this itinerary again but refuse to do it on a Fantasy class ship. I want more dinner food variety over a 7 night trip than that class of ship offers.
  12. OP I appreciate you reposting it. Just for future reference, this how it showed up to me. On iPhone 8.
  13. I’ve done a hold a few times, then email my PVP the hold # and he takes care of it from there. It’s been when a rate is expiring or their was only one left of the room type I’ve wanted. He’s said that works for him.
  14. I’ve always assumed for the larger space the room stewards have to deal with. Suites are (generally) between 1.5-2x the size of a regular room.
  15. She can stay in the kids club while you are off the ship. They will take her to lunch if you are gone during that time. We do that at least once each cruise so that we can do a non/less kid friendly activity.
  16. Haven’t been on the Sunrise but have had OS on other ships. I normally sit on the side of the tub & swing my legs in, then stand up. I’m 5’1 for reference.
  17. How is the noise on the deck above the dining room? We are booked on the Sunrise deck 5 Aft. I normally only book cabins on decks with other cabins above & below but the room I wanted was only available in that area.
  18. To knock out some of our $1000 normal end of cruise bill 🤣
  19. The differences between suites & FTTF is the room ready on boarding & a special line at guest services. I purchased FTTF with a suite once - when it was less than $50 - but haven’t bought it again as it wasn’t worth the cost for me. I prefer boarding a little later. My goal is to get there late enough that I never stop walking from the time I get out of the Uber til I hit the ship. As for Guest Services, I’ve never had a reason that I needed their help *right now* that I couldn’t wait until the line was short when I was in the area.
  20. We have a Journeys cruise booked for this summer. The huge draw for me was 4 sea days AND 4 ports - that interested us! We have San Juan, St Thomas, St Maarten & Grand Turk.
  21. This is strange - and maybe new? I regularly purchase excursions before final payment. I would suggest they send the shore excursion dept an email.
  22. I second all of this. I have booked our last few cruises specifically to get a ship in this class.
  23. $700 to $800 on a 7 day and no, we don’t buy Cheers for that length cruise. DH either drinks at Alchemy (covered) or wants double rum with a splash of pineapple juice (not covered). I drink less then him but found myself drinking way more then I normally would when we had Cheers, trying to make it “worth” it. Also, we really enjoy wine and the selection by the glass isn’t awesome.
  24. This varies based on length and time of year. We are doing a 9 day Journeys out of NYC and payment is due about 90 days beside. Holiday sailings are 75 days beside, if I remember correctly.
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