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  1. We were on that cruise and just received refund on CC. We did not cancel ourselves but rather played an uncomfortable game of chicken with the cruise line until the night of the 13th when all cruises halted.
  2. Our March 18th cruise was cancelled by HAL on March 13th. Our refund went through on credit card, posted May 29th and showed up this morning. The refund included both initial cost of cruise, and a separate upgrade cost that had just gone through on card in late February. (Neptune Suite , weep weep) The week of March 18th I had filled in online form option for refund, and contacted big box travel agent. Heard absolutely nothing and no paper trail until canned email asking for patience a couple of weeks ago. I had no luck contacting HAL by phone last week, but did fill out email to c
  3. We were booked on a March 16th departure 10 day Panama cruise and did not cancel ourselves. Picked option #2 as soon as the online form was available and also made that choice through our big box travel agent. Still waiting. Did receive this email from HAL just now. would have thought with our sailing date we would be first in line, or near to it. I guess people that cancelled themselves , prior to the March 13th shutdown, will get their $$ first and those are the ones they are “manually” working through. Funny, I still have not read of anyone getting $$ for actual cruise fare
  4. I didn't hear big box TA say anything about an additional FCC, I thought it was just a 100% refund option. She was reading the two options out to me over the phone and I didn't even let her get through the refund option (ding! ding!) before I said we'll take it!! I guess I will wait and see if we get the same as Crazy For Cats. Here's hoping. We are in limbo with just deposit in on a June 26th Med cruise. I believe I heard others say on here that any FCC we may get due to this stoppage can NOT be applied to balance owing on a cruise that is already booked like this one which was b
  5. Update: they are refunding to CC# including original cruise price, upgrade cost we paid for Neptune Suite (weep weep), excursion etc. We can expect it in about 10 business days. Calling Big Box exactly at opening time worked for me!
  6. I am on the phone with Big Box now. Called at 8 am and had 30 second wait time. She is helping me.
  7. Yes I have checked spam and junk and deleted folders. I am quite certain there is an email associated with this cruise. As I noted, we had been receiving regular updates via email from HAL right up until Friday, and before that cruise check in emails.
  8. We were due to sail tomorrow, March 18th on Zuiderdam. Have received nothing from HAL or big box TA. Anyone else heard crickets about imminent sailing? Would like to have some assurance we have the refund options discussed here. Funny, we were receiving regular emails from a Orlando Ashford right up until Friday afternoon that sailing was on, OBC offer, they looked forward to welcoming us etc.
  9. Our cruise was to be on the 16th and we have no email yet either. Checked junk folder too.
  10. Our HAL cruise to Panama was set to sail March 16th. With the Trump announcement, which I take it includes HAL, do we have to proactively do anything to get a refund? Just wait for communication from HAL? Our reservation is through big box travel agent, if that makes any difference, and I know people are having problems getting through to both them and HAL. Crazy times we live in.
  11. Also just received email from HAL within last hour. We are due to sail this Wednesday the 18th. it is basically a repeat I think of what we received last Friday. I find it hard to fathom that HAL will remain sailing while all other lines suspend. Nevertheless, we understand our guests have questions about their upcoming vacation plans. In order to give guests greater peace of mind, Holland America Line is extending our Short Term Cancel Policy for cruises or Alaska Land+Sea Journeys departing through July 31, 2020. For guests who choose to keep their
  12. Also booked directly with HAL. and likewise our final payment still shows March 29th. I am wary to try to get through to HAL at present. Please do post here again with any information you get on this, and I will do the same.
  13. We are in the same boat. Pardon the pun. Embark on June 27 in Rome, and set to disembark July 9 in Venice. We are to fly home to Canada from Milan! Our final payment date is March 29th. I thought I had read on here that Hal, in light of Corona, was extending final payment dates for 60 days but not sure if that was effective for June sailing dates. Does anyone know? More pressing for us is Panama Cruise leaving next Wednesday. Will the cruise even still sail? How can they even have a capacity to make money with Canadians being told to stay home?
  14. I had the same issue using Safari, but it resolved itself two days ago.
  15. So we may purchase those the same as we do at Cafe on Deck 10, and our Mariner discount would apply so we saved the usual percentage amount? I think it’s 25% as a 3 star mariner.
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