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  1. Last year as Diamond Plus we were allowed to use the DL and the SL/CL? On the Anthem. Is that still true this year? Thank you
  2. Does anyone know if they have draft beer at the pub since it has changed from Michael’s, 🤔 If so what kind. Thanks
  3. Has the Royal Up replaced the Upgrade Ferry?? What is the closest to departure has anyone received an offer? Has anyone been pleasantly surprised when they arrived at the port of an automatic upgrade?
  4. Does anyone have a copy the Diamond Plus offer letter? Thanks
  5. This year we cannot book CK via the cruise planner, but the last several years we were able to on the Anthem. Another change made by RCI without informing us. Very disappointed in lack of communication.
  6. For the last several years we've been able to book dinner at Coastal Kitchen online before sailing since we were staying in a JS. This year I understand that it must on be done after getting on the ship, does anyone know why the change? Does this apply to all suite guest cabins higher than a JS? For those who have stayed in a JS, was it difficult to get a dinner reservation after boarding. We are sailing on the AOS. Thanks
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