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  1. From the replies I've gotten, on 7 day or longer there's mostly middle age and older but on 3 to 5 days definitely younger crowd. But on all cruises you will find a mix.
  2. Not that it matters but just curious what ages most solo cruisers are. Pat
  3. Lois, happy to hear your results were such good news!! Have a wonderful cruise. God Bless! Pat
  4. Please let me know how your cruise went and if you liked MSC. I'm doing my first solo on February 1st but on Carnival. Hope both of you have a great time.
  5. So happy we both decided to go!! I keep telling myself.....get out there girl, it's a cruise not triple bypass. Have a great cruise and maybe one day we'll be on the same ship!!
  6. Wow, I feel like I wrote this myself. I'm doing my first solo on February 1st as well and as the time gets closer I think I must be crazy to do this by myself and at least twice a day I think ok I'm cancelling this and then I think of being on the ship and how much I love cruising. So far there's only a few solo cruisers on my sailing and most of them are more like single cruisers. I understand Carnival is not a good choice for solo cruisers but it is the ship I've been on most of the time and I thought I would be more comfortable on a ship I'm familiar with. Oh well, today I'm in the mindset to just do it and make my own decision if this is for me or not. They do have meet and mingles, slot pulls etc but it seems to be mostly geared for couples and families. We'll have to compare notes when we get back and report the good bad and ugly for other first time solo cruises. Hopefully we'll have such a good time we can't wait to do it again. Happy sailing.
  7. I totally get it, I'm doing my first solo on February 1st after doing over 30 cruises. Not going to go into details but life changes and since I've always loved to cruise off I go to a new adventure. Sure I'm a little nervous but excited as well. Bet we end up having a wonderful time!!
  8. Thanks, I'm so looking forward to the cruise but admit I'm still a little nervous but I still get nervous going to the dentist and I've been there many time. I want to go and experience what life has to offer and not sit back someday and regret the things I didn't do.
  9. I love that and will use it the next time I get the "you're going alone" look!!
  10. Great photos, can tell you had fun. Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Have a wonderful time and please write when you get back and let me know how everything was. Happy cruising💟
  12. Thanks for the advice, all new to solo cruising but sure I will find lots of options to choose from and will find what works for me. Happy Cruising!!
  13. Wow, you really sound like an experienced solo cruiser so maybe you can give a first time slightly nervous solo cruiser some practical advise.
  14. Thank you, I'm getting excited a new adventure for me and I have a feeling this will not be my only solo cruise. I'll still cruise with family and friends as well but in between off I go.
  15. Me too but maybe someday we will. Baby steps for me, going out to eat alone and now the biggest step of all, first solo cruise. Have to trust my journey, all new.
  16. Good for you, for me it's a year since my husband died. What ship are you sailing on? I'm doing the Conquest in February. Have sailed Carnival many times so decided to stick to something I'm familiar with and always enjoyed my cruises with them.
  17. Thanks, think most of it is just nerves, barely got home and now expecting a tropical storm and all the hype is probably just working what's left of my calm down and cope mode.
  18. Back from a trip up north for a family reunion and now rethinking this cruise. One day I think I should cancel and the next no I really want to do this. Maybe nerves but I think in the end I would be really disappointed if I cancel this trip. Need to make a decision and get out of this funk.
  19. We've had the premium cabin on the Miracle which is a sister ship to the Legend and loved it. We also have had cabins on two other cruises near the elevators and again, loved them. On my next cruise on the Conquest I again, picked a cabin near the elevators. So convenient.
  20. Thank you, hoping to make a lot of memories and make this the start of many more solo cruises.
  21. Now this sounds like a plan I can live with. A glass of wine will definitely help with the nerves. I'm hoping this will become the first of many more solo cruises!💕
  22. Thanks, sounds like just what I’m hoping for. Still nervous but excited too. All these messages and tips really help. Right now planning a big family reunion up north and busy getting the menu together for the restaurant dinner. Should be so much fun but a relaxing cruise after so much family time will be much needed.
  23. I will go to the slot pull even though I'm not a gambler although sometimes I do play the penny slots. There is a meet & greet and I definitely will go to that. I do appreciate all the encouragement and hopefully by the time I get on the cruise the worst of the nerves will be ovet.
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