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  1. Someone on the Atlantis cruise blog just posted a Rome to Venice cruise brochure for Aug 8-17. Stops include Naples, Sicily, Malta, Mykonos (overnight), Santorini, and Croatia.
  2. I saw that they were planning this cruise from their blog. Have they formally announced it yet with pricing? We probably won't hear whether they are planning another cruise until the Oasis returns on Sept 1.
  3. Who's planning to go - booking just opened. Price seems reasonable for what's included - free wifi, no extra fees for dining, etc. I'm guessing it should be attract a progressive crowd and be very LGBT friendly. I'm thinking of the Cuba itinerary.
  4. Yes, I was on the previous cruise and they did claim that they were planning an Alaska cruise. My guess is that they may announce in August for August 2019. Unfortunately, I am losing a little confidence in them to offer new interesting cruises rather than repeating the same cruises every 2-3 years with the same talent and the same ships that are getting old. Rather, I notice Atlantis is busy offering more and more cruises (3 so far from Jan - June 2019 with another one planned) on interesting ships (Oceania, Celebrity Edge...) and I can see where RSVP/Atlantis interests really lie. Probably will be my last year in Feb 2019 with RSVP....
  5. "One example, I took a tour of the spa and it was just one HUGE hard sell to another. I had booked a massage before the trip, (the massage was good), but I didn't book anything else because the hard-selling made the environment tense." I think all the cruise lines make a hard sell for their lotions and other products; this hard sell is not unique to neither HAL nor RSVP; my guess is that the workers get a bonus or part of any sale. "Another example is how alcoholic beverages are sold. I'm told that HAL normally has alcoholic beverage packages for purchase, on this cruise it was cash per drink." They actually did have alcohol beverage packages on one prior cruise. Rich said that it is not offered because since there is a high tendency that friends from multiple cabins would try to share but the packages are supposed to be only used by the purchaser. Of course, the cruise line make a lot of money selling alcohol on gay charters so I suspect that they want to make sure they continue to do so.
  6. The 2019 RSVP cruise ports have changed. They are now: Punta Cana, San Juan, St Maarten along with Half Moon Cay private island. RSVP said they could not get approval for docking in Curacao so they had to change the itinerary completely. The price remains the same and they are booking now. Here is the website to book in advance (they say the price may go up soon after April 13: http://rsvpvacations.com/alumni-caribbean-cruise/17?utm_source=exacttarget&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email
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