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  1. Thank you for that description. It does sound like the sort of thing we are best off avoiding. Checking You Tube is a very good idea!
  2. Can someone tell me how "twisty" this road is? My husband and I have become leery of this sort of excursion after we both spent a very queasy morning stuck in the back of a van climbing Mt. Etna.
  3. We feel that Flam and Gerianger are the essential ports. We also enjoyed Bergen very much. Make sure you buy your tickets for the Flambana scenic train in Flam in advance. It will be sold out before your ship arrives. We saw long lines of very disappointed cruisers trying to buy tickets the morning of.
  4. Forgot to say that I also see a lot of people saying the Admiral is very nice. It's over by Nyhavn.
  5. They are right across the way from each other and I was considering both as well since they are so similar. From what I saw on the website, the Anderson did have A/C in all rooms. I saw very good reviews of both. We had a sleepless night in Paris with no A/C and a party going on next door so that we couldn't even leave our window open. Ever since then I've been more careful!
  6. This. Since you are splitting your stay you could stay in one area (Nyhavn or near Tivoli) before your cruise and the other area after. We are staying at Andersen Boutique Hotel near the central train station and Tivoli for a few days before our cruise. Since summers have become so hot I no longer take chances booking hotels that don't have air conditioning, even in northern Europe.
  7. I was going to say the same. Save your money and just jump in a cab or Uber and go over to the pier whenever you want.
  8. If you bring a waterproof/windproof outer shell, a heavier zip up fleece (such as a North Face) and a lighter weight zip up fleece you will be set for anything. Wearing all 3 layers at once is the equivalent of a winter coat! We travel very light (carry-on and personal item only) for trips lasting a month or more all over the world and husband and I have both used this "system" successfully for many years.
  9. You don't say why you are focused on the Saint Johns/Bay of Fundy port stop. If your interest is in seeing the extreme tidal changes there then be sure and check to see what times high and low tide will occur on the day you visit to avoid disappointment. If the tides do not cooperate with the time you are in port there will be nothing much to see.
  10. About a 5 or 6 minute walk. The address is 58 Fore Street.
  11. Yes, my immediate thought was, "how much trouble could four or five people that old cause". And, yes, I'm old enough myself to know who is is/was so not dissing "old people".
  12. Thank you very much for the warning. My daughter is on her honeymoon now on the Symphony (first sea day) and I was able to text them to wear a long sleeved shirt and take the instructions seriously thanks to your post. They said they were about to head over there after lunch so your warning was very timely. Very sorry this happened to you.
  13. I've been there and, honestly, Saint John is a snooze fest. Check the tide tables before you commit to a tour because there is absolutely nothing to see if the timing does not work out for the day you are there. We were somewhat lucky to arrive on a day that there was a street fair going on but this time we will be there on a weekday and I'm planning to just stay on board and relax. And I'm not one to ever stay on board if there is anything at all to see.
  14. We live in New York and do this all the time. The easiest way to get from Penn Station to the port is to take taxis. It's a short ride and very simple to do. There's a taxi stand in front of Penn on 7th Avenue and they're very easy to grab no matter which exit from Penn Station you use.
  15. We recently used Rome Cabs (Stefano's) twice and the service was truly excellent both times. On the way to Rome from FCO the driver went above and beyond pointing out sights along the way. A few days later another of their drivers took us to the port. Again he went above and beyond! When he turned up a few minutes early to get us an employee of our B&B tried to turn him away saying that we were not staying there. Lucky for us the driver wisely persisted. Top notch service!
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