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  1. I'm feeling the same way as the OP for the same reasons. I'm right on the edge of cancelling our last remaining reservation (Alaska June 2021). We will go hiking in Switzerland if international travel is possible or out to the Canyonlands if it is not.
  2. Agreed. What I am wondering is whether the cost of ordinary travel insurance will go up significantly and/or have so many exclusions that it is useless. Insurance companies are even more skittish that usual now.
  3. They could be planning the usual cash grab. Take deposits then wait until after people have made final payment (and bought airfare!) to let them know they are being booted. Then take 90 days to refund. You know what they say: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.
  4. That's interesting. I have been wondering what kind of insurance will be available and what the cost of that insurance will be going forward. It is a considerable issue for cruising even without a pandemic, since there is always the possibility of needing to be airlifted off the ship.
  5. No independent travel allowed in ports would be a complete deal breaker for us. For me a cruise ship is primarily just a very, very nice ferry.
  6. You are so right in saying the general public does not know or care about ship classes. I bet most of us have had the experience of a friend saying they just booked a cruise. So you ask them on which ship and they say they don't remember. So you ask them which cruise line. They say they're not sure. Ridiculous, right? My mother-in-law used to ask me if a certain price was a good deal but she couldn't tell me the ship or even the line. I kept explaining to her that's like asking me if a hotel room is a good deal without saying if it's a Motel 6 or a Four Seasons. Either I'm surrounded by idiots (possible) or much of the general public seems to think all ships are the same.
  7. I'm noticing from a lot of the comments that having FCC that must be used is a factor in this type of decision. I opted for the cash refund on our previous cancelled cruise(s) so it is easier for me to just dump a reservation that only has a small deposit holding it. At this point NCL only has $100 of my money (and they're sure not getting any more of it, lol!) My heart wasn't set on Alaska. We have a couple of other land trips we want to take so we will do those until the cruising industry settles down.
  8. The need for a negative COVID test 72 hours before boarding the ship is yet another complication since we will have entered Canada at least a week beforehand and moving around (Vancouver/Victoria, possibly Banff). While I agree that at least some of the land reservations might be easier to come by than usual, I'm not the type to plan a month long trip around "maybe". I like my ducks in a row. There will be plenty of other years for Alaska without all the aggravation.
  9. Congrats! We once got a crazy upgrade from Celebrity from an inside to one of their best suites, including all the perks. I think it happened because that cruise included a huge number of church groups (two ports in Israel). Many of the participants were first time cruisers. (You could tell by all the ladies still carrying big purses around 4 days into the cruise, lol.) I'm sure we got moved because Celebrity realized that most people would not appreciate being separated from their groups. It was fun but not something I'd pay a lot of money for to be honest. We were fine with going back to steerage on subsequent cruises.
  10. Like you, I'm not so much concerned with the ship's excursions (would book those independently anyway) but the land arrangements surrounding the cruise. We were planning to take a week in Vancouver/Victoria beforehand and then one week by train and one week by car following the cruise. Some of the land arrangements need to be booked well in advance and are non-refundable (Denali, ferries). We just had a similarly complicated trip to Europe ruined by the virus and I'm not anxious to repeat the process of getting refunds from 20 different vendors. I'm leaning towards cancelling at this point and doing Alaska in 22 or 23.
  11. Whichever line has the itinerary I want at the right price is who I go with. I don't have to be crazy about a company to buy a product from them. It's not a personal relationship. I couldn't care less about the loyalty program or the points. All I get is a bottle of awful wine that I always leave for the room steward and some free laundry.
  12. Exactly this. No one has said they believed they were entitled to the points!
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