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  1. I was previously told by PandO that regarding existing bookings, FCC can only be used for the upgraded element. This was a couple of months ago though.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I'll settle for a short notice scenic cruise!
  3. I kept thinking, well PandO and Cunard survived two world wars. But of course this time, the ships have been idle instead of helping the war effort. Must be a terrible time for crew who haven't been maintaining the ships. And all the suppliers for the cruise ships...
  4. Gonna need a bigger forehead for all those tats 🤣
  5. Hence my post a few weeks ago, QR code tattoos. You get scanned whenever you get any sort of jab, straight onto your medical records. When anyone needs to check if you have the appropriate jab, they scan your tat and check against the database. Job (or jab) done. The only question, where is your tat going to be? Shy and discreet, but have to remove your pants at border control, or bold and proud, on your forehead so you can pass through border control with the minimum of fuss. 😄 On a serious note, for those of you who don't have the normal NHS app, you should be abl
  6. Sounds like a good idea to me. Take your passport with you when you attend for your jab, jab in one arm, hold passport with other hand for stamping. Two jabs, two stamps, job done. If you don't have a passport, pop along to the surgery when you do have it, and two stamps added. Why don't they do this for other vaccinations like Yellow Fever?
  7. We hang on to the slippers and use them for visitors. Regulars have their names on their bags! Just starting to wear out a pair. Plenty more in the box in the spare room...
  8. I didn't realise you could do that. Rather, I never thought of asking the question. Thanks for that bit of info, might give it a go next time.
  9. You can combine BLC OBC with the 10%, however, as far as I am aware you have to book direct. Has to be a Select fare as well.
  10. When we booked direct last week, we asked that very question. Was told that if we did upgrade, the fare would be based on those at the time of booking.
  11. Booked last Thursday for Arcadia. Between 09:00 when I checked the price, and about 11:00 when I booked, the price went up by £300 pp.
  12. Sounds like you booked on-line? You have to book by phone to get the BLC OBC. As Ann141 says it's easy to change your OBC to change, just a phone call. While you're on the phone ask if they will retrospectively add the BLC OBC, you never know they might be able to help you out.
  13. We were lucky enough to retire early. Nothing at all booked for 2021, and quite happy to give a short notice cruise a go if the price is right.
  14. Also booked on Thursday. Used FCC for the whole deposit. Didn't even have to ask.
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