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  1. Most definitely. Oct - March: Ripped and/or dirty jeans, black bomber jacket, bucket hat. April - Sep: Cargo pocket short, vest or collarless T-shirt. Home Office approved ankle bracelet (optional, up to 19:00 only).
  2. I must admit, Wetherpub would probably be my go to for breakfast. Next door to the Dolphin Hotel. Mind you, the Premier Inn stuff yourself as much as you can does sound a good alternative.
  3. I didn't realise such scandalous practices still took place in the aviation industry...🤣🤣
  4. Years ago, following an incident in a shop someone made some comments about how I looked. I told them to go look in a mirror. What I didn't tell them was that their taxes paid people like me to keep them safe.
  5. Life would be boring if we all looked the same! (Said a middle aged, overweight, shaven headed, tattooed BOF).
  6. Direct bookings only. Some TA's may honour the BLC OBC for the non-staycations, but as far as I am aware non of them are matching the 45% price discount.
  7. First went to Benidorm about 5 years ago with a group of friends. Yes it has the strip and all its associated "theme" bars, but that's what todays punters want. We usually do a couple of nights in the Brit end of town, but most nights in the old town. Much more Spanish with some good tapas bars. During the day you can wander off the beaten track and get away from the seafront etc. Ticks lots of boxes for lots of people. The beaches are kept nice and clean as well. Better than Sarfend!
  8. Scratch the Rat, Your post is worth considerably more than two cents! A couple of pounds of gold I reckon. Well said.
  9. 45% BLC discount on staycations. Rude not to book direct. Saved us over £700. If any TA offers that level of discount, I will gladly book through them.
  10. I thought that currently, you can transfer a booking at no cost. I appreciate that that can we withdrawn at any time. Has that time now arrived?
  11. All three, but not at the same time!
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