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  1. Hi Kayla, We did USA & Canada a couple of years ago and used the Vodafone $5.00 a day international roaming with our Australian account. It worked well and you only pay for it if you use it, in 24 hour blocks. When I investigated you needed a different sim for USA and Canada which was going to be a pain. We also looked out for free WiFi which was patchy at best. Having said that you can buy a phone anywhere for little cost and then just toss it, just like they show in the movies! Regards, Steve.
  2. Cruised with a broken ankle, in my own wheelchair on Princess. No problems at all, ships staff were wonderful, felt like royalty! Steve.
  3. You can't see it all in a few hours off a ship. But after the first time, we always hire a car and drive around. The Cape Willoughby lighthouse is a long drive but well worth seeing. Nice views. Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery is an essential visit with lots of interesting stuff and quite good food and drinks. You might even meet 'Luscious Larry'! Any access road to the southern shoreline is worth the effort. Pennington Bay is very pretty, we have seen dolphins playing at the beach. Kingscote is a nice town, there is a gin distillery on the way where particularly good gins are available, if a bit expensive. The honey factory "Island Beehive" is also on the way and is quite good. American River is interesting too. The Remarkables and Admirals Arch are impressive but a really long drive, probably best done on a ships tour. Basically do some research but book your car early, they book out pretty quickly when the ships come in! Hope this helps a bit. Steve.
  4. We went early season and caught a repositioning cruise from LA to Vancouver, but you are going later in the season so that wont work. We also considered the train to Seattle from LA, but a lot of that ride was going to be in the dark. I believe the coastal train to Vancouver from Seattle is very scenic, also considered that too. Domestic flights in the USA can be very cheap. Coming back from Alaska we flew with JetBlue from Seattle to Long Beach and as said above, it was a really scenic flight. A window seat is recommended. As also mentioned above, if you can spend extra time in SanFrancisco it would be well worth it. A very busy but super scenic area, for a City. Lots to see there. We also flew JetBlue from Anchorage to Seattle and thought they were very good. We were given a "free" drink and snack which is apparently something you don't usually get in USA! Hope this helps. Steve.
  5. Sounds like climate change to me. The government had better tax us to fix it! Steve.😂
  6. 😅😆 I was just thinking, this story is starting to sound like an episode of "Yes Minister". In jest, Steve. Former Public Servant! (a long time ago)
  7. Here's one Mic, a Disney family battle! https://youtu.be/aQDGG51Qq3I
  8. I'm not sure I've heard that one but they do have a variety. It is well worth a check on youtube, I think it was a clip of a Caribbean tooting a Disney that was cute. Disney responded and responded etc! It is pretty clever what they can do with computers, MSC play 'tunes' too. Steve.
  9. The Disney ships can really turn it on with a range of Disney tunes. Most other Captains know not to encourage them! Do a search in youtube for a laugh. Steve.
  10. We have been caught up in this garbage on ships and planes. Seems all the Government Departments know the instant you leave the country, to the day, hour, minute and seconds. When it comes to returning however, it seems the computers just don't seem to talk to each other and we have had to ring Centrelink to "remind" them that we are back in the country. Their reply is always "Immigration haven't told us"! It really is quite pathetic, anything they can do to make things difficult for us it seems. Steve.
  11. Indeed terribly sad news all round. It is all over the internet at the moment too. Latest I read were two floatplanes, one a Beaver the other an Otter involved in a mid air crash. The only survivors are apparently from the Otter, the occupants of the Beaver all perrished. Steve.
  12. We stayed in D312 on Sun Princess a few years ago which is basically the same ship and is only a few cabins further down from 302. We found it to be a pretty quiet spot with little passing traffic and quite peaceful. Those ocean view cabins actually sit out a bit over the promenade which must help. You will notice some noise walking "home" though as the hallway passes over the Wheelhouse Bar, just be thankful you're not in an inside cabin! We had very flat seas so can't vouch for how much movement there might be. Enjoy your cruise, its one we'd like to do sometime. Steve.
  13. I've used the train many times. It is slow (stops at every station) but cheap, reliable and very convenient. It works for us!. Steve.
  14. Hi Barbara, I wish I could be more help. I'm still using a 'vintage' Windows XP system on our computer, I usually find it has many advantages, quite a few disadvantages too though. I hope you can find a cruise, somehow! Steve.
  15. Hi Barbara, try: https://www.cunardline.com.au/ You may need to copy and paste the address. Hope it works for you. Steve.
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