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  1. Is there anywhere I can go to see if I can use magnets on the cabin door of the Valor or if I should bring Command Hooks? I’m not a huge door decorator, but I like to hang a small dry erase board on the door. We use it to leave messages for each other and it’s fun to read the messages from other cruisers. Yes, I’m sure at some point there will be bad messages left; however, so far they have all been fun. 🙂 Thanks in advance!!
  2. Good to know. I do have FTTF. Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  3. Hi- Has anyone done the Behind the Fun Tour lately? I will be on the Valor in April and it sounds like it would be interesting. Any thoughts? Worth the price? I know it is each persons individual opinion but I'd appreciate some feedback before paying $95 (I think that is the cost).
  4. Does it have to be a 12 pack? Can it be 12 cans of variety in my carry on? 🙂 My husband's favorite energy drink comes in 4 packs.
  5. We used them in Jamaica and had the absolutely best excursion ever. Our tour guide was amazing!
  6. HA! I've had several mention this to me. I need the extra steps with all the extra food we eat. Walking the ship won't be an issue for us as we tend to explore everything anyway. Thank you all for the info. I am excited to try this different room type.
  7. I did the same thing when we had an ocean view on the Conquest. I would also enjoy my breakfast room service sitting in the window. True. I'm not so concerned about noise. My husband can sleep through anything and I can always make do. I more concerned about getting sick. I will be prepared! HA!
  8. We are booked for our 3rd cruise. Our first was an ocean view on the Conquest, the second a cove balcony on the Dream and now we have booked a port hole on the Valor. We have decided we won't know what we like the best if we don't try them out. I loved the cove balcony because it was so close to the water but I don't think we utilized the balcony enough to justify the extra cost for a higher balcony. I'm excited to check it out. The only real negative feedback I've received is the loud noise when docking but we will be getting up for excursions anyway so I'm not too concerned about t
  9. We did this in the past but I'm not sure where I got the form. Can someone please provide some guidance for me? Thanks! Edited...Of course I found it as soon as I asked. 🙂
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